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7 Effective Study Tips for College Students

7 Effective Study Tips for College Students

This generation with the invention of different technological tools, studying in colleges have become difficult, as many students are stuck up in the net on either Reddit, Facebook, Twitter etc. It is hard to succeed. 

What are the 10 effective study habits?

In order to build a befitting academic career, the following are the procedures needed to create a landmark in the field of studentship,  this procedure requires commitment and  implement them.

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  • Take & review thorough notes while in class

  • Eliminate lifestyle distractions

  • Schedule your study time

  • Organize your class materials

  • Take every extra opportunity to study

  • Take care of yourself first – Get plenty of rest!

  • Study with a group or partner

  • Exercise to release stress

  • Take care of yourself first – Eat well

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

How can I study smart?

Studying is not necessarily the problem it’s about studying smarter, many students study but forget that studying smarter will help them greatly.  

  1. Study in Chunks
  2. Sleep and exercise well
  3. Write flash cards
  4. Connect Dot’s
  5. Set goals
  6. Set test for yourself
  7. Aim to teach
  8. Read aloud and recall

How can I memorize faster?

Every students aim is to seek for ways to memorize faster,  as many course’s requires you to memorize many bits of information.  Memorizing for one class can be difficult, but it’s more difficult especially when you have so many course’s to offer.  Many students feel like they have many memories,  memorizing is not just for a specific sets of persons, who are elite but those who know the right skills memorize better.

  • Try to understand the information
  • Link it
  • Sleep on it
  • Self test
  • Use distributive practice
  • Write it out
  • Create meaningful groups

How can I increase my concentration in studies?

Many students are agog with questions on how best to concentrate on class,  and concentration means being focused on what you’re doing at a time. 

  1. Train your brain
  2. Get brain games
  3. Improve your skills
  4. Make time for exercise
  5. Spend time in nature
  6. Give meditation a trial

It is important  to study in the college, as a beginner or middle year student you still need this guide to help you boost your academic GPA.  The tips listed are below

  • Good Notes= Equal to good grades

The relationship between a good grade and a good note is undeniable, taking good Notes actually don’t come from everyone,  but the secret is your ability to record points without writing down extraneous information,  you can ask your professor after class in his office hours questions on the note especially where you missed points. Before recording lectures get permission from your professor.

  • Stay Focused

Keep a calendar with all your programs for each day, well detailed.  Sort your priorities well first.  Organize your class materials, keep your returned assignment, use flash cards, remember important pages of textbooks, and come to exam on time. 

  • Unplug and Reconnect

This can be very tricky, as majority of the students are on internet. Once you can set boundaries and work by it, you will be less distracted. 

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  • Don’t Cram

It’s going to be tough trying to get information at the last minute, good study habits come from pacing each other.  This will help you save yourself from exhaustion. Study bit by bit. 

  • Don’t Over Study

To some students over studying is impossible,  but if you’re among those who hang out in the library you may be over studying(doing more work than you can study).  Time management is essential, study the key ideas of each course. 

  • Find your zone

Some read with noise, some read with silence, some in the comfort of their rooms or in coffee shops.  Study with different locations. 

  • Take a break

Take weeks off your study and rest, this will greatly help you to be refreshed. It will help you. 

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