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15 Free High School Diploma Online for Adults

There are various reasons which could lead to students dropping out of high school, one of which is financial need. With the annual increase in tuition fees, most students are forced to work just to pay for their fees. However, with the presence of technology to connect students in virtually 90% of high schools, online education has become an alternative for attending high school physically. 

It’s now easy, like never before, for adults to obtain a high school diploma online. For this purpose, I’ve put together, in this article, 15 high school diploma programs you can get online at no cost.

Before we proceed, let’s answer a few questions frequently asked concerning online high school diploma.

Is It Legal To Get a High School Diploma Online?

Of course!

As a matter of fact, high school diploma obtained online can be used for the same purpose as traditional high school diploma. But, you must be careful to avoid scams. I always advice students to carry out thorough investigation of the programs before signing up. 

Can Adults Get High School Diploma Online?


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Both adults and teenagers who are out of school can obtain an accredited high school diploma online. 

What Sort of Degree is a High School Diploma?

It’s a North American academic qualification awarded upon completion of high school. Usually, high school diploma is taught over three to four years, from 9th to 12th grade.

How Do I Apply For a High School Diploma?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to apply:

Step 1: Bring your official transcript from a former high school

Step 2: Sign up for the online school of your choice

Step 3: Get your student identification card, and complete the registration online

Step 4: Afterwards, meet an advisor

Step 5: commence your studies, and obtain your high school diploma online

Having seen the FAQs, let’s proceed to the list of accredited schools that offer high school diploma online at no cost.

  • Penn Foster


Topping the list of accredited schools that offer free high school diploma online is Penn Foster. It’s a private school located in Pennsylvania. Both high-school students and adults are eligible to attend. 

Penn Foster partners with the programs of career schools universities, and job corps all over the country. If you’re qualified and get enrolled in one of her partner schools, tuition cost for the high school diploma program may be covered.

  • James Madison High School


Located in Norcross, GA, James Madison High School offers high school diploma online at no cost. Enrolment is open all through the year, with diploma programs in about 24 courses.

  • Indiana University High School


The headquarters of this prestigious online academic institution is located in Bloomington, IN.

This school is highly trusted, and offers a wide selection of graduate programs and charges $252 per course. But there are also free programs that can be used and these are mostly optional.

  • Park City Independent Online Adult High School


Park City Independent Online Adult High School is the next provider of virtual education services. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, this school is one of the best of its kind in the United States. It is licensed by AdvancedED and works on credit.

  • Mizzou K-12 Online High School


Mizzou K-12 Online High School is among the free accredited online high school diplomas. This school offers free high school diplomas. This Colombia-based online school charges a tuition fee of $500 per course. Numerous courses are available and range from English to other world languages.

  • Texas Success Academy


This virtual education provider is located in Texas and is accredited by the Texas Education Agency and AdvancED.

Students processing up to 11.5 points are reserved for tuition fees.

$1,005 for eight months. More than 11.5 points, the student in question will have to pay $105 per month.

  • Virtual Learning Academy


Virtual Learning Academy, VLACS for short, is one of the free online accredited high school diplomas. The school is based in Exeter, New York and offers a variety of ways to study, including full-time and part-time. Accredited by the New Hampshire State Board of Education, the school charges $110 tuition for one month of education.

  • University of Nebraska High School


Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, the online school is accredited by the Nebraska Department of Education and AdvancED. The school offers dual enrollment and electives. Nonresident tuition is $200 per course, while residents pay $150 per course.

  • North Dakota Distance Education Center


North Dakota Distance Education Center, abbreviated NDCDE, is one of the free online accredited high school diplomas. This online education provider hosts a large number of international scholars and is accredited by AdvancED.

However, the resident tuition is $169/course. While non-residents pay 250 USD/course. Available courses range from aviation to business education.

  • Keystone School


This institution is accredited by Advanced and the Pennsylvania State Board of Licensed Private Schools and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to offer free online high school diplomas for adults.

Here, students can choose from various educational options to achieve their individual goals. As an adult, you have the opportunity to complete a full high school diploma or learn new skills to advance your career, and you can apply at any time.

  • Middleton Academy


Accredited by Cognia and administered by Catapult Learning, Inc., Middleton Academy is one of the free online high school diploma programs for adults. The innovative curriculum offered online and the student-centered approach to education make the academy a good place for adults to earn a degree online.

  • Liberty High School


Located in Brattleborough, Vermont, Liberty High School offers online classes that lead to a degree. The program is open only to adults, and is designed to help students complete high school.

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Students who apply are offered courses in English, mathematics, and social studies. Science and research courses are also available to develop skills that can lead to a career in the job market.

  • Franklin Virtual High School


This institution offers courses that you can attend from the comfort of your own home. It has offices in Tallahassee, Florida and Scottsdale, Arizona. In addition, they are also licensed by AdvancedED and DEAC.

Franklin Virtual High School’s online delivery system is top notch. It provides students with additional resources, including guidance and follow-up. A flexible space is maintained and courses are available at any time. This is one of the free online high school diplomas for adults that will give them the skills and resources they need to be successful in the outside world.

  • Orion High School


Orion High School is one of the free online high school diploma programs for adults, accredited by the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools (ACTS) and the Accreditation and Improvement Council of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (affiliated to Cognio). Both Cognia and ACTS and recognized by the Texas Commission on Accreditation of Private Schools.

With more than 200 courses to choose from, there’s a course for every student, young or old, regular or part-time. Orion is developed and managed by experienced educators who are committed to supporting each student to achieve successful outcomes. You can enroll in the course full-time or part-time.

  • Hope High School


This is one of the free online high schools for adults and it is free only for Arizona high school students under the age of 22. The courses are completely online and have video tutorials, online tests, quizzes, grades, and online activities. The high school is accredited by Cognia. Thus, your degree is also accredited.

Each of the above schools has its own requirements in which you will be admitted. Also note that all schools listed are accredited and legal. Links to each school are available so you can do your research before you apply.

Does this article meet your immediate needs? If yes, do well to share this article with every adult learner you know. If you have further questions, leave a comment in the comment box and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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