15 Places To Get English Test With Answers PDF

This article will provide you with details on places to get an English test,  with answers to PDF. Which you can download for your personal English language training and assessment. From the comfort of your home, workplace or anywhere.   It has been statistically proven that many persons perform poorly in English language examinations like IELTS, TOEFL etc. 

Thou use of English is not hard as it seems, but it requires adequate preparation, which is studying hard and practicing past questions on English language tests and answers. 

What are the official English language proficiency test?

While preparing to study in Canada, US and the UK, and some other countries they’re English language proficiency test you’re required to pass before getting admitted into any of her higher Institution. This English language proficiency tests are known as international entrance examination. 

However, some countries and Institutions prefer a certain type of English proficiency test over another, the recognized English language proficiency test are listed below

IELTS: this examination is made compulsory for Indian students’ and non English speaking countries, it is the most widely recognized English language proficiency exams. It serves an immigration Requirements and it is recognized by 9000 organization world wide, including educational institutions, private agencies, governments, and professional bodies. 

TOEFL: the test of English language as a foreign language, has some similarities with the IELTS, the exception is that it is a multi choice exams.  It is a requirement to about 900 universities and Institutions in about 130 different countries. 

Cambridge: this examination is known as Cambridge assessment,  this test is recognized throughout the United kingdom U.K,  it is offered from A1 (beginner) to C2 (advanced mastery).

TOIEC:  this program is offered to test the everyday English language skills of an individual, especially those working in the international community. The two forms existing are TOEIC Listening & Reading Test and the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests.  The tests means Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC). 

OPI and OPIc: this English test is known as the oral proficiency interview, it primarily measures the  individual’s English language listening comprehension and speaking ability. While OPIc is administered by Computer. 

Where Can I Get English language Tests With Answers

With the increase in rate of failure amongst students’ in English,  and it’s pre requisite to getting admission in many higher Institution of learning and foreign organization.  Has led us to compile a list of Platforms where you can get English language questions and answers, and also gives tutorials on English. They include

  • Language Level
  • ESL Langauge Studies Abroad
  • TrackTest
  • FluentU
  • BridgeEnglish
  • British Study Centers
  • EU English
  • Stafford House International
  • Canadian College of English Language

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  • Language Level

This online platform provide the general public with PDF file in English language, and it’s focus on vocabulary and grammar.  The platform gives you the opportunity to answer 15 questions that can get hard or easier depending on the answers you provide. Your level of knowledge will be graded from A1 to C2 and will determine your performance in IELTS and TOEFL.  This platform is suitable for non English speakers and will serve as a training ground. 


  • ESL Language Studies Abroad

This platform offers are more comprehensive English language tests,  the duration for this test is normally 20 minutes for 40 questions.  Upon completion of the tests the platforms sends the question and answers in PDF format to help the individual learn from his or her failure’s.  This test is designed for those who find it difficult to  manage time in the examination.  It gives them a test that is a bit comprehensive and difficult.


  • Track Test

This platform offers you English language questions free and some paid, her English language tests usually match the CEFR levels of A1 to C2.  You can take the test every month to monitor your progress, and whether they is an improvement or download the test questions and answers.  It also offers her participant a certificate which they can add to their CV. 

The free version of this platform offers you the opportunity to join a ten minutes tests while the paid version, offers listening, reading, Certification and provide you with feedback on area’s you need to improve on. You can download and test your English writing and language skills.


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  • FluentU

This platform uses real time video’s, including movie trailers, music videos and inspiring speeches etc. They’re designed in a personalized  to help you understand and prove your competency in English vocabulary.  This program consists of 6 levels which includes Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Advanced 1, and Advanced 2.  Your level of English fluency will be assessed by your response to the answers to the questions provided. It will also give you answers and suggest where you need to improve in your language proficiency.  It offers you the opportunity to download English proficiency test videos and subtitles to download.


  • BridgeEnglish

This platform offers her participant with grammar and vocabulary lessons, and test questions and other forms of English tests with answers available in PDF. Her participant answer 65 questions in 100 minutes.  Comprehension and listening skills are tested,  on completing the tests you will be asked on how to improve the Tests. 


  • British Study Centers

This platform prepares her students for a course in English grammar,  her participant answer 40 multiple choice questions in 40 minutes. Answers are sent in PDF to the email address. It helps you to improve your grammar.


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