10 Theological Seminaries in Canada | Cheap and Tuition Free

Theological seminaries  help prepare Canadian Minister’s,  to a basic understanding of the word of God and help them reciprocate it to the pulpit.  Most of this theological college offers free and sometimes cheap tuition fee to her students, who might be preachers and theological students’.  This free Bible schools help expose the students to deep secrets held in the Bible. 

In order to create a conducive atmosphere for her students, and help as many persons gain an experience of the scripture, this college gives them scholarship, and Finacial aids to help them gain the right knowledge that will help them to become resourceful Minister’s.

Where can I Study Theology in Toronto?

  In Toronto alone they’re many universities offering degree program in the field of theology, you can enroll in Franciscan University, or the Toronto Baptist Seminary & Bible College spread across the state. And most this school have Renowned professors that will guide you to a basic understanding of the program.

Is Divinity School the same as Seminary School?

   Divinity schools trains men and women for Ministerial works,  just like seminaries and has a strong tiers with universities.  Thou some are not tied to Denomination but multidenominational.

The theological seminaries include 

  • Master of Art in Religious Studies—University of Lethbridge

The department of theology, university of Lethbridge, gives her students options of enrolling in a master’s degree in religious studies with options in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or East Asian Religions,  most of the research are supervised by Renowned professors, master’s thesis can be in mysticism, near-death experiences, and contemporary nondual spirituality.

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  • Master of Divinity / Master of Divinity by Extension—Vancouver School of Theology

This program is available for those searching for a place to get a real world experience and Application in Academic program, where they can get a depth of their religion and put them to pastoral and mission field. The following Faith’s recognize this program, Anglican, United and Presbyterian.  Thou some before ordination demand a year at their Institution. 

  • Master of Divinity (Mdiv)—Carey Theological College

This program has it’s vision on using the local church as a foundation ground or training ground,  for ministry training.  This program helps her students value the essence of the community as you interact and relate with them, as they’re informal schools.  This program doesn’t interfere with your work. 

  • M.A. in Counseling and Spirituality

St Paul’s university being affiliated to the university of Ottawa offers the following programs  Couple Counseling and Spirituality, the Master of Arts (MA), and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Counseling and Spirituality,  prepares her graduates for careers in research by training professionals to counsel and mentor people and couples,  it also uses research, knowledge impartation and professional practice to build her students up.

It also offers her Programs in French and English, it also offers a dual MA degree in feminist and gender studies available. 

  • M.A. in Theological Studies—Wycliffe College

A second degree in the  field of theology is offered  in this University through master of Art’s in theological studies.  It also allows her students to focus on a unique research topic for their thesis,  and it aims at building her students to understand the basics of ministerial leadership.

  • Master of Divinity—the Presbyterian College – Montreal

Through her master’s of divinity it builds friendship and learning,  through a worship Community.  This program prepares her students to be  capable pastoral leaders who truly and skillfully serve Christ and the church.  This program runs a 90 units program and lasts for 3 year’s. 

  • Master of Arts in Theological Studies—Regent College

 This program focuses on building renowned Minister’s, and how they can Root that mastery in a profound, comprehensive, and nuanced comprehension of theology, history, and the Bible that has been formed via our core curriculum.

  • Alberta Bible College—Calgary, AB

This Bible school is strongly dedicated to building her students to become successful, and add value to your church and local community.  This Bible school aims at aim to identify and foster students’ talents, knowledge, and attitudes.

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This Bible school has accreditation with the association of biblical  higher education,  the program offered in this Institution are 

  • Certificate – Christian Foundations
  • Diploma – Christian Studies
  • Bachelor – Christian Ministries
  • Bachelor – Theology
  • Bachelor – Sacred Literature
  • Bachelor – Degree Completion
  • Bachelor – Degree Completion
  • Diploma – Biblical Studies
  • Diploma – Counselling
  • Diploma – Leadership
  • Diploma – Non-Profit Leadership

It is one of the cheapest Bible school in Canada.

  • Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute—Camrose, AB

This Bible School located in central Alberta, aims at training Minister’s to understand the basics of the gospel, and how they can be applied in this century.

Programs offers are

  • Leadership Development (LDD)
  • Practical Ministries (PMN)
  • Biblical Studies (BIS)
  • Mission and Communication (MSC)
  • Christian Life (CRL)
  • Biblical and Doctrinal Theology (THL)
  • Church History (HIS)

Her tuition fee is $4000,  for a full Academic session.

  • The King’s University—Edmonton, AB

The king’s university offer’s a bachelor’s degree in Art’s, business, science or Education.  This Bible School helps her students come to a realization that the greatest way to study the Bible is to realize that God made it,  and her students are made to see the grace and love of Jesus Christ.  Financial aids are provided for her students.

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