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9 Free Online Management Courses with Certificates

Currently with technological advancement, lots of people are pursuing course’s online in management, in order to increase their skills and employability. Online management course is helpful in the creation of a manager who is well versed, in the area of management.  This program ends up preparing her students to  world and makes her employee have staff with an experienced workforce.  Sites where you can get this online courses are edX, Coursera, NPTEL, Udemy, Skillshare, LinkedIn learning etc. 

Which certificate course is best for management?

In order to study any course in management, you must check the relevance to your job, and how you can apply it to achieve results in your place of work.  Most course’s in management are organized by reputable companies who have produced and are leading multi national organization.  Certificate courses best for management are 

Project management professional

Marketing certification

Certified scrum master

Certified bussiness professional associate

Associate of international marketing and management

 This courses helps one to be effective and an intergral part of an organization, as this skills are in high demand by organization.

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Online courses with their certificate are listed below

  • Executive Certificate Program In General Management

This online management course Is offered by IIPM, on telentage. With the idea of  developing their skills to embrace recent developments in the bussiness world. This areas include Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc. it is a 12 months program  which can be pursued by graduates or diploma Holders.

  • Management foundation course on LinkedIn Learning

The chief trainer for this course is Kevin Eikenberry, who is among the top 100, leadership and management expert in the world. This program was  built to make her staff experience challenges of the real bussiness world and how to manage it. 

  • Strategy: Essentials for Management, Consulting and Startup Success

The chief trainer for this course is Chris bolman, he employed a unique way of training by incorporating games and millitary management systems in bussiness. This program is suitable for those looking for a revamp in their strategic thinking skills, alongside providing the action oriented platform. Making her students create their own management pathways.

  • The Complete Management Skills Certification course on Udemy

This course was taught by David Jones as an intermediate bussiness course, David Jones using his experience as CEO of Eazl and industry leading expert of management.  This program duration is 6 hours but it is concise and makes you access information at your finger tip. 

  • Conflict Resolution Skills on Coursera

In order to get a better idea and experience of management,  this top online management course Is an amazing option for intermediate level where the participant is taught how to manage conflicts within an organization. And how to build a team culture to achieve a team culture.

  • Conflict Management Specialization on Coursera

This program provide comprehensive conflict management tactics, conflict scenarios, team management, and handling of intellectual conflicts between employees of an organization.

  •  Art & Science of Product Management

This program is one of the most comprehensive management course on Coursera,  product management and project management are the two popular specialization.  It provides this course for free for participants who can’t afford her tuition.

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  • Online Management Courses From IIM Bangalore On edX

IIM Bangalore provides several online management courses,  course’s available on this platform are Strategic Management, corporate finance, and Business Management etc. This course is free and  takes 6 weeks to complete.

  • MS in Management, Gies College of Business, University of Illinois

This online program boast’s the participants management skills and add to the individuals understanding of finance, bussiness operations, accounts etc. This 12 months program makes her students accessible to online Global classroom environment which consists of live sessions, weekly modules, and team projects.

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