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6 Best Film Schools in Texas

This article on best film schools in Texas is available for aspiring movie actor, filmmaker, or director looking to give your career a head start or further your career. With the rise in digital innovation of the century, a lot of persons use movies to entertain themselves.  In order to train actors, film makers etc on how to create plots and scene’s,  that entertains and passes strong message to the society, film schools were established. 

Film schools is an educational institution that is dedicated to the art of teaching filmmaking, including subjects such as film production, film theory, digital media production, and screenwriting that are related to filmmaking.  This is why one needs to go to film school if he ever wish to be an actor, film makers or Director.  Which is why this article was written.

Texas has been used for thousands of film making projects, owing to her landscape, low tax and her scene gives movie a good backdrop,  many controversial movies in history where acted in Texas.  For those with interest in acting, a film school will give you a nice ground to start your career,  you will be taught and learn first-hand from professionals in the industry, be exposed to both modern and ancient filming techniques, make use of labs, facilities, and equipment to practice. 

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Is Texas good for film?

Texas offers film makers nice scene for acting, owing to her landscape, which is picture perfect and attractive, it is also attractive.  This city has beautiful backdrop and lots of resourceful organization. It has one of the lowest tax burden’s in the US.

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What is the cost of film schools in Texas

The cost of studying in film schools in Texas varies for every Institution, but the total cost is  $10,000 to $50,000,  state of residence also affects tuition fee as well and type of program.

How to get into Film Schools in Texas

The process to enter a film school in Texas is listed below

  • Have your bachelor’s degree with honors or an equivalent
  • Relevant professional experience in film or a related area
  • Completed online application form
  • CV or resume
  • Personal statement

The best film schools in Texas are

  • The University Of Texas at Austin
  • Southern Methodist University
  • Houston Baptist University
  • The Art Institute of Austin
  • The Art Institute of Dallas
  • The Art Institute of San Antonio
  • University of Mary Hardin-Baylor


  • The University Of Texas at Austin


This University is renowned for her Program in fine Art’s,  the programs are listed below

  • Theatre – Acting
  • Theatre – Dance
  • Theatre – Directing
  • Theatre – Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities
  • Theatre – Live Design & Production
  • Theatre – Playwriting

Majority of her Programs in the department of fine Art’s are graduate degree program. Her programs in theater helps students’  with vast academic resources in the dynamic and culturally inclusive city of Austin.  Through her Programs in theatre it prepares them to be investors and renowed actors and actresses. 

  • Southern Methodist University


The southern Methodist university offers a bachelor of arts in film and media studies, where it aims at helping Develop her students artistic voice and vision with an intensive training and close mentorship in the art of cinema and electronic/digital media.

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It helps her students Develop a creative and imaginative skills, and also Developing her technical skills (screenwriting, cinematography, editing, and sound). 

  • Houston Baptist University


The Houston Baptist University is one of the diverse Christian universities in Texas, it has a great program in film studies. Both online and on campus.  Through her  Master of Fine Arts in Screen Writing it prepares her students to write professionally for films, television, and new media. 

It helps her students Develop a new cinematic voice and style.

  • The Art Institute of Austin


This Institute is a branch of  art institute of Houston and a private Institution.  It has programs in the following area’s.

Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

Students’ in this Institution will have the opportunity of learning, and practicing digital video editing, video camera and graphics designing. Which will help you tell your stories well.  Areas you will study are 

  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Digital Imaging
  • Conceptual Storytelling
  • Editing
  • Studio Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Digital Cinematography
  • Sound Design
  • Scriptwriting

Digital Photography

This program helps students’ to harness the power of images as they tell their stories. Filling the world with ideas.  This skills you will Develop in this program  include

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  • Digital Photography
  • Color Management
  • Studio Photography
  • Location Photography
  • Portraiture
  • Digital Darkroom
  • Natural & Artificial Light
  • Digital Image Management
  • Editorial Photography
  • Documentary Photography
  • Business of Photography
  • Studio Techniques

Audio Production

This program helps her students to develop and learn how to record, edit, mix, and master digital audio as you produce life and studio music, and design sound for film, radio, TV, web, and live performances. 

  • The Art Institute of Dallas


This Institution is a branch of Miami International University of Art and Design,  it offers Programs in audio production,  digital photography and digital filming and video production.

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