15 Top High Schools in Toronto for International Students

15 Top High Schools in Toronto for International Students

Often times we associate studying abroad with higher education institutions. However, what many don’t know is that you can pursue international high school education abroad. For students who intend to study high school abroad, Canada is an excellent choice. 

Canada is a successful country, and is reputed for providing high quality education, with variety of opportunities for domestic and international students. In addition, Canada offers numerous school options for international students. These include primary and high schools, colleges and universities, vocational schools, and language schools.

For the purpose of this write-up, we’d pay attention to high schools in Canada – most of which have an international reputation and are popular for providing high quality secondary education to thousands of students. Also, in this article, you will know about top high schools in Toronto; including best public and private high schools in Toronto.

With over 3,400 high schools in Canada, they are categorized majorly into public and private. It is vital to note that not all Canadian high schools are open to international students. Thus, as an international student seeking to enrol in any of these Canadian high schools, you must look out for international high schools.

Although choosing a school is the final step, nevertheless, parents will be faced with the challenge of choosing a school out of over 3,400 Canadian secondary schools. Not just that, but also the challenge of choosing either a public or private high school.

The Difference between Public and Private High Schools

Public high school is paid through taxes. Many people pay tax, and some of the money paid in tax goes into public education. On the other hand, private high schools are funded through tuition fees.

Parents who intend to send their child to Canada for high school study must look out for schools that will provide top-notch educational foundation for future career and personal success. To this end, we’d look at the benefits of public and private high schools respectively. As you look through this, keep in mind that everyone is unique. Thus, not all benefits will apply to your child.

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Benefits of Public High Schools in Canada

Below is a few benefits:

  • Public secondary schools in Canada are usually free. However, this doesn’t apply to an international student – registration fee will be required. But it can’t be compared to the tuition paid in a private high school.
  • Your child will be exposed to a diversity of cultures and ethnic groups
  • Top public schools have good facilities like sports fields, theatres, etc.
  •  Unlike the private schools which could be religion or gender based, public schools provide education to all students regardless of religious background or level of development.

Having seen the benefits of public high schools, it is also vital we observe the Benefits of Private High Schools in Canada.

Below is a few benefits:

  • Unlike public high schools where there is less individualized attention, there is more individualized attention in private schools due to the small class sizes. Thus, the best learning method for your child can be provided.
  • Some private schools offer significant scholarships.
  • On the issue of security, private schools tend to provide safer learning environment
  • Some private schools are religion-based. Thus, classes in religion can be offered as part of the curriculum.
  • Because parents are paying tuition, they are actively involved in school.

There are many outstanding public and private high schools in Canada. Foreign students can enrol for study in public and private high schools in the most amazing places like Toronto, Montreal, British Columbia, just to mention a few.

In this write-up, we are focused on 15 Top High Schools in Toronto for International Students. But first, let us briefly observe a list of notable public and private high schools in Toronto.

In no particular order, below is a list of notable public high schools in Toronto:

  • Humberside Collegiate
  • Forest Hill Collegiate
  • Earl Haig Secondary School
  • Malvern Collegiate
  • Rosedale Heights School of the Art
  • Bloor Collegiate
  • Riverdale Collegiate
  • Ursula Franklin Academy
  • Lawrence Park Collegiate
  • Leaside High School
  • North Toronto Collegiate
  • York Mill Collegiate

Here is a list of notable private high schools in Toronto:

  • Royal St. George’s College
  • Linden School
  • AVRO Academy
  • Braemar College
  • Crescent School
  • Branksome Hall
  • Havergal College
  • Hudson College
  • Lowell Academy

Toronto is arguably one of the best cities in Canada that offers its residents a wide range of opportunities for learning, self-discovery and building personal and professional networks. The best high schools in Toronto for international students are based on an analysis of various factors including: enrolment process, graduation rates, school preparation, tuition, teacher quality, student welfare, SAT/ACT scores and many others.

Here are some great options for international students who wish to study in one of the Top 15 High Schools in Toronto:

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  1. Humberside Collegiate Institute

The Humberside Collegiate Institute is known for its excellent academic programs, including a strong music program. The institution is a public co-ed high school founded in 1892. In addition, it offers academic program for students in grade 9 – 12.

For more information about Humberside Collegiate Institute, click here. (https://www.hoodq.com/schools/toronto-on/high-park-north/humberside-collegiate-institute)

  1. Forest Hill Collegiate Institute

On the list of Top High Schools in Toronto is the Forest Hill Collegiate Institute. This institution takes pride in promoting academic excellence through its staff who are committed to the learning and development of its students.

