8 Reasons Online Education is the Future of Schooling

8 Reasons Online Education is the Future of Schooling

8 Reasons Online Education is the Future of Schooling

Education is gradually changing it’s dimension in the last few years, access to one is no longer limited to classes as at before, currently internet can now give you access to education, the Covid 19 outbreak also gave room and promoted  online access to education.

Online education has helped many students balance their education and their employment or personal education, by giving them a flexible program. 

What are 3 Reasons for Taking Online Classes?

Online classes has always, been of priority to workers ehose duty may not allow to complete their degree online, so they now take up course’s in a virtually flexible environment.  The reasons are listed below.

  • Scheduling flexibility 

Online education  offers the students the flexibility of choosing when to take their course’s, and also allows them work, while studying, giving them enough time to concentrate on work. Most run accelerated and eight weeks program.   Some algive students options of collaborating with peers to  fix their classes, and allows them have a virtual meeting with professor’s.

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  • Low tuition cost

Online learning allows her students to take up course’s at a low and affordable cost,  online education eliminate expenses like transport and housing.  It also allows her students apply for need based Grant’s. 

  • Pacing options

They’re three options made available to online students which includes Asynchronous, synchronous and accelerated program.

Asynchronous program allows her students complete their work at a given time but assignment deadline will be meet.

Synchronous allows her students to maintain an online class with zoom, it runs like on campus programs. 

Accelerated program lasts fewer than 16 weeks.

Is Online Classes Good or Bad?

Online classes can be said to be good or bad depending on the situation we find ourselves, they’re several advantages that makes online education to be the best option. Online classes through her flexibility has made education affordable and accessible to all despite the persons career. 

This program has helped many high school students who couldn’t follow up, or at risk students graduate with their peers, and meet up with the academic requirements of her students. 

Online education has offered her applicants a level playing ground, where they enjoy a certain percentage of anonymity  and this makes the focus of discussion centered on giving out intellectual qualities.  Online education affords students access to limited resources,  it improves the standard of teaching and takes into account every student academic weakness, making them finish at their own pace.

What are the Disadvantages of Taking Online Classes?

The pros and cons of online education are numerous, thou most persons will love to give you the disadvantages of taking online courses, forgetting how it has made education accessible and affordable to all. The disadvantages of taking online classes are listed below.

  • Equity and accessible to technology

For any online education to take place, they must be access to the internet, so if for logistics or economic reasons, will affect the program. The plan available to the students affects the system. If internet access is not equitably distributed it affects the program.

  • Computer literacy

A poor knowledge of computer will affect the smooth running of the program,  and this will make a student to be lagging behind academically. 

  • Online education requires more time than on campus education, most of time we think is gained in online education is actually lost in trying to fix assignments, time spent communicating with instructors  etc.
  • It creates a sense of isolation

The Reasons Why Online Education is the Future of Schooling are

  • Made  Education accessible

in technology education has become more accessible than ever,  this make her students get degree program from distant universities without even traveling they to study, and it offers you a realitive small class size, to study. 

  • Online learning May be more engaging than classroom learning

Currently many researchers are now delving into online education,  online learning allows her students to have a higher quality of interaction between the professors and their students, giving room  for a better education,  online education uses  digital chats to make education understandable.

  • Feedback  is faster and more frequent

Learning gaps are identified faster in online education than in classroom education, as students are made to fill an online form.  This makes the educators give her students a friendly approach to understanding course materials.

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  • Online Education can be a Cheaper way to Earn your Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree

I t removes several expenses from her students,  as most money that would have been spent on  campus will now be used to aid the family.  Removing expenses like transport.

  • You may incur less students loan debt

Online education reduces the cost incured by students, as regards taking loans,  and online education give you the privilege of working, making you to dwell less on students loan.  This will save your future.

  • You have more control over your schedule

Online education archive’s lectures for her students, so even if you miss a lecture you can still get them in the portal.  It allows flexibility , giving rooms for her students to work at their own pace. 

  • The online classroom is good preparation for a changing workforce

It gives her participant an edge over other’s especially as regards, the ever dynamic technology, which has made workforce accessible to students.  Aggregating technology is a skill one needs now.

  • Online education is getting a good reputation

Currently many employer’s are now giving rooms to their employees to further their skills and upgrade their skills,  through online education. And as quality of online education continues to evolve, many international students now take it up, and are equipped for the future.

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