12 Best Paying Jobs in Energy

The field of energy has immensely contributed to the  development of our world, converting fuels, wind, water, and sunlight to electricity is a really huge feat in the history of humankind. The field of energy is as vast as the field of Medicine and continue to provide jobs for many persons. Degrees can be gotten from any of the fields you wish to in the field of energy from an accredited university.

Currently many individuals are contributing greatly to the  development of our world, by researching on how to convert fuels, wind, water, and sunlight to electricity is a really huge feat in the history of humankind. The field of renewable energy engineering has played great roles in this field. 

Currently due to scarcity of renewable energy engineers, they’re currently in high demand, and it is one of the future jobs that will explode to trillion of dollars. Diligently using this information to pursue a career in the field of energy. 

Renewable energy field has many opportunities, high salaries, and benefits that come with being a degree holder of a career that is on-demand in the workforce.

Is renewable energy a good career?

Yes, this field provides you with a vast area to get employed, and with a degree in this field you will be sought after by many Renowned companies who are gradually pushing towards the field of energy.  You will enjoy a good pay.

Benefits from this field are 

Plenty of job opportunities

Varied careers

Job security

Do renewable engineering jobs pay well?

The field of renewable energy, field pay from $76,000, a year and you can earn up to six figure salaries. 

Best paying jobs in energy

  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Environmental Engineering Technician
  • Architectural Engineer/Manager
  • Chemical engineer
  • Nuclear Technician
  • Materials Engineer
  • Geoscientist
  • Wind Farm Site Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Renewable Energy Consultant
  • Solar Energy Technician
  • Solar Construction Manager/Engineer

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  • Petroleum Engineer

The field of petroleum engineering is one of the highest paid jobs in the field of engineering, with a median salary of $137,720, petroleum engineers help and assist companies in oil and gas sector to find and harness petroleum resources which also involves designing, building, and constructing more efficient ways of extracting or refining or finding new repositories of oil and gas. 

  • Environmental Engineering Technician

Environmental engineering technician is one of the highest paid profession in the field of engineering, they help develop modern ways of managing pollution and keeping the environment much safer. The median salary for this field is $50,620.

They also help enforce rules and regulations that companies and public need to adhere to keep the environment safe.  They help advocate for eco friendly machine’s.

  • Architectural Engineer/Manager

This is one of the best paying jobs in the field of engineering, they help design and build energy-efficient buildings that utilize less energy and fewer resources thereby reducing waste. 

  • Chemical Engineer

The field of chemical engineering, has a  median salary of $97,360 per year, this people are vital in  the chemical production process, industries and with the introduction of battery-using technologies. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum qualifications for this job. 

  • Nuclear Technician

Being one of the best paying jobs in engineering, nuclear Technician earn  median salary is $82,080, individuals are trained in special equipment to work in energy production by overseeing levels of radiation to maintain a safe environment. nuclear technicians are in charge of monitoring the radiation rates of these mechanisms and ensuring the effects are as low as possible.  An associate degree is the minimum qualification for this job. 

  • Materials Engineer

Professional in this field having an  in-depth understanding of metals, ceramics, plastics, and other materials, use their expertise knowledge with these materials to create new materials for various machinery to make them lighter and conserve fuel.  Minimum qualifications for this job is an associate degree.

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  • Geoscientist

This professionals are trained to have knowledge and study physical aspects of the earth and they are typically employed by energy-producing industries to help aid in the safe and efficient extraction of petroleum resources from the earth. They earn an annual salary of $92,040. 

  • Wind Farm Site Manager

Wind farm site managers are tasked with overseeing the staff deployed to  wind farm sites therefore, strong leadership abilities are a must-have to qualify for this job.  They help in creating wind electriity and the median salary is $110,630.

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