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20 Cool Last Names that Start with A

Its every parents dream to pick the best name for her children, thou it’s fun picking a last name for your child, it could be arduous enough due to the availability of ample options.  This article will be showcasing names starting with A to help you chose a sweet name for your baby. 

What’s the coolest last name?

Everyone wants to give his child a unique name, that can inspire him to grow above his peers, memorable names  makes an encounter with someone remarkable and historic, Here is a list of them with an explanation on the meaning of the names

Elrod God is the king
Frederick Peaceful ruler
Hale Hero; from the hall
Langston From the tall man’s tower

Benjamin.          Son of my right hand

Elrod.                God is the king

Remington  boundary stream

What’s a badass last name?

Badass doesn’t necessarily mean you’re bad person, it infers strength, courage and resilience,  most of the names in this category portray perseverance and determination to achieve goals, objective.  This name will give your child courage as he faces the odds of life

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  • Abawi

The surname Abawi is of Arabic origin and means “brave

  • Abner

 It has a strong biblical origin and a Hebrew name “God is my light.”

  • Ateos

It is a Greek word,  meaning eagle of Zeus, it signifies immortality, victory and strength. 

  • Alexander

It means defender of men

  • Balabanov

Big man or robust

  • Baros

Brave person

  • Collins 

to conquer

cool surname are listed below

  • Aagaard

This name has origin with the German, Norwegian and french,  this name is going to be unique for your child it means farm by the stream and bold. 

  • Aanenson

This name has a Norwegian origin, and it is an old norseman  word meaning ancestor. 

  • Aaron

This name has origin with the Hebrews and Arabic, it means high mountain and encouraged, exalted. So you’re child is going to be proud of his Roots.

  • Abel

This name is popular among Christian’s especially it’s biblical roots, it is a European surname.  It comes from the Hebrew word breath. 

  • Abbey

This name has origin with the Latin,  it means the head of a monastery,  it has a famous nickname Abigail. It is suitable name for your child.

  • Abner

This name has strong biblical origin,  it means father of light, in Hebrew.  It is the best English name  for your child.

  • Abney

It has an American origin with English meaning,  it is more common in the USA and in England,  it has Derbyshire.

  • Abdul

This name has Arabic origin, it can be used both as a first name and  Surname for male, it means servant of. 

  • Abston

This name has Bristol meaning,  and origin based on contemplation.  It means settlement.

  • Accurso

This name is for those in love with Italy, it has its origin with the southern Italians,  it is a medieval individual name which means help or guidance. 

  • Acheson

This name is originated to the Scottish people,  this name evolved from the family of John Acheson. In Scott it is Atchison. Meaning son of the Atkin. 

  • Achey

Sweet and lovely name derived from the French name ethier meaning a person who resides in a canal. 

  • Acosta

This name has origin with the Portuguese and Spanish, so if you’re lover of Spanish culture and Portuguese, it’s a right avenue to show your Love.  It is a derivative of the word da costa. Meaning ‘a person who resides on the coast.’.

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  • Adam’s

This name has a strong Hebrew origin, it’s biblical roots made it popular, it means Earth. 

  • Addington

This name has origin with the old English name Eddington,  which means settlement with Edda.

  • Addelstein

For those in love with the Jewish custom and tradition, this name is meant for them.  It means a precious stone or expensive stone.

  • Adkins

This name is English and can be a good last name it means son of Adam. 

  • Adler

This name has German origin, and it means eagle, it also indicates to those who are residing in a house with an eagle as their emblem. 

  • Adley 

This name was originally derived from the name Hadley, God is just and it is a sweet name for kid’s.

  • Adrian

This name is one of the oldest and powerful name in the Greek, it means dark and rich

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