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10 Top Bachelor of Science in Biology Jobs

This article is meant to encourage  those who studied programs that awarded them a bachelor’s of science degree in biology, by providing them with job information.  Our world today is sounded with micro organisms,  from those whom we can’t see to those, whom are massive to comprehend.  The curiosity into the world of microorganisms is what is creating more jobs for those who are studying bachelor of science in biology programs.

In this article we will examine the career opportunities available to these graduates

Is biology studying biology a good degree?

This program is a very lucrative position, and it is a good degree,  this course is one of the key course’s aspiring doctors must have before going to the medical school. An in depth knowledge about would provide a good foundation for medical doctors. Employment rate for biologist like zoologist and wildlife scientists us expected to grow in the upcoming year.

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What kind of jobs can you get with a biological science degree?

They’re several things you can do with your bachelor’s degree in biology, which includes 

  • Biochemist.
  • Health Expert
  • Biology Teacher
  • Agricultural and Food Scientist
  • Microbiologist

Who can apply for bachelor of science in biology jobs

Anybody can apply for jobs in the field of biology, but they’re certain criteria which you must  have in order to have a successful career in biology.

  • An interest in science

Genuine interest is the key factor in having a successful career as a biologist, once you’re curiosity is set out  and you’re always trying to explore the why of things.  Detailed results about things and processes matters a lot. 

  • A Love of Nature

You’re ability to explore the works of nature and explore things are those factors that help you In making a good career in biology, so if you enjoy spending your time forests, rivers, coastlines, and other ecological habitats then this job is for you. 

  • Love of laboratories

Interest in laboratory research is also a good sign if you’re interested in pursuing a degree in the areas of biological sciences. 

  • A passion for solving problems

This area is a solution based area, whether it’s in the area of medicine, the environment, animal health, climate change etc. It is essential that those in this field are problem solvers. 

An attention to details and organization

Top jobs in bachelor of science in biology

  • Food Technicians

This persons earn $15.54 per hours , and their principal duty is to assist  assist scientists in keeping track of data, maintaining laboratory equipment, supervising food production, and analyzing the quality of food, crops, & soil. 

Many regulatory organization employ as many food technicians, thou getting into this program may require an associate degree in biology, crop science, animal science or chemistry and related field.

  • Research Assistant

This persons earn about $15.88 per hour,  this persons help medical scientists and biologist collect samples, such as blood, germs and soil.  They aid biologist  with tasks such as equipment maintenance, research documentation, and field work. 

  • Quality control officer

This persons earn about $16.26 as salary per hour, this persons duty is to ensure that company’s records are effective and of high quality.  This persons are commonly employed by pharmaceutical firms and food industries.  This area involves specialist’s in any of the following areas like research, quality assurance, or food storage.

  • Health Educator

This persons educate persons on their health, wellness, they advise the  common man on issues of health.  They gather and analyze data’s. They’re mainly employed in community centers, educational institutions, public health institutions and Private firms who use their communication and leadership skills to communicate difficult tasks. 

  • Veterinary personnel

This are para veterinary profession like veterinary assistant, veterinary nurse, thou those interested in being veterinary doctors.   This persons aid veterinarians and carry out the following duties  administering medication to animals, sterilizing surgical equipment, and maintaining medical records.

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  • Microbiologist

This persons study fungus, viruses, bacteria, archaea, algae, protozoa, and prions, which are invisible to the human eye’s. A bachelor’s degree will help you to specialize in an area of this profession. 

  • High school teacher

This persons prepare students for advanced studies in various areas of science, they’reamong the major brick layers in education. 

  • Environmental science

This persons are charged with duties of developing technologies that change the ecosystem, and they help plan the environment.

  • Forensic scientists

This persons carry out laboratory analysis of case’s, and they evaluate and gather evidence related to cases,  forensic science aids criminal investigation using biological facts gathered.

  • Ecology

This scientists investigate the relationship between organisms and their surroundings,  they evaluate field works, they gather data and analyze fact’s.  Specialization is also available.

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