5 Amazing Ways to Get a PhD In Australia With Scholarship

This article will provide you with details on how to get Scholarship in Australia for your PhD.  A doctoral degree or doctor of philosophy, is an advanced degree higher than bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree, it is the highest degree in the Academic ladder,  thou a lot of people pursue PhD degree for different reasons like getting promotion, becoming a specialist in a field of study. But in all what matters is your ability to get your preferred PhD. 

How to get a PhD degree with Scholarship in Australia

PhD degree Holders tends to get more recognition in every organization, and sometimes have an abundance of knowledge and skills in your area of study.   And sometimes getting your PhD in a world class University will boost your profile, and Chance’s of success.  Australia is one of the best study location in the world and  Australia offers one of the best PhD degree options in the world and it is one of the growing students’ cities after Canada.  And thousands of Scholarship exists in Australia for international students and PhD degree applicants as well.

Australia As an international place of study

Currently Australia is highly ranked among the international students, it is among the top 3 study location in the English speaking World.  Many international students wants to pursue their degree in Australia owing to her cultural diversity, friendly native and her high quality of education. Currently Australian universities have high recognition among international students.  Thou Australian universities also offer online degrees for those who can’t get admission to study in her universities.

What is the duration of PhD in Australia

The duration of PhD in Australia is around 3-4 years depending on your field of study and how fast you are in the program.

Can a PhD degree students’ get a full time work Visa in Australia

Yes, but as long as it won’t affect your Studies. Most PhD research students’ both international and domestic students’ are doing full time work in Australia, most do it to get experience and put their knowledge to use, while some do it to  support their Studies. Australian government gives you the privilege of working extra 4 years after your study.

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What is the cost of full time PhD degree program in Australia

The cost of doing PhD degree in Australia ranges from AUD $14,000 to AUD $37,000, this depends on the university and field of study.  Thou Scholarship options help make tuition fee affordable. Several Scholarship options are available for international students and domestic students’, some are fully funded, some are partially funded. 

How easy is it to get a PhD degree Scholarship in Australia

Getting a PhD Scholarship in an Australian university, depends on your GPA, honor’s and most times first class graduate receive an upper edge. Passing the eligibility and applying the right time will help you in getting the scholarship.

How can I get PhD degree in Australia with Scholarship

Most of the PhD degree Scholarship are either need based or merit,  so before applying for any scholarship you need to check if you’re qualified. 

Merit based Scholarship: Scholarship in this category are awarded based on positive contribution to school or Community, excellent Academic performance and leadership skills and involvement in extracurricular activities.

Need based Scholarship: this scholarship is awarded to students who are unable to cater for their fees, students’ from war zones, etc. 

Some universities offer Scholarship based on one of the criteria, while some use both criteria to award their Scholarship.   Applying for as many Scholarship as possible is a nice option, as it will increase your chances of getting it. 

Applying for scholarship in time is another way of winning the scholarship,  many Scholarship submitted towards deadline is never reviewed.

Since you want an Australian Scholarship, you should have the Australian permit and be enrolled in a PhD degree program in Australia. 

Prepare all documents like personal statement, admission letter, research proposal, academic transcript, study permit, proof of English language proficiency, GRE & GMAT, letters of recommendation from past teachers, lecturers and employees, etc. So that you can easily send to a scholarship platform. 

Read through the requirements of the scholarship before applying,  or contact the host Institution. 

Best PhD Scholarships in Australia

  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University Research Scholarship
  • Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships
  • Bond University HDR Scholarships
  • Adelaide Graduate Research Scholarship
  • Prestigious Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University Research Scholarship

This University provides Scholarship opportunities to her PhD students, with aims of supporting their research studies. Application for this scholarship is open to both international and domestic students’.  To eligible for this scholarship as a new student you must submit an expression of interest form, Indicating you’re applying for scholarship and admission together.

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Eligibility criteria will depend on meeting the application criteria listed, and you must provide the English language proficiency Requirement. Applicants are selected based on special skills, Academic achievement, research outputs and useful professional experience. 

Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships

This scholarship is available to Australian students’ both international and domestic students’ who wish to get PhD in any of the Australian universities.  Thou this scholarship is available to some few universities click here for details of eligible universities https://www.education.gov.au/higher-education-providers-eligible-research-block-grants 

And each of this universities have her own separate Application details,  this scholarship has a value of $43, 885.  For a minimum of 3 years and up to 4 years. 

Bond University HDR Scholarships

This scholarship is available for PhD students, and it is has a scholarship value of $28,092,  expression of interest form is submitted on Application, once you have been admitted you can start processing your admission.  And you must have your details ready.

Adelaide Graduate Research Scholarship

This scholarship has a value of $28,000 for up to 3 years to both international and domestic students who want to enroll or already enrolled in a Ph.D. degree program. This scholarship is offered based on merit and Academic performance.

Prestigious Postgraduate Research Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to graduate research PhD degree students’, at the university of Western Australia,  this scholarship covers her tuition fee, living allowance,  travel and research allowance for up to 3 years. 

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