6 Best Fashion Schools in Spain | Fees and Application

Spain is known as the world’s fashion hub in the world and many fashion originates here,  clothing brands such as Zara, Mango, Desigual, Leier, Massimo Dutti, etc has its roots here. Many of this fashion companies are making efforts to see that their works reach out beyond spain, through their background and foundational work’s. 

The need for a fashion designer can’t be overemphasized, which is why we have written the article on fashion schools in Spain. Which will help ignite your dream career as a fashion designer. 

Thou the climatic condition of an environment affects what we were, which also influence the fashion sense in Spain as well. Like during the cold and summer period their fashion sense changes.  Thou a lot of factors influence the fashion sense in Spain. 

Is Spain a good place to study fashion design?

Yes because Spain is the world fashion center, and boasts of being home to numerous fashion Brand’s.  And on daily basis new design come out, which is why it will be  great studying in Spain.  Through her Barcelona fashion week the best fashion organization perform. 

How much is a fashion school in Spain

The fashion and design schools in Spain each have different tuition fee,  thou factors like country of residence influence their tuition fee.  Level of education and type of program. But tuition is around $4,000 to $28,000. 

How to get into Fashion Schools in Spain?

Gaining admission into fashion schools in any part of the world especially Spain is competitive, but the guidelines below will help.

Candidates must have completed his or her secondary education

Must have English language proficiency tests results

Must have experience in fashion and present a recommendation letter

How long is fashion school in Spain?

Majority of the Spanish schools offering  fashion, offers 3 years program.  Master’s degree takes 2 year’s  to complete and Short semester takes about 2-3months to complete. 

Do fashion schools in Spain accept foreigners

Many fashion schools in Spain accept foreigners, and international students, as they try to use the experience of the students and their cultural background to create new designs, and also help those students’ have a voice in their country by creating their own Brand’s. 

The fashion schools in Barcelona are 

  • IED Barcelona
  • LCI Barcelona
  • IED Madrid
  • ISEM (University of Navarra) Fashion Business School
  • Condé Nast College Spain
  • Marbella Design Academy

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  • IED Barcelona

This Institution is famous fashion Institution in Spain, it offers a 3 year fashion and design program. Which awards a bachelor’s degree.  It also teach her students how to create their firms and also work for other brands.  Students’ are equipped with knowledge on how to  work and interact with a design brand.  Students’ are allowed to go for optional internship program which lasts for 6 months. 

The IED Barcelona offers the following bachelor’s of Art’s program  Fashion Marketing and Communication, Fashion Stylist, and Fashion Management. There are Master’s Programs like Design for Sustainable Fashion Technology. 

  • LCI Barcelona

This fashion school offers her Programs in English and Spanish, her bachelor’s degree for 4 year’s.  The Institution aims at  training  designers capable of understanding, defining, and optimizing fashion design products and services in their different fields, mastering scientific, technological, and artistic knowledge and the methods and procedures associated with fashion.

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This program prepares her students to start a career with the fashion industry.

  • IED Madrid

This University offers an academic foundation program in fashion,  her students are exposed to the essentials of fashion and design.  It helps them to have  fundamental knowledge related to codes, languages, trends, art history, and photography, while helping them Develop a voice in the fashion industry.

It also offers diploma in fashion industry.

  • ISEM (University of Navarra) Fashion Business School

This bussiness was the Pioneer bussiness school to specialize in fashion,  it offers a variety of programs like Executive Master in Fashion Business, Advanced Program in Fashion Business, Fashion Digital Strategy, Fashion Business etc.  Her master’s degree program helps to  train Renowned fashion Stars.

  • Condé Nast College Spain

The condé Nast College Spain offers Undergraduate courses, Postgraduate courses, Short courses, and Online courses on fashion design,  undergraduate courses offered by the institution include Diploma in Fashion Communication, Fashion Communication and Industry Practice.  It helps students’ to gain professional skills and experience.

  • Marbella Design Academy

The Marbella Design Academy Offers and awards a Bachelor of Art in Fashion Design and Manufacturing, her students go through professional training and internships in London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, New Delhi, Paris, Málaga, Auckland, Helsinki, and Stockholm, with aims of training them to learn in professional brands and fit into any job roles in the fashion industry. 

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