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5 Steps To Cancel a Job Interview Professionally

5 Steps To Cancel a Job Interview Professionally

Many students always are searching for ways they can cancel or reschedule a job interview without much harm. This can be that you’re busy or not interested in the job, but in order to make a good contact with the firm you need to do the following. 

 Many persons in the course of them being in the hiring process may encounter scenes or situations that may require them to cancel their appointments or interview. Calling or sending emails to the company will help you maintain a professional contact with them.  Knowing the steps involved in cancelling interviews will make you to be courteous and have the appropriate business etiquette.  We will learn how to cancel interviews by mail. 

Cancelling an interview will give the firm or organization more time to concentrate on others and fix a time more suitable for you and also the needs of the employee. Before cancelling any interview it will be appropriate to list alternative time you can be available for the interview to be prepared right away.  

Is it unprofessional to cancel a job interview?

This is not a good way but will be nice if you have studied your personality and noticed the job you’re applying for is not meant for you.  This will also help you to avoid wasting other people’s time.  So while cancelling a job interview will be weird and doesn’t present a good image of you, it will save you more time, and the employer’s.

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It will be bad cancelling an interview if you still need the Job,  In cases like this you reschedule the interview, It’s very bad to cancel an interview, wanting to cancel an interview with the following reasons which includes you’re sick or because you’re  were unable to take a day off from your current job or had a family emergency.  Will not be appropriate cases of such requires rescheduling the job. 

How an employer should cancel an interview?

During interviewing period, you may want to cancel interview if some candidates, with reasons not linked to certificate, like conflicts as regards the position, or company decided to put the position on hold.   Whatever be the case you have to explain the reason behind the interview cancelled to the respective candidate,  it will help your organization maintain a good relationship with your candidate and  you can invite them for future interviews.

It’s good you also Inform the candidates should the interview be rescheduled and tell them when to expect, then be honest with him or her to avoid giving false hope.

Format for this type of letter is below

Subject: Cancelling interview for the (Job_title) position

Hi [Candidate_Name] / Dear [Candidate_Name],

I’d like to inform you that, unfortunately, we need to cancel our interview for the [Job_title] position that we had arranged for [date and time.] With you.

[Briefly mention why you’re cancelling and when/whether you are going to reach out again, e.g. Our hiring plans have changed and we decided to put this position on hold for at least three months, so we won’t be conducting any interviews at this time. However, as we were very impressed with your qualifications, we’d like to reach out again once the role is open and schedule a new appointment, if you’re still available to meet. In the meantime, I’ll keep you posted on any updates about this or similar roles.]

Thank you, again, for taking the time to apply at [Company_name] and please accept my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience.


[Your name]

How do I cancel my interview after accepting an offer?

Accepting a job is one of the hardest things one can do especially when they’re many offer’s available,  sometimes when you say yes to a group, you need to start looking for ways to communicate the next group, in order to make them value you and respect you. Making them to have a good impression of you. 

The steps involved are listed below

  • Make sure you’re set in stone

Before rejecting an offer make sure you’re 100% sure of the Job,  make sure you’re cleared with that firm or if they’re still background check, you can still go about doing other interviews. If you have not agreed on any salary you can use you’re multiple work as a strong bet.

  • Call or Email ASAP

Calling the hiring team is one of the best things to do, it will guide you’re reputation, whatever you do, don’t be the no call no show, Be humble and appreciative of their Time.


Call: I appreciate your interest in me for the position of a clerk, am calling to inform you that I have accepted an offer somewhere and would like to cancel my interview on Monday by 2:30pm.

Email: I’m writing to tell you that I have accepted another position/Job offers, and would like to cancel my Friday interview for the position of the Accountant. I appreciate your time and your interest in me as a candidate. Many thanks for your time.

Ways of canceling an interview are as follows

  • Give  (at least) 24 hours notice

This principle doesn’t only point to interview, it also goes to our social life, cancelling your attendance to an event will require you to  inform the hosts as soon as you find out you can’t make it to the program.  This helps a lot because most job recruiters will utilize your space for that day to cover for another candidate.  Giving feedback early enough will save your professional reputation, and will even help you secure the Job.

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  • Use the phone

Calling gives you more honor than text message, because the matter will be urgently replied,  the matter will be handled in a professional manner.  Email address may have been the best option but it might end up in junk folders, or to many mails for the secretary to read.  Even if you’re call wasn’t picked you can use voicemail or use the email.

  • Apologize

Cancelling an interview or rescheduling one doesn’t require you to be remorseful,  take time to apologize for it, even thou it’s not your fault, this will give a better impression of you.  Be polite, humble and apologetic in your tone of voice.  In cases you don’t want to reschedule your appointment or interview, thank the employee for the opportunity, and for giving you the privilege and promise to contact should your circumstances change and apologize for your inability to keep to the appointment.

  • Give a good reason

Honesty is needed but your ability to avoid exaggerating the reason will help you,  example it can be you got another Job,  trying to exaggerate about yourself will put your intergrity at risk. 

  • Follow up

You’re letter when trying to reschedule your interest in the company should be apologetic, apologize for any inconvenience the cancellation may have caused you. Show them that you care enough to put in the effort, and they are more likely to consider you in the future.

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