For more information about Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, click here. (https://www.acotoronto.ca/building.php)

  1. Malvern Collegiate Institute

Located in Scarborough, East End of Toronto, Malvern Collegiate Institute is a co-ed high school which offers a wide variety of programs in arts, mathematics, business, technology and more, including extended French program. It is no surprise at all that it is on this list of top 15 high schools in Toronto.

For more information about Malvern Collegiate Institute, click here. (https://www.hoodq.com/schools/toronto-on/east-end-danforth/malvern-collegiate-institute?utm_campaign=schoolq&utm_source=schoolq_school)

  1. Rosedale Heights School of the Art

Located in Downtown Toronto, Rosedale Heights School of the Art is known as one of the best specialty-focused high schools in Canada for its record of academic excellence in arts programs.

For more information about Rosedale Heights School of the Art, click here. (https://rhsa.ca/)

  1. Lawrence Park Collegiate

Another high school to make it to this list is Lawrence Park Collegiate. Located in Lytton Park, the institution is committed to providing her students with top-notch academic programs.  This will help them engage in a series of extracurricular activities to develop vital skills, including leadership skills.

For more information about Rosedale Heights School of the Art, click here. (https://lechool.com/school/Lawrence-Park-Collegiate-Institute)

  1. North Toronto Collegiate Institute

North Toronto Collegiate Institute is a public co-ed high school located in the North area of Toronto. This institution is recognized for its excellent academic activities. Furthermore, it engages her students in activities which include sport competitions with other schools in the community.

For more information about North Toronto Collegiate Institute, click here. (https://www.northtorontoci.ca/)

  1. Earl Haig Secondary school

Earl Haig Secondary school in Toronto has a population of over 2,000 students. This institution is host to the Claude Watson Arts Program which gives students top-notch education in arts. In addition, this school has a notable size of professional staff.

For more information about Earl Haig Secondary school, click here. (https://earlhaig.ca/main.php)

  1. Leaside High School

Located at the corner of Bayview and Eglinton avenues, Leaside High School was founded in 1945 by the Leaside Board of Education. In addition, Leaside High School is recognized for its commitment to academic excellence.

For more information about Leaside High School, click here. (https://lechool.com/school/Leaside-High-school)

  1. Ursula Franklin Academy

Located in High Park, Midtown Toronto, Ursula Franklin Academy is a reputable public school whose core focus is on science and technology. Every year, about 500 students enroll to study in this institution. Its teachers utilize a rigorous liberal arts-focused curriculum which trains its students to be independent learners.

For more information about Ursula Franklin Academy, click here. (https://www.seferiandesign.com/ursula-franklin-academy/)

  1. Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts

Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts is a public high school owned by Catholics. It focuses on arts and accepts students based on audition. Majority of students who enroll into this high school are teenagers and adolescents.

For more information about Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, click here. (https://www.tcdsb.org/)

  1. Father John Redmond Catholic School

This institution is owned and run by the Catholic. It is a top rated and highly recognized Catholic school. In addition to ensuring that her students do well academically, Father John Redmond Catholic School also supports its student’s participation in various extracurricular activities.

For more information about Father John Redmond Catholic School, click here. (https://www.tcdsb.org/o/fatherjohnredmond)

  1. St.-Frère-André Catholic Secondary School

Another Catholic school to make the list of top high schools in Toronto is the St.-Frère-André Catholic Secondary School. This institution is operated by the Conseil scolaire Catholique MonAven.

For more information about St.-Frère-André Catholic Secondary School, click here. (https://hischool.me/schools/st-frere-andre-catholic-secondary-school/)

  1. William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute

Founded in 1960, The William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute offers academic excellence via extracurricular and curricular activities. Furthermore, it provides a welcoming environment which supports students learning.

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For more information about William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute, click here. (http://www.wlmac.ca/)

  1. Le Collège Français

Le Collège Français is a French-language high school located in Toronto. It was previously a part of the Toronto Board of Education (TBE) and the Conseil des écoles françaises de la communauté urbaine de Toronto (CEFCUT). Currently, it is a part of le Conseil scolaire Viamonde. Over 700 students are currently enrolled in this institution.

For more information about Le Collège Français, click here. (http://collegefrancais.csviamonde.ca/)

  1. St Michael’s Choir School

Located in Garden District, Downtown Toronto, St Michael’s Choir School is a private high school for boys. Enrollment into this institution is via application and audition. It is committed to training students to be independent and vast in their pursuit of knowledge, especially in music.

For more information about St Michael’s Choir School, click here. (https://smcs.on.ca/)

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