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7 Universities with the Largest Endowment Per Student in the World

7 Universities with the Largest Endowment Per Student in the World

Lots of students when processing their admission are always worried as regards which university can provide them with the best financial aids, scholarship etc, some even go to the extent of searching online for the endowment of each university, which us what propelled us to compile a list of the 7 universities with the largest endowment per student in the world, in the process of compiling this list I was able to get in touch with questions some persons ask

Reasons Why All Universities With the Largest Endowment Per Student are All in the United States of America

One of the major factors that have significantly helped universities in USA is because her acceptance ratio is low and her students population is too small making each university have enough resources and endowment. Countries like UK, Canada and Australia due to the large population of students in her institutions can’t be in this category. And their endowment per student is in a thousand dollars unlike her counterpart in the US, that has her endowment per student in million dollars.

What is Endowment Per Student?

Endowment can be defined as what makes an institution unique, what make it important for students to apply to study in it, it encompasses assets, financial aids,  bursaries, scholarships, donations and research fee, and the older the university the larger her endowment.  Through endowment students tuition fee are reduced and students are supported. 

Endowment per student is the amount of money a college can dedicate to her students financial aids, bursary, fellowship, and scholarships. Large endowment means large endowment per student.  Thou the population of a university affects her endowment, as a low populated institution will give a large endowment to her students.

  • Princeton University


Location: Princeton new Jersey

This university was established in 1746,  and have contributed greatly to the world’s knowledge through innovation and research,  it is an ivy league institution and is renowned for her bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degree programs.  This university has an endowment of  $25.92 billion making her the richest university, in USA and among the richest in the world. Her endowment per student is  $3,166,813,  this university has a students population of about 8,184. 

  • Yale University


Location: new heaven, CT

This is an ivy league institution, founded in and has local and international reputation, as everyone wants to study in this university.  Through her reputation it has attracted numerous donations which made her have an endowment of $29.35 billion, and has as her endowment per student $2,270,702,  having a students population of about 12,926, comprising of both graduate and undergraduates.  This university offers her students numerous financial aids and scholarships. 

  • Harvard University


Location: Cambridge MA

 This university was established in 1636, as the oldest university in the united states if America and one of the oldest in the world, this university has continued to make her students to take up innovation and competence through providing them with conducive learning environment and it has about 14 libraries, where it encourage in depth research,  it has a students population of about 20970, and her endowment is $38.30 billion, it has as her endowment per student $1,826,580.  It has a low acceptance rate of 5.4%. 

  • Stanford University


Location: Stanford, CA

This university was established 1885 as a private research university, in and has a reputation as being the most funded institution for research in the field of medicine and healthcare, through her  Healthcare services, sponsored research, and return on endowment investments, where it aims at making her students gain a top learning experience, and become resourceful upon graduation. It is known locally and internationally for having provided her students with the best programs in their graduate and undergraduate programs.  It has an endowment of about $26.46 billion, and her students endowment is $1,606,661 , having a students population of about 16,472. Coming from all parts of the world. 

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Location: Cambridge MA

This university is a private research university that was established in 1861, as a land grant university and it has contributed greatly to the development of the field of engineering, and technology.  Despite having an endowment below $20 million,  it also among owing to the fact that her students population is small and her students endowment is $1,465,895. 

  • Pomona College


Location: Claremont, CA

 This is a liberal arts college that was established in, 1887. Her students population is around 1500 and her endowment is $2.32 while her students endowment is around, $1,486,314.  It provides her students with the best programs and financial aids.

  • Swarthmore College


Location: Swarthmore  PA

This is a liberal arts college that was established in 1864,   currently its ranking is around 17th in the united states of America. Her endowment is around $2.2 billion, while her students endowment is around $1,370,157 , it has produced alumni with international reputation. 

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