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20 Online College Programs With  Application Links 

Learning a particular skill through online learning program is education- wise . Many Programs are been  rendered online to enable you have a full experience of that particular skill, which will help you in life. 

In this page, we will be looking at Online College Programs in Ontario. These online learning programs in  Ontario will make you obtain an Ontario College Graduate certificate. The same certificate you get from  any University is the same you get from any online learning program. 

Online learning is the trending means of teaching or impacting knowledge into Students to enable them  to have a strong foundational stand on the course or Program the are learning online 

The advantage of this online learning is that, you learn or study at your own pace. Even at your offices,  homes and even inside your car , it doesn’t affect your schedules for the day. The only thing you need is  your tablet/ PC and an internet connection to start-up.

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The same knowledge you gain from any course at any University, is the same you gain from online  college programs, there is no difference 

The skills you learning through online College Programs , helps in boosting your CV because at the  completion of your Program you are given a Certificate of completion which shows that you are now a  pro in that particular field. With your knowledge in that skill you can start up a business of your own that  can yield you profit or been employed into Companies that specializes in the field of that skill you  acquired through online College Programs. 

Some of these online College Programs offers a full- time study program , which is 1-2 years to complete  that particular program. 

Can you Submit College Applications Online? 

Yes! Each school has a school website where you can submit all your applications, recommendation  letters, Students credentials and even apply for a study program online . 

Because , Since the pandemic outbreak, schools have created an opportunity for Students to study  Online at their own convenient time to enable them not to slack behind in academics. 

What Programs look good On College Applications? 

There are extracurricular activities / Programs that looks good on College Applications, because these  activities creates good impression of you towards the College, showing that you have interest in learning  some other skills through online learning.  

Making the College to see you as an all- round Student. These extracurricular activities are; Leadership skills

  • Work experience 
  • Technological skills 
  • Political skills 

And a host of other valuable skills. 

Is there free Online College?

Of course yes! There are fee Online Colleges which I have provided in this article . Read along to see  them. 

These free Online Colleges enables you to gain more experience in the program you’re learning Online.

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Does University of New Haven Use Common App?

The answer is yes! You just have to apply a s full- time undergraduate student and submit all your  recommendation letter and Application letter via the University of Haven common Application.  

20 Online College Programs 

Here, is a list of online programs in Ontario, Canada. Canada offers the best Quality Education to  students and certificates you get from any Canadian University is globally recognized. Canadian  graduates are also respected and the tend to get employments faster. For further ado, here is the list of  top 20 Online college Programs; 

  • Autism and Behavioural Science online College Program
  • Business Online College Program
  • Business Accounting Online College Program
  • Business Marketing Online College
  • Business Administration Online College Programs
  • Business Fundamental Online College Program
  • Child and Youth care Online College
  • Community and Justice Services Online College Programs
  • Computer programming Online College Program
  • Construction project management Online College Program
  • Early childhood Education online College Program
  • Emergency Management online College Program
  • Fitness and Health promotion online College Program
  • Forensic Accounting and fraud Investigations online College Program
  • Human Resources management online College
  • Office Administration Executive Online College
  • Office Administration- General online College Program
  • Police foundation online College Program
  • Regulatory Affairs online College Program
  • Technical writer online College Program


With the full list of these 20 online programs in Ontario, you can obtain an Ontario College Graduate  certificate. Do well to click on these college Programs and apply for them and thank me later.

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