6 Free Online Marine Biology Courses

6 Free Online Marine Biology Courses

6 Free Online Marine Biology Courses

With this article, you’ll get to know everything concerning marine biology, the courses you have to  take, for you to become a certified Marine biologist, the schools in which you can study marine  Biology and more. Read further to be enlightened!.

Some frequently asked questions concerning marine biology;

Can I study marine biology online?

Yes!, Online learning is the current trend of passing quality education to students . Since the  pandemic outbreak, many schools have engaged into online learning, where Students need only their laptops/tablets to learn and the online learning is free.

Can I get into marine biology without a Degree?

You can get into marine biology without a degree by enrolling in some courses , which I have  made available for you below. These free online marine biology courses will help in broadening  your knowledge about marine biology, before becoming a degree holder in order to become a  certified Marine biologist. 

What classes do I need to take for Marine Biology?

You ‘ll have to enroll into some online classes about Marine Biology, for you to learn more and  know what you’re facing in the future in order to become a good marine biologist .

Where can I study Marine Biology?

Marine biology can only be studied in some accredited higher institutions , which as you read  further in this article, you’ll get to know about those institutions and make a choice on the one  you wish to attend.  

Meaning of Marine Biology

Marine Biology is the scientific study of aquatic organisms ,how the interact, how the  feed and how their environment looks like.

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Who is a Marine Biologist?

A Marine Biologist is a scientist ,who studies about aquatic organisms that lives in the Sea . Before you  become a Marine Biologist you must have a degree in Marine Biology. 

Marine biology can also be studied online aside from a classroom, like I stated earlier on my first  paragraph, Online learning is another formal way, you can inculcate knowledge into Students. 

Online learning of Marine Biology, makes it easier for Students to know more about Marine Biology. You  can stay at the comfort of your homes and learn, the same knowledge you gain while sitting at the classroom is the same you’re assured of gaining on Online learning. 

We’ve provided some free online courses in Marine Biology you can enroll into and know more about  that particular course. 

6 Free Online Marine Biology Courses 

  • Paleontology 
  • Marine Biology 
  • Fundamentals of Biology 
  • Ecology studies 
  • Biology- metabolism, plant and cell theory 
  • Biology – About cell division 


  • Paleontology

This is one of the top-notch free online marine biology courses, and it is offered by the University of  Alberta, one of the best University in Canada. 

 Paleontology is the scientific study of fossils animals and plants and also how the live and interact with  each other and how their environment looks . 

You can Enroll ,to gain more knowledge about this course.

  • Marine Biology

This particular online marine biology course is free and you shouldn’t miss it. In this free online course,  you’ll get to know about the organisms that resides in water, their adaptive features and how the  environment affects them either in a positive manner or vice- versa. 

Enroll here 

  • Fundamentals of Biology

This free online marine biology course is offered by Alison, an online learning platform, that offers free  online courses that are been taught in the universities to students. 

You’ll also get to know about the nature of living things, how the grow, their origin etc. It is an essential  course you must learn before learning about Marine Biology proper. 


  • Ecology studies

This free online marine biology course, focuses more on the relationship between living organisms and  their physical environment, that positive connection between plants and animals 


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  • Biology – metabolism, plants and cell theory

One of our best free online marine biology coursers ,that talks about the structure, growth of living  organisms, you’ll also get to know how photosynthesis takes place in plants. 

Enroll , to gain more knowledge on this course. 

  • Biology- About cell division

In this free online marine biology course, you’ll get to know about the three types of cell division,  mitosis, meiosis and binary fission. Where a parent cell divides into two or more daughter cells. 

Enroll, for more details. 

Top Universities for Marine Biology 

  • The University of Maine 
  • Stamford University
  • Stony Brook University 
  • Oregon State University 
  • Boston University 
  • The University of North California 
  • University of Essex 

These are the top 10 best accredited higher institutions, that you offers free online marine biology  courses 

Also there are some career goals or opportunities you can get from having a degree in Marine Biology; 

  • Marine Scientist 
  • Biologist 
  • Botanist 
  • Microbiologist 
  • Environmental consultant

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