6 Best Associate Degree Nursing Schools in Houston TX

One of the fastest way to get licensed as a registered nurse is the Associate degree in nursing, some schools include associate of science or options in associate of applied Science.  This program takes two years of full time study to complete, it prepares her candidate to sit for the national council licensure examination for registered nurses NCLEX-RN. 

 This program requires atleast 60 hours of study, even thou some schools in Texas have streamlined their programs to suit, their students’ like Weekends, and evening to accommodate working class professional.  Some schools give rooms for vocational nurses to complete their programs in an accelerated time frame.  Texas has several options also that helps her students to move from RN to BSN program. 

Newly graduated Texas nurse’s  expect an average of  $78,600 per year.  The following agencies Major Texas healthcare providers like Baylor Scott & White Health, Texas Children’s Hospital, HCA Healthcare, and UT Health Services are the highest employers of nurses owing to the growing demand for nursing services.  

What is the fastest way to become a nurse in Texas?

It’s everyone’s dream to become a nurse in texas, owing to it’s among the most employed profession in the state, and how their services are on demand. The fastest and easiest way to become a nurse in getting a licensed practical nursing (LPN) Route.  This makes you a nurse in 12 months owing to you will be exposed to practicals. Thou options of going to the community colleges exists and this will help you to become an Registered Nurse RN with an associate degree in nursing. 

What school has the easiest nursing program?

Getting the easiest schools with the best nursing program wasn’t an easy task, owing to every institution has her own criteria that might make it look very easy to study nursing they.  Factors we considered before making this list are

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  • Prerequisite courses
  • GPA requirements
  • GRE requirements (when applicable)
  • Letters of recommendation required
  • Number of pre-veterinarian hours required
  • Acceptance rate (when published)

The universities are 

  • South Dakota State University
  • Cox college
  • Illinois State University
  • Regis university
  • Drexel university

How many ADN programs are there in Texas?

A lot of persons wañts to study nursing in Texas especially the associate degree in nursing, but due to don’t know where to study, Texas alone has about 74 institution offering the Associate degree in nursing. And each of the institution has her own criteria and excellent performance in the NCLEX Exams.

 The 6 best Associate degree schools in nursing schools in Houston TC

  • Houston Community College

Website: https://www.hccs.edu/programs/areas-of-study/health-sciences/nursing/

This community college is renowned for her nursing program,  this students’ are taught the knowledge and skills needed to work with patients and their families in a variety of health-care settings.  They award associate degree in Applied Science for nursing also,  this University is renowned for her 80% pass in the NCLEX-RN examination in the state.  And it has 70% retention rates for her graduates,  it prepares her graduates to work as a team with other health care profession to achieve a greater society. 

  • Lone Star College

Location: north Harris

Website: https://www.lonestar.edu/programs-of-study/nursing.htm 

This department prepares her students to have an experience and have a state of the art simulation equipment and laboratories. Dedication to the program is important as you develop the necessary knowledge and skills for degree completion. Her students gain experiences which include hands on laboratory, classroom, and clinical facility rotations. Programs in this field include AAS nursing, nurse side certificate, vocational nursing, it also has an RN to BSN options. 

  • San Jacinto Community College

Website:  https://www.sanjac.edu/program/nursing 

This institution awards Associate degree in nursing (RN),  Bachelor of Nursing (RN To BSN)  where it helps build her students to have a foundational knowledge of nursing,  this program will help her students to gain  clinical experience, and it gives them opportunity to build leadership skills and strategic skills.

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  • College of healthcare professional

Website: https://www.chcp.edu/degrees-certificates/on-campus/nursing-aas-degree-lvn-adn/ 

This institution was established by a group of medical professionals, it prepares her students to be able to educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and advocate for patients and their family members.  They have options of upgrading her students from LVN to AND.

  • Howard College

Website: https://www.howardcollege.edu/ 

This institution uses her Associate degree in nursing to help upgrade those who have have certificate in licensed  vocational nurse’s. It also helps those who wish to start a career in nursing to do so. They have options in On campus,  Accelerated programs, evening programs. The NCLEX passrate is high, 


Website: https://www.rgvcollege.edu/ 

 This institution has an NCLEX-RN,  passrate of 95.8%.  it prepares her students to have a patient centered, care and to be able to handle necessary medical  treatment without undue stress. 

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