15 Top Evening Nursing Programs in Houston TX

This post will help those who live and work in Texas who wish to pursue or further their nursing career to a higher level,  and also focus on your career to support your studies. The nursing profession is geared towards caring for the  sick,  nurses greatly assist healthcare setting, assist the doctor in charge and, in most cases, are in charge of running most health care facilities. To become an Registered Nurse,  you will need to acquire skills and knowledge,  whether it’s college or university you will attend to you will be updated with knowledge and skills needed to take care of patients and have an up to date care. 

You can also enroll, in an evening/weekend programs in nursing,  you can still maintain your career.  Furthering your career in the nursing profession will boast your career, and make you accessible to occupy any position in the healthcare industry.

What is the fastest way to become a nurse in Texas?

A lot of people are looking for how to become nurses, and they’re occupied so they’re always pushed to ask the question, what is the fastest way to become a nurse. They’re many ways one can be a nurse faster without even spending so much years in school, they include

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  1. Associate degree, this is the fastest way to becoming a nurse as it offers you a flexible and econom friendly, program. You can be able to finish in two years and still earn a degree. 
  2. Enrolling in an evening programs; this is more flexible and the best options available to students
  3. Online nursing programs

Is the nursing program at University of Houston Good?

This University is among the best universities in the state and a Renowned for her nursing advocacy program. This University is renowned for the excellent performance in the NCLEX Exams.  This University College of Nursing is committed to serving educational needs, supporting lifelong learning, advancing excellence in regional and global healthcare.

The top Evening schools are 

  • Texas Women’s University,  Evening Program

Website: https://twu.edu/nursing/undergraduate-programs/bs-with-major-in-nursing-weekend-evening-program/ 

This University is one of the popular nursing  program in Texas, especially in Houston.  It offers a bachelor’s of science in nursing weekend Program,  this program trains professional nurse’s with foundation of knowledge and fostering compassion.  This program holds  her classes for two weeks and their hands on practical is on Saturdays and Sundays.  This program equips nurses with skills and knowledge needed in patient care.

  • Chamberlain University Evening Nursing Program

Website: https://www.chamberlain.edu/nursing-school/texas/houston#evening-weekend 

This University her Bachelor of science in nursing Evening program in the state of Texas,  this program stands to give her students knowledge, and skills.  This program lasts 3 years  , where clinical and teaching takes place. 

  • The Vocational Nursing Institute Evening Nursing Program

Website: https://www.vni.edu/EveningVocationalNursingProgram.php

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The vocational nursing institute,  offer both offer day and night programs, it takes about 18 months, where it equip her students with foundational knowledge and skills in the nursing profession but you can still be able to work in home health agencies, hospitals, dialysis centers, and long-term care facilities while you’re studying the course.  This Program includes both theoritical and Practical instructions. Her Class schedule is from Monday to Thursday. 5:45-9pm.

  • Texas Health School Evening

Website: https://www.ths.edu/nurse-aide-program/ 

This institution offers her nursing program both evening and day, it also offers the nursing side program.  This nursing aide program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide basic care to homebound patients and residents of hospitals and long-term care facilities. This program is designed to help train this people  on how to take vital signs and nutrition. 

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