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10 Top Jobs With A Criminal Justice Degree

10 Top Jobs With A Criminal Justice Degree

Criminal justice is a broad degree and with many opportunities, as a result of too many persons are involved involved in one crime or the other. criminology is a large field with opportunities for everyone. It might not be the best source of six figure jobs, but it has a few. 

What Is criminal justice and correction Major?

 This program students with a liberal arts and social sciences-focused education in addition to criminal justice and corrections-specific training.  To be trained in this field you will be prepared in the following areas juvenile justice, criminal law, corrections, the judicial process, administration theory and evaluations, and crime prevention.  Students’  have options of chosing either of the specialties in this program, where they think they can move well. 

Thou as at 2021,  the following fields of criminal justice are the most sought out and highly paid, 

  • Information security
  • Criminology
  • Psychology
  • Paralegal
  • Social work
  • Rehabilitation
  • Private detective

The top jobs are listed below

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  • Lawyers

Pay is close to $163,000

This profession is an example of the criminal justice profession with the highest pay, they serve as attorney, and sometimes as prosecutors. It sometime gives her candidate the opportunity to  get certificate in criminal justice.  They’re almost in all levels of  justice.

  • FBI Agent

This job the pay is close to  $114,000. 

This job,  requires one  to have an experience of law enforcement,  it requires a criminal justice degree, ability to pass the strict background check and physical examination  gives you the opportunity to pass through the FBI Academy, sometimes you may  have to attend the psychological evaluation to be accepted.

  • Judge’s

This persons earn up to $104,000.

This job requires one of to have the knowledge of  attorney and must have passed public nomination.  They make decisions in law courts including verdict’s and  they help  in granting bails,  they give warrants and determine evidence in law Court’s. 

  • Private investigators

This  persons earn $ 93000

This job is far from the picture portrayed by the media,  they spend almost their whole life working with law enforcement agencies. This involves the person to have a knowledge of enforcement techniques to examine evidence, review records, interview suspects and track down criminals. Some private investigators are police officers.

  • Forensic psychologist

This job their pay is $84,000.

This persons are specialist whose duty is to use their knowledge and information to determine whom a suspect is, some of them specialize in witness, victim and prisoner counseling. 

  • Intelligence Analyst

The pay for this job is $84,000. 

This persons are statisticians, gathering and analyzing data to determine where potential security risks exist and what techniques are most effective at solving them.  This persons work for FBI and  provides information to FBI on ways to tackle crimes.

  • Financial Examiner’s

The pay for this job is $79000

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This persons are specially trained to detect Financial crimes and fraud,  they study organization suspected for money laundering.  Embezzlement or financial crime.   This persons technically use accounting skills to detect them.

  • Criminologist

This profession they receive  a pay of close to  $74000,  

 While forensic psychologist work to profile criminals,  criminologist profile types of crimes and  help to solve them. This professional is involved in crime detection and prevention,  they also detect potential crime areas, they’re the reasons why CCTV camera are installed in odd locations. 

  • Security managers

This job their pay is up to $69000

This people help to guide and protect delicate,  they head up a security force for private organization.  Some of them end up working for firms working as security agencies,  some of these agents protects celebrities.

  •  Customs Official

This  persons are those  whose duty is to prevent illegal immigration, drug trafficking, human trafficking, importing of weapons.  This persons stop criminals from entering the country on day to day basis,  enforcing immigration laws is a difficult task. 

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