5 Types of Nurses Employers Look Forward to Hiring

 5 Types of Nurses Employers Look Forward to Hiring

 5 Types of Nurses Employers Look Forward to Hiring

Nursing profession is a unique field, and it is among the highest paid healthcare profession, and employment in this field is competitive too, unless you have something unique which employer’s are always looking for, many employer’s need this 5 types of nurse’s to hire, because of the impact the give to the healthcare industry, and their vital roles in patient care.

  This article featured qualities of nurse’s, various fields a nurse can specialize in, skills employer’s need from nurse’s. This is aimed to equip you with information on what is required to take your dream profession to the next level, and to get your dream job.

What do Employers Look for When Hiring a Nurse?

The nursing profession needs those who are tough, resilient and caring to succeed.  Due to the in dand of nursing, many persons wants to rush into studying it. But most ployers look out for the following skills

  • Compassion and Empathy

This two qualities go hand in glove,  this quality is the to be the arsenal of your personality, since nurse’s play a great role in patients healing process, a d should not see them as burden.  They should be able to listen to the complaints of their patients and understand their needs.

  • Mindfulness and attention to detail

A good nurse ought to have an attentive ear and be ready to take detailed notes of what is happening to them.  They require their staff to be able to organize information, and make them readily accessible when needed. 

  • Active listening and Communication

A good nurse must apart from being a friend to patients, a carer must be able to communicate and listen to the needs of patients,  your mindful and detail oriented sides should be able to bond with your patients.  This requires you to develop a strong communication skill. 

  • Flexibility

A good nurse should be able to meet the needs of his patients,  and be able to care for them when need be.

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What Type of Nurses are Most in Demand?

The most in demand type of nurse’s are listed below, with aims of helping nurse’s who want to practice in a competitive environment to get which area suits them.

  1. Licensed Practical Nurse 
  2. Registered Nurse RN
  3. Certified nursing Assistant CAN
  4. Cosmetic nurse
  5. Neonatal intensive Care Unit Nurse
  6. Pediatrics Nurse
  7. Psychiatric Nurse practitioner
  8. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists
  9. Clinical Nurse specialist
  10. Nurse practitioner

What are the 4 Different Career Areas for Nurses?

Healthcare continues to offer the greatest level of employment across the world, in the United States of America, the bureau of labor projects a 15% increase in employment.  Which has ushered in about 2.9 millions healthcare practioners in the United States, and has lead to many fields diversifying her speciality’s to create more time for her members,  in the area of nursing they is now the Advanced practice Registered Nurse APRN. 

They provide a fulfilling work experience, and competitive salaries. This specialization in nursing has created room for a standard care for patients. The career areas in nursing are

  • Neonatal Nursing

This group of nursing specialists work in, intensive care units dedicated to care of infants at risk of complications and in need of specialized care. This includes premature newborns,  those born with cardiac or other birth defects, genetic defects or drug dependency. 

  • Nurse midwife

This nurses care for women in their prenatal, during their pregnancy,  postpartum period, and pregnancy. Despite being focused in pregnancy they offer general gynecological care to women and reproductive counseling.

  • School Nurse

This nurse work in elementary and high school where they care for the health needs of the students, like treatment of illness and first aid to students.  They provide accurate data on students health, administer health screening and also help students with chronic illness.

  • Infection control/ prevention control nurse’s

This nurses are responsible for the prevention and control of infectious disease’s, they  help in surveillance, data collection and research as regards disease control.

What Jobs Look Good on a Nursing Application?

Getting a job as a fresh graduate can send shock waves to your nerves, as many organization look out for something unique in each application of their applicants.  Which is why you have to boost your CV by showing them you have what it takes to Be a Nurse. They include the following under listed area’s 

  1. Summer Camp nursing Assistant
  2. Transporter
  3. Leadership experience
  4. Dietary Aide
  5. Monitor technician
  6. Personal care aide
  7. Phlebotomist
  8. Environmental services tech

Types of Nursing Specialties

They’re several specialties in the field of nursing, they’re listed  below

  1. Cardiac nursing
  2. Clinical Nurse specialist
  3. ER nursing/ Emergency
  4. Family Nurse practitioner
  5. Geriatric nursing
  6. Perioperative nursing
  7. Mental health nurse
  8. Nurse Educator
  •  Registered Nurse (RN)

This nurses assist physicians in hospital’s,  and other areas of medical setting.  They perform multiple tasks which are related to patientscare,  they manage case’s, and aid in treatment planning.  RN holders can specialize in several area, which is why they’re the first among the 5 types of nurse’s employer’s look forward to hiring.

Qualification needed: ADN or BSN

  • Licensed Nursing Practitioner

This category of nurse’s perform, many functions but are under the supervision of RN holders, or a doctor, they administer medicine, check vital signs and give injections. This category of nurse’s is available for those who wish to dip their feet in the field of nursing.

Qualification needed:  Practical Nursing Diploma

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  • Medical- Surgical Nurse MSN

This  category of nurse’s provide holistic care to patients, they treat all kinds of ailments, assist in theatres,  by their training they’re  to Carry out a vast array of tasks, possess Excellent skills in patients assessment, organizational, technical and  prioritization skills.

Qualification Needed: ADN or BSN

Relevant certification: CMSRN Certification

  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Registered Nurse

This category of nurse’s work in intensive care units and provides complex care to those with serious  illness or injuries.  This nurses are also known as critical care nurse’s.  They can work in speciality hospital’s, or with patients of certain age brackets like paediatric,  due to how complex this field is, most hospital’s require additional training for nurse’s to be employed in their ICU. 

Qualification Needed:  BSN preferred

Relevant Certification: CCRN 

  • Nurse practitioner NP

Most nursing practioners work under the physicians, many are gradually gaining autonomy thereby taking some roles of physicians.  Most nursing practioners diagnose, prescribe medications and initiate treatment plans.  This field is for those who are wish to be independent and have added responsibilities without having the qualifications of physicians. 

Qualification Needed:  Graduate Degree

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