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9 Free Bible Degree Correspondence  Courses

9 Free Bible Degree Correspondence  Courses

Do you want to learn and gain more knowledge about the Bible? This article is for individuals wishing to  have a Bible Degree, through correspondence courses and some free Bible courses. 

The Bible is the holy Christian scriptures, consisting of both the old and New testaments. 

 The Bible is another medium God uses to communicate with his people , but not everyone who reads  the holy Bible understands it. That’s why you need a correspondence education to help you in gaining  more knowledge about the Bible and understanding what the scriptures are saying. 

There are also some free Bible courses that you need to learn, that would be of help to you in  understanding more about the Bible. Which we will all treat in this page. 

Are there any free Bible courses?

There are many free Bible courses online, which you have to enroll in ,which will help in broadening  your knowledge about the teachings of Christ in the Bible. Here is a short-list of some free Bible  courses, offered by some top Universities in the world: 

  • World Bible School’s courses
  • Harvard’s course on Religious literacy
  • Trinity international theological seminary
  • Bold Christian University’s Degree program

With these free Bible courses offered by these colleges, you can get certificate of completion to indicate  that ,you really learnt everything concerning the course you applied for. But not all are fully accredited  Biblical studies.  

Is Trinity College Of Biblical Studies Accredited?

Trinity international theological Seminary is among the colleges that offers free Bible courses to  individuals ,but the college is not fully affiliated (Accredited) with the National accredited agency, they are still making arrangements . Although the College is yet to be affiliated, they give certificate of  completion to students who take their courses seriously

As a student ,if you earn six certificates of achievement from Trinity college, you’ll be given the  certificate of Biblical Studies. 

What are Correspondence Courses?

Correspondence Courses are courses in which you communicate through online learning with your  tutor.

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Correspondence Courses or correspondence education helps you to gain more knowledge about a particular course through online learning. 

With correspondence education, you can stay anywhere both at the comfort of your home ,offices to  learn a course without any difficulty. 

The Bible Degree courses offered through correspondence education can be provided by major  seminary institutions, which makes seminarians in seminary not only to be hearers but doers of the  Christian faith. 

But Bible Degree courses are not only for pastors ,seminarians . It also plays an important role in your  life as a lay-person . 

What is the study of God called?

The study of God is called theology, gotten from a Latin word “ theologian” meaning study or  understanding of God 

With theology, you’ll be able to know about the nature of God, through the teachings in the bible ,  understanding the beliefs of people. 

Having A Bible Degree certificate is it worth it?

Of course ,yes! . You’re not only decorating your curriculum vitae (CV) but also you’re increasing your Christian portfolio. Having a Bible Degree certificate, you can decide to become an author ,editor or a  writer because it will make you to be familiar with words ,which you can express while writing. 

9 Free Bible Degree Correspondence Courses 

  • Introduction to the New testament Romans to Revelation 
  • Christian ethics 
  • Introduction to theology 
  • Introduction to the New testament History and literature 
  • Old testament Survey
  • Reformation and modern Church history 
  • Biblical theology 
  • Introduction to the New testament Gospel and Acts 
  • Spiritual growth 

Introduction to the New testament : Romans to Revelation 

In this free bible correspondence Courses, you will get to understand the Epistles written in the New  testament and about the revelation of God to St John . 


  • Christian Ethics 

This free bible correspondence course, you will understand your duty as a Christian faithful and  understand moral theology. The course is offered by Southern Baptist theological Seminary and it can be  offered in English and it is free. 


  • Introduction to theology 

Like I said earlier, theology is the study of God ,with these free bible correspondence Course, you will get  to understand the nature of God, the religious practice and beliefs of individuals and the impact these  beliefs gives out to society. 


  • Introduction to the New testament : History and literature 

This free bible correspondence course, talks about the early Christian doctrine, making historical  references , to make you understand Christianity. It is also free and is offered by Yale University 


  • Old testament Survey 

You will get to know about the prophets in the old testament, the prophecy the spoke about concerning  the coming of Christ. You can even be able to cram all the names of the prophets in the old testament of  the Bible. The free bible correspondence course is offered by Gordon Cornwell seminary. 


  • Reformation and Modern Church History 

This course, talks about the history of the Christian Church, how the church came into existence and also  about the Reformation change that occurred. It also tells us about important personalities that helped  to the modern growth of the church. 


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  • Biblical theology 

In this course, you will get to know the historical setting and understand the interpretation of the nature  of the Bible , how the bible is categorized, starting from the birth of Jesus ,his miracles, the conversion of  St Paul on his way to Damascus. The course is offered by Westminster theological Seminary. 


  • Introduction to the New testament: Gospel and Acts 

The Gospel scriptures in the Bible, is where God passes out the messages he has for us through his  ministers of the church, with this free Bible correspondence course you will understand about those  messages, which will be broken down to your own understanding. 

You will also learn about the Acts of the apostles on how the carried out their mission works in the New  testament of the Bible. 


Spiritual growth is one thing we have to take serious in life, if you’re not spiritually sound , You won’t be  able to communicate with your creator. Spiritual growth is building your inner self, been devoted  towards knowing God, knowing what is written in the holy Bible . Spiritual growth is the fundamental  course you have to take in this free bible correspondence courses. 


Conclusion To Free Bible correspondence Courses 

With these free Bible correspondence Courses, you will understand properly about the Bible not only as  a minister Of God but also as a lay person. These correspondence Courses can be learnt and studied at  your own convenient time .

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