14 Free Online Courses in Nigeria for Students

It is an obvious fact that advancement in technology has greatly impacted the education sector all over the world. Nigeria, a nation popularly called the “giant of Africa” is not left out. The need for online courses increased rapidly during the outbreak of Covid-19 which led to a total lockdown of schools globally. Several schools in different nations, including Nigeria, adopted online classes (learning) as a means of promoting education amidst the lockdown.

As a matter of fact, many institutions in Nigeria now offer free online courses for students. Are you a student in a Nigerian university or institution? Do you want to acquire useful skills or knowledge at no cost? Keep reading as we explore 14 free online courses for students in Nigeria. No doubt, these courses are top notch.

What Are the Benefits of Online Courses in Nigeria?

One of the fastest ways to acquire a new skill or knowledge is to enroll in online courses. Most of these courses equip you with skills that are in high demand in the Nigerian labor market. It may surprise you to know that many Nigerians have become professionals in different fields through online courses.

The benefits of online courses are unlimited. In this article, we’ve rolled out a few benefits of enrolling in online courses.

  • With an online course, it is very possible for an individual to acquire new skills, degrees or certificates without taking time off work. This implies that you can be earning money while learning a new skill or earning more degrees.
  • You can study from any part of the world when enrolled in an online course. For instance, you can be in Nigeria and acquire degrees and professional certificates in Canada.
  • By enrolling in online courses you get to connect with more like-minded individuals than you would in a physical classroom setting.

Free Online Courses in Nigeria

There are several online courses offered in Nigeria, but not all are free. However, we have researched online courses in Nigeria and we have put together 14 free online courses for students in Nigeria. Although these courses are free to learn, you may need to pay a little token to obtain the certificate of completion.

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Here’s a list of free online courses for students in Nigeria. In addition, you will find details and links to each of these courses.

  • Physical Health and Fitness

Doctors have emphasized the need for individuals to engage in exercises. According to medical sciences, you can increase your lifespan and reduce the risk of chronic diseases by engaging in regular exercise. By enrolling in this 5-hour physical health and fitness course, you will understand the need for physical fitness.

  • Fundamentals of Software Development

There are several in-demand skills and software development is one of them. With a skill in software development, there are a lot of organizations ready to pay for your services. This free online course is offered by the government of Nigeria and covers various aspects such as desktop applications and core programming, just to mention a few. In addition, as a software developer, you can choose to work offline or online.

  • Crisis Management

Just like risks, crises cannot be totally avoided. However, they can be managed to reduce damage. There are daily reports of workplace crises such as the death of employees from accidents at the workplace and so on. With a knowledge in “Crisis Management”, you will be able to identify problems that led to crisis ahead of time. Also, you can easily identify different types (phases) of crisis and give safety tips on crisis management to your (fellow) employees.

  • Diploma in Digital Marketing

No doubt, the internet has changed the way a lot of things are done, including how goods and services are marketed. On a daily basis, many companies in Nigeria and all over the world are adopting digital marketing. As a matter of fact, many organizations in the world want to be known. With a skill in digital marketing, you can help these organizations achieve their goal. In addition, you can choose to work for one organization or become a freelancer offering your services to different organizations across the world.

  • Introduction to Accounting and Finance

The concept of accounting refers to a system of creating records and analyzing an institution’s financial transactions. This course titled “Introduction to Accounting and Finance” is designed specifically for individuals who have no knowledge of accounting or finance. Notwithstanding, individuals with prior knowledge can enroll in this free online course. In addition, students who just finished their secondary education and are interested in studying a finance related course in their higher education can enroll in this course.

  • Introduction to Human Resource Management

The strength of an organization is equivalent to its HR. The term “human resource” refers to employees in an organization charged with certain responsibilities such as recruiting workers, organizing and executing a project and managing an organization, just to mention a few. Regardless of the skills you already have, you can acquire “Human Resource Management” skills to boost your career by enrolling in this free online course.

  • Diploma in Stress Management

Of course, stress is a killer. In fact, many mental illnesses, as well as chronic diseases have been linked to stress. By enrolling in this free online course on stress management, you will be equipped with information on stress and provided with effective tips on stress management. Also, if you wish to make money, you can start a blog where you educate others on stress and stress management. In addition, you can create and sell ebooks.

  • Becoming an Entrepreneur

One of the reasons Nigeria is called the “giant of Africa” is due to its large population and robust economy. Entrepreneurship is one of the major ways a nation can experience economic growth. There are a lot of startups in Nigeria. While some fail, others go on to become established businesses.

Many Nigerian higher education institutions are full of young entrepreneurs with a lot of potential. By enrolling in this course titled “Becoming an Entrepreneur”, you can acquire more knowledge which will spur you to become a successful entrepreneur.

Furthermore, acquiring a certificate upon completing this free online course will provide you the opportunity to extend your services to other entrepreneurs and startups in Nigeria to become successful.

  • Introduction to Coding and design

There are several online learning platforms where you can acquire digital skills such as coding and design. By enrolling in this online course titled “Introduction to coding”, you will learn:

  •  How to design websites from the scratch
  • How to develop mobile apps
  • The tools and techniques needed to design (develop) the websites (apps)

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  • Fundamentals of Business Analysis

Do you want to become a business analyst? Then here is an opportunity to enroll in a free online course titled “Fundamentals of Business Analysis”. Some of the things you will learn in this course include:

  • Important techniques for business analysis
  • Business analysis tools and its best practices
  • Steps for effective business analysis

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  • Corporate Behavior Development

This is an important course that every business owner must take. Luckily for you, it is FREE! By enrolling in this online course you will:

  • Learn the rules of corporate behavior
  • Understand managerial structures, and so on.

With the skills you will acquire from this course titled “Corporate Behavior Development”, you can effectively run your business in places with strong positive values and ethics.

  • Risk and Return in Finance

You may have heard people say things like “Everything in life is a risk”, “No risk, no reward” and so on. This stands true in many cases, even in the world of finance. Risk cannot be totally avoided. Notwithstanding, risk can be managed. When risk is properly managed in the world of finance, it reduces its impact on a business.

There is a fundamental relationship between risk and reward. It is often said that “the bigger the risk an investor takes, the bigger his returns”. This statement have been proven to be true in many cases. By enrolling in this free online course titled “Risk and Return in Finance”, you will come to understand how risk and returns work in the finance sector.

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

People often assume logistics is about moving goods from one place to another alone. However, logistics is broader than this. One of the booming sectors in the Nigerian economy is the logistics sector. For this sector to keep expanding, there is need for people with effective management skills.

By enrolling in the “Logistics and Supply Chain Management” free online course, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and techniques needed for effective logistics and supply chain management.

  • Exploring Managerial Roles

Oftentimes, we think managerial roles are limited to business and finance sectors. This is a wrong notion. Managerial roles cut across several organizations, including business. Every business or organization has one goal in mind: to expand. As an organization begins to expand, there would be need to have managers. By enrolling in this free online course titled “Exploring Managerial Roles” you will be equipped with effective managerial skills. You would need these skills per adventure if you find yourself in a managerial position.

To Wrap Up

One can acquire knowledge and skills through online courses. They are a flexible way to learn. There are several free online courses offered in Nigeria for students. In this article, we have explored 14 free online courses. We have carefully researched these courses. They fall into the category of digital, human resource and finance courses.

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