15 Top Online University Math Courses for Students’

Mathematics is one of the programs that  many persons fear to enter, but to some it’s quite a challenge and individual who see meaning in data, figure and equations can apply to study in any of the underlisted institution offering online programs in mathematics.  Courses here covers areas like algebra, calculus, modeling, real analysis, and statistics. This program is designed to deepen students’ understanding of mathematical sciences, and their ability to communicate complex mathematics problems. Some programs listed here allows students’ to pick up careers in mathematics while some concentrate on actuarial science where they prepare to work in finance, and insurance. 

Mathematics as we all know it, is the mother of science program and a prerequisite in pursuing any programs,  so the need for more persons to be trained to handle the needs and teaming population in need of good mathematics teachers. 

  • Indiana University

Location: Bloomington, IN

Website: https://indiana.edu/ 

The Indiana University, has 9 campus, and  it offers about 125 distance education program, it’s online bachelor’s degree in math’s, offers courses in algebra, calculus, mathematical modeling, and real analysis. Students’ are allowed to pick up specialization in either financial or pure mathematics. This program also gives options to students who wish to pursue a career in actuarial science to specialize in finance, economics and probability. The online program includes interactive orientation, one-on-one success coaching, online library resources, and 24/7 support.

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  • Texas Tech University

Location: Lubbock, IN

Website: https://www.ttu.edu/ 

This program is a public state research University, that was established in 1923.  It is the primary center of the Texas. It offers a bachelor’s of general studies with concentration in mathematics. The topics covered in this field are College Algebra, Elements of Finite Mathematics, and Mathematical Statistics for Engineers and Scientists. 

  • Bellevue university 

Location: Bellevue, NE

Website: https://www.bellevue.edu/

This University is a private non profit university that offers, program for adults.  here program online  in mathematics,  this program the core comprises of topics like  calculus, computer programming, discrete math, algebra, and statistics. Students’ allowed to choose any of this areas of emphasis Business Analytics, Computer Programming, Predictive Modeling, or Secondary Education. This program utilizes  real-time, interactive classroom sessions, as well as video recordings of class sessions with online activities. 

  • Indiana University East

Location: Richmond, IN 

Website: https://www.iue.edu/ 

This University offers online program,  her program in mathematics has the following core courses including Calculus, Modern Algebra, and Real Analysis.  It also gives her students options of specializing in either financial or pure mathematics. Graduates in this field pick up careers in actuarial science or teaching in community college or high school. 

  • University of Illinois spring field

Location: Spring field, IL

Website: https://www.uis.edu/

This University is a public liberal arts university, it offers a bachelor of arts in mathematics, this program seeks to build maths skills especially helping her students apply it in areas like insurance, industry, research and teaching. The major course’s required are  Arithmetic Review, Business Calculus, Mathematics in Daily Life, and Real Analysis.

  • Mayville State University

Location: Mayville, ND

Website: https://mayvillestate.edu/ 

This institution is a public university, originally established as a teachers training college,  it offers an online degree in bachelor’s degree in mathematics education. complete a minor in an area such as Business Administration, Library Media and Information Science, or Special Needs. Courses include History and Philosophy of Math, Education Technology, and Theory of Numbers. Students’ gain teaching experience and complete their programs online.

  • Mercy College

Location: Dobbs ferry, NY

Website: https://www.mercy.edu/ 

This institution has afiliation with the Catholic Church,  it was established by the sister’sof mercy,  it offers online program in bachelor’s degree in mathematics. It has this program under the division of mathematics and computer information. The Major courses include Algebraic Structures, Mathematical Modeling, and Number Theory.  They also offer a five year master’s and bachelor’s degree in mathematics education. 

  • American public University

Location: Charles, Town WV

Website: https://www.apus.edu/ 

This University was established in 1991, as a millitary university, thou it is a private non for private University, this institution offers bachelor’s degree in mathematics, course’s taught are  advanced theory and analysis in math, science, and technology. Students may concentrate in Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, or Statistics. Major required courses include Data Analysis and Presentation, Mathematical Modeling, and Technical Writing. 

  • Thomas Edison University

Location: Trenton, NJ

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Website: https://www.tesu.edu/ 

This is a public liberal arts university, it was established in 1972, it offers bachelor’s degree in mathematics, the online degree is designed to help adults who wish to change their program. Course’s the students are exposed to are Linear Algebra, Multivariate Calculus, and Probability/Statistics. Elective offerings include Abstract Algebra, Graph Theory, and Topology.

  • Western Governor’s University

Location:  salt lake City, UT

Website: https://www.wgu.edu/ 

This University is a non for profit online university, founded in 1997 by 19 Governor’s.  This University offers online degree in mathematics education, it prepares her students for middle and high school. Key topics taught are Fundamentals of Diversity, Inclusion, and Exceptional Learners; Psychology for Educators; and Trigonometry and Precalculus. 

  • Chadron State University

Location: Chadron NE

Website: https://csc.edu/ 

This college is a public university established in 1909, it awards a bachelor’s degree in mathematics online,  this program is designed to build students’ understanding of communication and technology in the mathematical sciences and to prepare them to apply this understanding to other academic disciplines. Core courses include Differential Equations, History and Foundations of Mathematics, and Probability and Statistics.

  • Ottawa University

Location: Ottawa, KS

Website: https://www.ottawa.edu/ 

This private Christian liberal arts university,  established in 1865, it has many centers that serve as adult centres, it awards a bachelor of arts in mathematics,  it gives her students the opportunity to minor in secondary education or actuarial science. The minors in secondary education include  algebra, calculus, computer programming, and geometry. It teaches students about individual student needs, problem-solving skills, and technological advancements as they relate to mathematics while that of actuarial science are designed to prepare her graduates for a career in business, finance, and insurance industries.

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