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9 Best Online Universities in The USA

Although online learning, also known as distance learning, has been existing for a longtime now, it however became popular by the Covid-19 pandemic. As an international student with education goals, and seeking to advance his education, you can acquire an online degree.

Online degrees are offered by a good number of universities in North America, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world. As a matter of fact, the United States, Canada and United Kingdom are countries known to offer a wide range of educational subjects. 

This article, however, is focused on the best universities in the United States that offer online degrees.

Regardless of the degree program you intend to pursue (undergraduate or postgraduate), there are several benefits and opportunities attached to obtaining an online degree.

What Benefits do Online Degrees Have?

As earlier stated, there are several advantages attached to acquiring an online degree. The most notable of them all is the ability of the student to work in the classroom at his own time. In a traditional classroom setting, every student is expected to attend lectures and carryout classwork at the same time. But for online degrees, students with conflicting schedule have the opportunity to complete their weekly lectures and assignments in their spare time.

Again, the way notes, lectures and assignments are delivered is quite different when obtaining an online degree. Traditional classroom teaching require students to take notes while listening to the teacher. In most cases, they end up missing out on some parts of the lectures. On the other hand, students learning online can have access to materials and video lessons which they can watch over and over again to have a full understanding of the material.

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Before we go further, it’s very vital we answer a few questions asked by most international students. These questions are centered around online degrees being recognized by employers all over the world in the same way as traditional degrees.

Take a look at some of the questions frequently asked…

Is an Online Degree Different from a traditional degree?


Let me clearly state that the only difference between an online degree and traditional degree is the format by which the classes are taken. Asides that, there’s no other difference. Both degrees are offered by an established institution, and are recognized by employers.

Are online degrees recognized in the USA?

Yes, of course!

Every reputable school in the US offers online degree programs. In fact, if you find a school that doesn’t offer online programs, maybe you should avoid such school. This clearly shows a lack preparedness in event of a pandemic etc.

Can I Earn an Online Degree in USA from another country?

Yes, you can. With an online program, you can receive a degree in the US without necessarily leaving your home country. All you need is an access to the internet.

What is the largest online University in the USA?

There are several online universities in the US of which the University of Phoenix is the  largest. This institution was established in 1976. It offers over 130 online degree programs. As a matter of fact, over 160,000 students are enrolled in an online degree.

Having answered a few questions, find below the list of

Best Online Universities in the USA in No Particular Order

  • Florida International University

With a vision to to be at the forefront of online education innovation, it was never a doubt that FIU will be on this list. As a matter of fact, FIU is one of the largest providers of online learning in the US. Regardless of your educational background, you will find just the right program and course for you. These flexible and practical courses are administered by award-winning teachers. You can apply to FIU now. (

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  • Liberty University

You can earn a degree from the comfort of your home by applying to an undergraduate, graduate or doctorate degree program offered at Liberty University. This institution is recognized by multiple institutions for its academic quality, affordability, and accessibility. You can apply to Liberty University now. (

  • Oklahoma State University

There are several reasons why you should choose OSU online. Regardless of how tight your schedule is, you can get flexible and convenient online college credit courses at Oklahoma State University. This institution offers undergraduate and graduate degree, even professional certificates. You can apply to Oklahoma State University now. (

  • Southern New Hampshire University

SNHU is one of the fastest growing universities in the US. This institution offers over 200 programs including certificates and doctoral level degrees. As a matter of fact, over 130,000 students are enrolled in the online program offered by SNHU. It is quite easy to enroll in an online program at SNHU. You can apply to SNHU now. (

  • Indiana University-Bloomington

The online degrees offered in this institution have been designed to equip you with necessary skills capable of earning you a a better job. Most importantly, you don’t need to sacrifice your current work or family commitments. Also, you will be granted access to campus resources regardless of where you’re studying from. You can apply to Indiana University-Bloomington now. (

  • University of West Florida

At UWF, quality education meets affordable price. By enrolling to an online program at UWF, you have the opportunity of completing your studies as well as maintaining your personal and professional schedules. As matter of fact, the institution has made available various start dates. This implies that you can commence your program at any time you deem fit. You can apply to UWF now. (

  • University of Maryland Global Campus

UMGC is amongst the first universities to offer web-based courses. Here, multiple sessions and start dates have been made available. This implies that you can commence your program at any time you deem fit. At UMGC, quality education meets affordable price. Also, you will be taught by experienced practitioners who are leaders in the various fields they teach. You can apply to UMGC now. (

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  • Cleary University

Cleary University provides a variety of study options for students. The most notable is the robust online experience for both undergraduate and graduate programs. This institution offers 18 Bachelor’s and 6 Master’s degree program online. According to statistics from 2019-2020, over 620 students took at least one online class at this institution. You can apply to Cleary University now. (

  • University of Central Missouri

There’s a lot to gain by enrolling in an online program at UCM. Here, you can get high-quality and flexible education whilst studying in a supportive learning environment. Also, you will be taught by experienced practitioners. Apart from this, you will be granted access to campus resources from a distance. You can apply to University of Central Missouri now. (

Having seen the best online universities in the US, it is necessary you enroll in one of them and start skilling up. While searching for an online program, you will find various degree programs which you can access from any part of the world. These programs, with its flexibility, can fit to any student’s schedule.

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