10 Universities That Accept International Students With Low GPA

Most people with low GP are often worried whether, they will be admitted into universities outside the country,  it good to have doubts but this article was written to help and guide you as you further your Education career. Many universities accept tons of students’ with low GP as they look for other qualities in their students.  They’re lots of information you need to know before going to study outside the country. 

To some persons, they may be thinking that this universities are substandard, this Universities are among the best only that they look for exceptional skills and qualities aside academics. Thou a lot of persons have little or no knowledge of what a GPA is all about. 

What Is GPA?

The term means grade point average,  it is one of the key factors that universities use when admitting their students’.  It helps in assessing Academic performance in your previous Institution.  Despite it being a determinant factor in getting admission it has helped compensate some factor’s. 

1.5- 2.0 Very Low
2.0- 2.5 Low
2.5- 2.69 Low
2.7- 3.0 Average
3.0- 3.5 Good
˃ 3.5 High


Thou some countries use 5.0, 4.0, 10.0 as GPA points, but in all they’re measuring the same thing.

How To Get Into University With a Low GPA As An International Student

As an international student with a low GP you can apply the following principles in order to get admission. The guidelines below will be a guideline for you to get admission into any university.

  1. Get a high score in your standardized test like GRE/SAT/ACT,  most of the universities love you to impress them with your standardized test if you can’t impress them with your GPA.
  2. Acquire as many experience as possible,  this includes internships, volunteering, part-time jobs, projects, etc. 
  3. Place emphasis on core subject’s you did well
  4. You can take pathway programs like foundation programs, premasters etc

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What are the requirements for Universities That Accept International Students With Low GPA

The following documents and requirements are needed for students who wish to study in any of the universities. 

  • Candidates must fill and submit application forms
  • Candidates must show a proof of their English language proficiency tests results
  • Candidates must submit full Academic transcript when required

List of the universities that accept students’ with low GPA

  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Leeds Beckett University
  • University Of Bridgepot
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • Adelphi University
  • Merrimack College
  • Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
  • University Of Sunderland
  • Louisiana State University
  • California State University

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  • Cardiff Metropolitan University

This University was established in 1865 and has three campus namely Llandaff campus, the Cyncoed campus, and Plas Gwyn residential campus. The university provides quality and accessible Education to thousands of students’ in the world.  Most of her students come from about 143 different countries, and many of her alumni are changing the narrative of the society.

  • Leeds Beckett University

This University is one of the top tier universities in the world,  it houses about 23,000 students from about 143 countries and provides a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs. Most of her Programs are taught by world class Academic.

  • University Of Bridgepot

The university of Bridgeport was established in 1927,  it offers both graduate and Undergraduate degree program.  Students’ from about 88 different countries are currently enrolled in the University.  Degrees are awarded in areas like medicine, business, engineering, art and design, etc. 

  • Liverpool John Moores University

This University is one of the most affordable Universities in the United kingdom,  it offers affordable program and it is one of the Universities that accepts students’ with low GP.    It gives students’ room on how to combat real life issues and gives room to personalized support across academics, welfare, and finance to her students. 

  • Adelphi University

This University is a private University located in garden City, new York.  It gives her students top notch Education,  it Renowned for providing excellent programs, and having state of Art’s facilities, and provide support to her students.

  • Merrimack College

The Merrimack college, us located in Massachusetts.  It provides her undergraduate degree and graduate degree students’ with an industry based program.  It has a class size of 22 and this helps her to coach and train her students.

  • Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Website: https://www.tamucc.edu/

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The Texas A&M University, is located in Corpus Christi Texas,  it provides solid background programs to her students both international and domestic.  This University has made ground breaking research that has greatly impacted the society.  Which is why it is a public research University.

  • University Of Sunderland

Website: https://www.sunderland.ac.uk/

The university of Sunderland located in North East,  is known for her ground breaking research,  and her excellent Academic services is renowned by many persons.  Through her industry based curriculum it has produced graduates with international recognition.  It has also prepared her students to  have great career. 

  • Louisiana State University

Website: https://www.lsu.edu/

The university was established in 1860, and it is located in baton Rogue Louisiana.  It has a commitment to providing quality educational experiences to students from all walks of life. 

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