4 Top Free Bible Schools in the USA for International Students

The need for Christian Minister’s to be fully equipped with knowledge about the scriptures, and the need for them to be formed to know the roles expected of them as Minister’s. Is one of the reasons why they’re many Bible school’s in the United States. This Bible schools offer free tuition fee for her students who can’t afford to pay for this program. 

Thou in the United States of America, free Bible schools exists for international students and they’re few in number.  This students’ are required to take up works in the institution for hours in each week, but are required to pay some non tuition fee like accommodation, textbooks etc. 

How long does it me to go to a Bible school?

The bachelor of arts degree in Bible studies requires one to have completed of 128 credit hours in a Bible School, for a period of 4 year’s.  In order to get the needed leadership skills and knowledge. This master’s degree takes 2 year’s to complete. 

A PhD degree program in Bible studies,  gives church leaders and Community leader’s, an advanced knowledge to further their careers in the ministry. It takes 3 year’s to complete her doctorate degrees. 

How much does a seminary degree cost?

The cost of studying in a seminary or Bible school is quite affordable, as many of this Institution offers her programs for free or at an affordable price.  The students pay for non tuition fee like room, boards and textbooks. 

The free Bible schools for international students are listed below;

  • College of the Ozarks – POINT LOOKOUT, MO
  • Barclay College – HAVILAND, KS
  • St. Louis Christian College – FLORISSANT, MO
  • Central Christian College of the Bible – MOBERLY, MO

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  • College of the Ozarks 


 Website: https://www.cofo.edu/ 

This Institution is a private Christian liberal Art’s College, that was established in 1906, the college has a student’s enrollment population of 1500, this college offers programs that awards bachelor of arts and bachelor of science in about 30 different fields.  This Institution offers free programs through her work programs and donations from federal and state government. 

The college through her summer work programs helps her students to work in any of her facilities like  childcare centre, computer lab, and museum, in order to help them pay for room and board. 

Through her work Education, it is one of the free Bible schools. It offers Bible study groups, mission trips, and ministry-related retreats, and has relationship with the Presbyterian Church. 

It has an acceptance Rate of 10%, and has a staff students’ ratio of 16:2.

  • Barclay College 

Location: HAVILAND, KS

Website: https://www.barclaycollege.edu/ 

This Institution is an affiliated Institution, that was established in 1917,  it has a student’s population of about 300 both online, oncampus and distance learning students’.  The college  offer’s faith based bachelor’s degree and associate degree in the following fields biblical studies, Christian elementary education, youth ministry, pastoral ministry, Quaker studies, family ministry, and spiritual formation. 

Through the support it gains from alumni, s and advocate of free Education this College offers free Bible program, for her students.

  • St Louis Christian College 


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Website: https://stlchristian.edu/ 

This private Bible college was established in 1956, it has affiliation with the Restoration Movement (Christian Churches and Churches of Christ). It offers degree program in theology and biblical studies.  Through her SLCC’s NexGen+ Leadership Program, it pays tuition for her students for only two year’s. Her students’ population is 100.

  • Central Christian College of the Bible

Location: MOBERLY, MO

Website: https://cccb.edu/ 

This Institution is a private Christian university, it was established in 1957,  It is a free  seminary school that offers programs that awards certificates, bachelor of arts, and a bachelor of science degrees in ministry-related programs and it also offers programs that lead to award of master’s degree in ministry leadership. 

It offers her students scholarship but it is renewable, and to renew it you must have a GPA of 2.0 

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