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10 Art Schools in Canada with Scholarships

All over the world, art has become a growing field. For many, it has become a career option. Art goes back to the beginning of the world. Thus, it has undergone several changes and development. It started with traditional forms, such as drawing and painting, and evolved into other forms including photography, animation and game design, fashion design to interior design and even virtual reality art. We can literally see art products all around.

There are a number of artists who wish to develop their abilities. In doing so, they must attend an art school. Many artists are exploring Canada to further their artistic ambitions, and many international students consistently choose Canadian universities because they include some of the best art schools. For a prospective student, the decision to attend art school is great. However, the next, and crucial step, is to find a reasonably priced university.

Tuition fees for arts education in Canada depend on your nationality and university. In general, international students pay more tuition than domestic students in Canada. But one certain thing is that tuition fees for arts program in Canada is relatively lower than many other popular study destinations.

Acquiring higher education in a foreign country requires large investments. Most times, international students fund their higher education costs through family sponsorship or student loans. In fact, many international students are unaware of scholarship opportunities which can alleviate some of the financial burden.

In this article, we’ve put together 10 art schools in Canada which offer scholarships.

  • Alberta University of the Arts

Considered as one of the prominent arts schools in Canada, Alberta University of Arts focuses on encouraging students work and gain practical experience on their art. This university regularly holds workshops by global designers and artists. To enable students further their education, AUArts provides financial aids including scholarships and bursaries. Scholarships are offered based on academic performance. You can visit the school’s official website ( to get more information on eligibility requirements and how you can apply.

  • Concordia University

Finding its way to this list of top art schools in Canada is Concordia University. Its faculty of fine arts has nine departments and four state-of-the-art research centers. The most interesting part is that this university provides scholarship to undergraduate students to study in any of these nine departments.

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Two notable scholarship awards are:

  • The Heather Walker Memorial Scholarship which was established in 1995. This scholarship is offered through the donations of colleagues and friends and is awarded yearly to both full-time and part-time students enrolled in any program offered in cinema or photography. Selection of successful candidates is based on artistic and academic achievements.
  • The Heather and Erin Humanitarian Award also founded in 1995, and offered every year to students enrolled part-time or full-time in a bachelor of fine arts. Selection of successful candidates is on the basis of humanitarian services, academic and artistic excellence.

For more information about the faculty of fine arts, Concordia University, click here. (

  • Emily Carr University of Art & Design

Located in Vancouver, the Emily Carr University of Art & Design provides theoretical and practical learning to enable students excel in all disciplines. Often times, tuition waiver is put into consideration. More so, ECUAD provides scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students in the form of entrance scholarships, external scholarships, President’s Research Fund and other reputable awards. Visit here ( for more information about Emily Carr University of Art & Design.

  • George Brown College, Center for Arts & Design

At George Brown College, the department of Art and Design is in three categories – School of Fashion, School of Media and Performing Art, and School of Design. This college has alliance with several companies which allow students sharpen their skills and apply them in real life. Financial aid is offered to students via OSAP, bursaries and scholarships. Visit here ( for more information about George Brown College.

  • Nova Scotia College of Art & Design

Located within the coastal city, Nova Scotia College of Art & Design is fully packed with artists who are recognized internationally. At NSCAD, there are designers and scholars who equip students with the necessary skills to excel in an art school. Much more, NSCAD awards annual scholarships to students who have demonstrated financial need. Over 90 internal scholarships and bursaries are awarded yearly to successful applicants to study in a course of their choice. You can get more information about scholarships offered at Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. (

  • Ontario College of Art & Design University

Located in Ontario, Toronto, this university is among the top art schools offering subject-based courses on art and design. OCAD U offers various scholarship programs to students; which include entrance scholarships, external scholarships, and in-study scholarships. You can get more information about scholarships offered at Ontario College of Art & Design University. (

  • Yukon School of Visual Arts

The Yukon School of Visual Arts is recommended for students who wish to commence their first year of art school. SOVA offers $1,000 scholarship to full-time student enrolled in the visual arts program. Also, the White Horse Motors Visual Arts Award worth $1,000 is offered to a full-time student. For more information about other scholarships, visit the school’s official website. (

  • Ottawa School of Art

On this list is Ottawa School of Art; considered a prominent art school in Canada. Here, learning is done in a studio, and the students are mentored by industry professionals. A variety of scholarships and award is offered to students. Three notable scholarships are:

  • Ottawa Mixed Media Artists Scholarship
  • Ottawa Arts Association Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Wallack’s Fine Art Scholarship

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For more information about other scholarships, visit the school’s official website. (

  • Sheridan College, Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

One of the largest art schools in Canada is Sheridan College, Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design. Animation and Game design, Illustration and photography, Film TV & Journalism, Material Arts & Design, and Visual and Performing Arts are the core subject areas. Scholarships at Sheridan College are offered on the basis of academic achievements, community involvement and demonstrated financial need. For more information about other scholarships, visit the school’s official website. (

  • New Brunswick College of Craft & Design

This institution is focused majorly on fine crafts and design. Founded in 1938, New Brunswick College of Craft & Design is amongst the top rated art schools in Canada. Programs offered in this institution ranges from native visual art program to contemporary digital design. Most notable feature of this institution is the financial aid offered to both part-time and full-time students who wish to study in this noble institution. Some notable aids are:

  • The Renewed Tuition Bursary
  • The New Brunswick Community College Foundation Awards
  • Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation
  • PETL Training Skills and Development

For more information about scholarships offered, visit the schools official website. (

Above, you have up-to-date details on the best art schools in Canada with scholarships which are sure to develop your artistic potentials, make you better at what you have always loved to do in the arts, as well as empower you with the skills needed to tackle the creative industry.

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