10 Top High Schools in Canada for International Students

Many people are currently becoming aware of the fact that it’s easier to get into secondary or primary school than entering into the tertiary institution.  This list of top high Schools in Canada for international students.  One of the reason is that all the primary and secondary School in Canada are Designated learning center,  which is why it’s easier to get a student ViSA unlike in the universities where all are not designated learning centers. 

Most of this top high Schools in Canada for international students are currently gaining popularity, and currently Canada is recorded as the world’s most educational friendly country.   This country also has provision for Institution with separate accommodation for young ladies and men. It helps in quickening the advancement of academic, creative and communicative capacities. 

Canadian highs schools have comfortable boarding facilities, and most of this teachers’ leave in  the hostel facilities, helping the students adapt to the environment. 

Can an international student go to high school in Canada?

In Canada any of her high school, whether public or private can be applied for by international students, and they is no much restrictions on Institution just like in Universities where they’re designated learning centers. Age limit for attending high school in Canada is between 12-18 years. And it includes grade 7 to 12.  Public high schools are free for her citizens but international students pay tuition fee.

Are public high schools in Canada free for international students

Everyone is always abreast with the idea of people going for their post secondary institution abroad, but only a few persons are aware that currently a growing number of parents are sending their children abroad to study,  thou Canada has one of the best high school options for international students, in Canadian public high schools international students pay tuition fee and it’s around C$8,000 to C$15,000.  

Which is the best place in Canada for international students?

 Canada has one of the best students’ environment in the world,  as their policies on international students are flexible.  The following cities are conducive for her international students, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa etc. 

Top high school in Canada are listed below and explained

  • Andrew’s College (SAC)
  • Rosseau Lake College
  • Albert College
  • Columbia International College
  • Fulford Academy
  • Royal Crown Academic School
  • Bronte College
  • Keystone International Schools
  • Blyth Academy
  • Upper Canada College

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  • St Andrews College (SAC)

Website: https://www.sac.on.ca/

This private college is one of the prestigious private school for boys  between the ages of 20-28 year’s.  Students’ are given the option of living in the school hostel or coming from home.  The high school was established in 1899, it is the largest and most prestigious institution for boys in Canada.  Currently this Institution has an index of students’ from 34 countries studying they. 

Students’ at St Andrews are exposed to leisure activities like sports, intellectual competitions, performances and buffets etc with even the nearest women college around.

  • Rosseau Lake College

Website: https://www.rosseaulakecollege.com/ 

 Despite being a small college, this high school has reputation in the international community,  it is unique for having a quiet, calm, and safe with picturesque landscapes, where students’ will be comfortable to stay. Her Programs are in line with the British  curriculum, and also in line with the Canadian ministry of education and province of Ontario. 

It has a class size of 12 with a student staff ratio of 1:8, and her teacher’s are professional, and richness of her Academic programs.

  • Albert College

Website: https://www.albertcollege.ca/ 

This is a prestigious boarding Institution for boys and girls,  it was established in 1857, where it is at providing her students with basic Education, and an opportunity for creative and physical education.  Through her curriculum it equips her students with skills, about 99% of her students are admitted into universities in Canada and the USA.  International Students from about 20 countries are studying in this country. 

  • Columbia International College

Website: https://www.cic-totalcare.com/

This high school is one of the largest in Canada, especially in admission of international students, and the age range of her students are within the ages of 13-19 year’s.  Her curriculum deepens  her students linguistic knowledge, Academic knowledge and also be citizens of the world.  It admits about 1300 students’ yearly and her international students come from about 66 different countries.  100% of her graduates are enrolled in prestigious universities across the world.

  • Fulford Academy

Website: https://fulfordacademy.com/ 

This high school is a small private school and an international high school, with almost all her students having international origin,  it’s non for her intricacy and family atmosphere, which makes it unique and exceptional from other  high schools in Canada.  It’s location is close to the boundary with the United States and Canada. 

  • Royal Crown Academy

Website: https://royalcrownschool.com/ 

Royal crown Academy is part of the Royal Crown group of schools,  which includes a career college that admits both international and domestic students’.  It has a strong commitment to help her students achieve their dreams and achieve their goals.  This  Institution attends to her individual students’ needs   and for them to settle down.  Feel at home and get conversant with the culture, people and the environment.

  • Bronte College

Website: https://brontecollege.ca/?utm_campaign=free%20listing&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=international-schools-database.com

This college was established in 1991,  it is a co educational, boarding and day high school offering Education to domestic and international students.   And it has an international students population of 400 from about 30 different countries,  graduate of this Institution are awarded Ontario secondary School  diploma.

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  • Keystone International Schools

Website: https://keystoneschools.ca/

This Institution was established in 2012,  it serves both international and local high school students between the ages of 9-12,  it uses the Ontario curriculum, a project-based, experiential approach to learning key self-management skills. It helps students’ build their careers through the help of guidance counselor, teachers and parents. 

  • Blyth Academy

Website: https://blytheducation.com/ 

 This high school  is notable for her small class size, and this helps her teachers to effectively teach and monitor her students performance,  the school Environment encourage enthusiasm, fun play and makes learning interesting. 

  • Upper Canada College

Website: https://www.ucc.on.ca/ 

It is one of the prestigious boys high school in Canada,  committed to grooming the boy child to learn and grow.   It has large global network of alumni includes leaders and innovators in finance, arts, politics, athletics, media etc. It’s commitment to see her students grow was one of the reasons it provides them with finacial aids and assistance.

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