10 Schools Offering 2 Year Nursing Degree in the Philippines

10 Schools Offering 2 Year Nursing Degree in the Philippines

Having a degree in any of the field of nursing is a good option, thou lots of people sometimes think the only 2 year program in nursing is master’s degree in nursing  forgetting of associate degree. In countries like US where several community college exists,  hands on training is offered to nurses which ends up giving them skills needed to excel in nursing.  In Philippine  due to associate degree doesn’t exist here, the only option available is master’s degree in nursing, where it equips her students with advanced knowledge and equip you with an extensive skills. 

In Philippine you can not offer master’s in nursing without a degree in nursing or related field.  This program improves the knowledge and skills of the student in nursing theoretical framework analysis and implementation, as well as teaching, research, and community service. 

A master’s degree in nursing will give you a higher pay and helps you to manage a department, and you will be highly respected.

Is there a 2-year course in the Philippines?

They’re several two years course’s in Philippine apart from the master’s degree, currently some institution offer diploma and associate degree in vocational course’s  and some technology course’s. Some of these programs can help you to get employment or get admission into a 4 years college. These programs are meant to help those who can’t afford a degree to get something like a certificate.

How many years is nursing course in the Philippines?

Nursing course in Philippine takes four years to get a bachelor in nursing science, this program revolves around caring for the sick and injured. This program teaches the nursing students how to conduct health assessment,  help patients with perioperative, intraoperative and postoperative care, you will be taught how to perform life saving intervention.

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Which school is best for nursing in Philippines?

Nursing education became popular immediately after the Spanish Philippine war, which turned many Philippine women to nurses, tending to the wounds of the soldiers. While in 1907 nursing was officially introduced in Philippine by American doctors who saw they lacked manpower to compliment their efforts. Nursing education in Philippine prepare her students to be resourceful nurses. 

Every nursing school in the Philippine is unique in that they try to bring out the best in their students’, this program makes them to gain clinical, administrative, management and research skills needed to take the patient care to a greater level. This institution is the university of Santos Thomas.

The 2 years nursing program are:

  • The university of Philippines open University

Website: https://fmds.upou.edu.ph/academics/post-bac/man/ 

This University through her faculty of management and development studies,  offers a master’s degree in nursing, called master’s in Art.  This program is cheap, accessible and available to nurses who wish to pursue the program.  It offers her students in options in  adult health nursing, maternal child nursing, nursing administration, and gerontology, and geriatrics nursing.

  • The university of Philippines,  Manila

Website: https://www.upm.edu.ph/

This University offers a 2 years program in nursing,  it prepares her students to take up leadership position and quality in global health. The key areas are Adult health nursing, Community health nursing, Maternal and child nursing, Mental health and psychiatric nursing, Nursing administration and School health nursing. 

  • Philippines women University

Website: https://www.pwu.edu.ph/son.html 

This college was established in 1960, her masters of Art’s  in nursing, and doctor of philosophy in nursing.  This program offers her students specialization in the following fields 

  • Specialization in Administration and Management
  • Clinical specialization in Medical-Surgical
  • Clinical specialization in Community Health Nursing
  • Clinical specialization in Mental and Psychiatric Nursing and
  • Clinical specialization in Maternal and Child Nursing

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  • The university of East Ramon Magsaysay

Website: https://uerm.edu.ph/graduateschool/curriculum 

This University  is one of the institution offering a 2 year graduate program,  they offer programs in masters in science nursing and Master’s Arts Nursing,  it gives them ability to be critical thinkers.  They use advanced clinical practice, scientific initiatives, and community development activities, this degree program is aimed to train professional nurses in various specialty and leadership roles.

  • Adventist University of the Philippines

Website: https://www.aup.edu.ph/

This program  applies the general knowledge of leadership and how to tackle global health issues in nursing.  They offer various master’sin arts in nursing with options in adult health and family health. 

  • Saint Louis University

Website: https://www.slu.edu.ph/sas/about-us/vision-mission/ 

This University is affiliated with the teaching hospital,  with aims of  teaching trained and equip them, with skills and knowledge of becoming leader’s in health and become responsible leader’s.

  • De la salle medical and health institute

Website: https://www.dlshsi.edu.ph/academics/graduate-studies-medical-health-sciences/program-offering/master-arts-nursing/ 

This institute offers master’s in Arts to people from all works of life,  this program trains nurses for nursing specialization, leadership and research.  This  program  has two area of specialization like Medical-Surgical Nursing and Maternal and Child Nursing.

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  • Philippine Christian University

Website: https://pcu.edu.ph/

 This college through her college of nursing and allied health,  it offers the bachelor’sa and master’s in nursing.  It integrates  the concept of nursing,  theories of nursing and adjacent,  practice and research management.  

  • Western Mindanao University 

Website: http://wmsu.edu.ph/

This University has objective to  provide  advanced knowledge, professional, ethical competency in the field of nursing.  This program encourages the use of research and research-based knowledge, demonstrate nurse leadership and management skills in a variety of contexts, and be capable of examining current health and health-related policies to devise solutions for improving healthcare delivery.

  • Palawan state University

Website: https://psu.palawan.edu.ph/

The university, prepares her graduates to equip them with skills needed to be renowned nurses and health care professionals. 

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