7 Esthetician Schools in Philadelphia

Lots of persons with interest in esthetics, are always looking out for how to provide excellent skin care to their clients,  the human skin is simply known as the largest organ in the body, made of water, protein, fats, and minerals. Due to the skin being the largest organ the skin needs to be taken care of because of its protective functions.  The skin also helps to regulate temperature. The  skin’s main layers include the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis, which are prone to skin cancer, acne, wrinkles and rashes which why skin care is very important.

A lot of people take additional care of their skin by visiting the message or mesuse, they help keep the skin healthy. People go to the extent of going online to learn how to take care of their skin.  Thou anything concerning the skin is the work of estheticians.  Thou an esthetician  is a skincare professional that focuses on bringing out the beauty of the skin through skin treatment, facials, makeup application, and hair removal.  They’re also known as Spa technician, skin care therapist, and cosmetologist.

Skin care therapist can do the following


Microderm abrasion

Hair removal procedures e g sugaring, waxing and threading

Make up Application

Body Scrubs, Masks and wraps etc

 Most estheticians work in salons and spa,  this article will provide you with clues on how to become an aesthetician in Philadelphia.  Thou it takes 3-5 months to become one in some Institution.

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Are there good Esthetician Schools in Philadelphia?

Currently they’re many good schools offering programs in esthetics in Philadelphia, most of their Programs are career oriented.  They help you have a one on one encounter with Renowned estheticians who will serve as your Lecturers.  The schools include

  • Jean Madeline Aveda Institute
  • Queen Beauty Institute
  • The Beauty Institute
  • Empire Beauty School
  • School of Beauty Culture
  • Venus Beauty Academy

What is the Average Fee of Esthetician Schools in Philadelphia?

The cost of studying esthetics varies and depends on the Institution, and the type of esthetics program one is studying. The average tuition cost is between $3,000 and $10,000. 

The esthetics schools include

  • Jean Madeline Aveda Institute

This Institution offers programs in Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Advanced Esthetics.  Her program in cosmetology can be full time or part time.  Her curriculum in cosmetology is comprehensive and this allows her students to practice and perfect their skills. Her students’  are made to learn the following skills 

Professional Development, Hair Cutting, Hairstyling, Hair Coloring, Chemical Service, Permanent Waves, Salon Treatments, Basic Skincare, Nail Care, Manicuring, Pedicuring, Salon Business and State Laws and Regulations

For esthetics the students will be made to understand focus their skills and knowledge to care of the skin,  their curriculum include Facials, Waxing, Body Treatments, Back Facials, Aromatherapy Wraps, Makeup Application and Body Exfoliation. 

  • Queen Beauty Institute

This Institution trains expert Cosmetology, Esthetics, Nail Technologists, Hair Braiders, and also offers Teacher Training in those fields. It aims at helping her students to have an outstanding career as esthetics.

Gennerally her students will be taught the basics of anatomy and physiology in her course’s, the pennysalvania laws and they’re trained on how best to take their careers to a greater heights.

Courses taught in esthetics include

  • Sanitation and Disinfection
  • Pennsylvania State Law
  • Disorders of the Skin
  • Product Ingredients and Selection
  • Facial Treatment
  • Advanced Facial Treatment
  • Facial Massage Manipulation
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Lash lift & tint
  • Brow tint & lamination
  • Waxing and tweezing
  • Eyebrow Mapping and Waxing
  • Full Body Waxing
  • Makeup

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  • The Beauty Institute

This great esthetics school offers Programs in cosmetology and barbing,  for her cosmetology students it provides them with a small classroom experience,  it also trains and gives licensure in 

  • Cosmetology and Hair Design
  • Hair Braiding/Natural Hair Braiding
  • Nail Technician

It also trains her students in the following area’s

  • Salon Management
  • Marketing
  • Communication Skills
  • Sales Techniques

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  • Empire Beauty School

This Institution located in Philadelphia offers a comprehensive program in Cosmetology Programs, Esthetics/Aesthetics, Nail Technology, and Educator Training. 

Her students’ are made to use the latest technology, skin care innovation, hair styling and coloring. Develop marketing and communication to sale. 

  • Venus Beauty Academy

This Institution offers programs in Cosmetology, Esthetician, and Student Teacher programs.  Through this program her students are taught how to develop practice human relationship with clients, and exhibit the best ethics possible. And also embrace technological innovation.

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