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10 Best Nursing Schools in Houston Texas

They’re many nursing school in and around  Houston, that many persons around they are who wants to be nurse’s are often confused, owing to their unique system of education.  This article was written with aim of helping you choose an institution out if the many nursing schools in Houston.  Most of the nursing schools listed here are arguably the best nursing school in Houston.  This institution provide the best value while producing effective nurses who are always at the top of their game and achieve their career goals. 

This options will help you to know the best around you, without bothering to move across the country, thou we will be exploring terms and answering pertinent questions on nursing Schools before we list them. 

What is a Nursing School?

This institution provides education and training for people who want to become fully qualified nurses.  Nursing Education and certification varies from country to country. And currently they have been a great change in nursing since the 21st century.

Is University of Houston a Good School for Nursing?

They’re many nursing school in Houston, but University of Houston, tops other nursing school in Texas and beyond. This program supports her students and gives them knowledge and skills needed to survive the ever dynamic health profession.  This University provides her students with a world class nursing program, it has state of arts facilities and a faculty staff. 

This University is the home of nursing in Houston.

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Best Nursing School in Houston Texas

  • The CiZiK School of nursing


This nursing institution is located in the university of Texas campus,  it provides Excellent nursing Education to her clients. This University has the highest NCLEX pass rate in the state, and her tuition fee is affordable. Most of her bridge up program allows you to complete your BSN at your own schedule.  This University offers one of the best master’s degree program in nursing.

Her NCLEX pass rate is 96.6%.

  • TEXAS Women University Houston Center


This University has three nursing programs in about 3 different locations, Denton, Dallas and Houston.  Their programs ranges from a full time BSN program,  BSN program, RN to BSN program.  It offers a one-stop-shop for all labs, simulation facilities, lecture halls, and more in the heart of Houston. It has a 92% NCLEX pass rate. 

  •  Prairie View Texas A&M University


This institution with an NCLEX pass rate of 88%,  offers an excellent BSN, a graduate and doctoral nursing program.  This University has a century of expertise in nursing. 

  • University of St. Thomas – Texas


This is a private Catholic University, it offers  bachelor’s and doctoral degree program in nursing. This  University challenges many of her counterpart in the public universities.  It has state-of-the-art facilities, small program size, and emphasis on the nurse as a healing presence in every location they operate. 

  • Houston Baptist University


This University is a private Christian University, it provides her students with different financial aids and assistance.  It offers BSN program and BSN honor’s degree. And general education course.  It has a strong commitment to her students. 

  • Chamberlain College of Nursing


This institution offers a 3 year nursing program with options in RN to BSN and Military to BSN.  They use a platform called Simcare to prepare her students, this platform allows her students to nurses to practice clinical skills under the supervision of professional nurses and educators. It is an excellent choice for students’ especially those interested in an accelerated nursing program.

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  • University of Houston School of Nursing


This University has a very excellent performance in their NCLEX pass rate, with a 100% score.  It is among the top 5% nursing school in the US. They also offer an RN to BSN program. Their first degree BSN program is second to none.  It has an excellent state of arts facilities, her staff go beyond to give their students an excellent Education. 

  • Sam Houston state University


This University has an excellent performance in the NCLEX exams,  it has a long history of pass. It has a strong commitment to success.  It has  the following programs which includes pre-nursing program, a B.S. in Nursing, an RN to BSN program, and an LVN to RN program.

  • University of Mary-Hardin Baylor


This is one of the top ranking Christian University in Houston, her NCLEX pass rate is 80%, students a state-of-the-art simulation facility, magnificent facilities, opportunities to study abroad and help others, and a quality faculty.  This University has an RN to BSN program and a BSN program. 

  • University of Texas at Austin


This University offers a comprehensive nursing curriculum, it has received several awards from American Association of College of Nursing,  it has good NCLEX pass rate of about 90%, and has state of arts facilities. 

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