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9 Lowest Tuition Universities In USA For International Students

Several persons who wish to study in the United States of America, USA are often seen asking on the internet what are the 9 lowest tuition universities in USA for international students, which has prompted us to write a detailed work on this topic, and have provided the basic information of each institutions with pertinent.

  This is aimed at helping you achieve your life Long dream of study in United States of America, USA, this universities are not only cheap but are among the best

Which university has lowest fees in USA?

They’re several universities in the United States of America,  with tuition fee very high and  it has discouraged several international students and even US citizens.  Thou most persons who are Keen on getting a higher education, move to community colleges to study, just to get  a higher education at an affordable price and now move to senior college to get advanced certificate.

The university with the lowest fee in United States of America is the University of Washington Seattle.

University of Washington, Seattle was established in 1861, as one of the oldest universities  west coast, it is a public flagship research University, a space grant, Land grant and public ivy .  It has more than 26 libraries. This University is renowned for her medical, engineering and scientific programs.  Her degree program is in 140 degree program, it has ranked among the top universities in the United States.  Click here for details 

Which is the Low Cost University in the World

The university of the people is undoubtedly the low cost University in the world, thou Malaysia has cheap and affordable universities. The university of the people is an online non profit,  and accredited  University, it open to everyone to apply irrespective of country.

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Which is the Cheapest University in USA for International Students

The cheapest University in USA for international students is the Lehman University, the Lehman college was established in 1931, as a senior college of the state of New York. It offers undergraduate program in 35 different area’s.  It has strong international welcoming policies and offers them an affordable tuition fee.  This college is a public liberal arts University, with more than 90 different departments.  It has the best accelerated nursing program.  Her programs are in the following schools, school of Art’s & humanities, school of education, school of natural science and social sciences, school of health science, human services, and nursing, school of continuing education.  Click here for details 

Are there Free Universities in USA for International Students

Many persons who wish to study in the United States of America, are always wondering if they’re tuition free universities in the United States of America, which is why we in the Nguniversities has decided to compile a list of this institutions and guide potential aspirants who may wish to study in this universities, they include the following 

  • Webb Institute
  • College of the Ozarks
  • Curtis Institute of Music
  • City University of New York (CUNY)
  • U.S. Academies
  • State of Washington Universities
  • Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
  • Deep Springs College
  • Berea College
  • Alice Lloyd College
  • Alcorn State University

Location: Northwest of Lorman, Mississippi


This is a public rural University, founded in 1871 to provide accessible education to Freedman,  it was the first black land grant University, to be established in the United States of America.   This University has strong commitment to providing quality education to the blacks.  It has same in state tuition fee and out state tuition fee. With an acceptance rate of 79%. 

  • Minot State University

Location: Minot,  North Dakota


This is a public University that was founded in 1915,  as school, currently it is the third largest University in North Dakota. Offering both graduate and undergraduate.  This University is ranked 32 among universities in North Dakota.  It strong dedication to education,  and scholarship. 

 It’s tuition fee is affordable to all.

  • Mississippi valley state University

Location: Mississippi valley, Mississippi


This is a public vocation college,  established in 1950.  It has affordable cost for international students,  this University is driven by excellence in teaching, learning and research. Which makes it a unique choice for international students and among the 9 lowest tuition fee Universities in USA for international students.

  • Chadron state college

Location: Chadron, Nebraska 


This is a public 4 year college established in 1911, with an affordable bachelor’s and master’s degree online and on campus.   This college is the only four years regionally accredited college in mid Western Nebraska.  

  • California state University

Location: Long Beach, CA


This University is currently the largest out of the 23 universities in California, and it is a public University, it was established in 1946.   This University is suitable for international students as it has strong commitment to her education of her scholar’s. Her tuition fee is around 17,850 which makes it among the Lowest tuition universities in  USA for international students.

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  • Dickinson State University

Location: Dickinson, North Dakota


This University being among the 9 lowest tuition universities in USA for international students,  it was founded in 1918, and was granted a full accreditation. It has a strong academic commitment. 

  • Delta State University

Location:  Cleveland Mississippi


This University was established in 1924 as public University and it among the 8 public funded universities in the state.  It has a student’s population of  4000, and it offers about 40 majors,  which includes nursing, education, business, Art’s etc.  Her tuition fee is affordable and this University is among the 9 lowest tuition universities in the USA for international students.

  • Peru state college

Location: Peru Nebraska


This is a public University founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1865, it is the first and University in Nebraska.  It offers 13 undergraduate programs, and two master’s degree program. And it has other eight additional program.  

  • New Mexico highlands University

Location: Las Vegas, new Mexico


This University was established in 1893 as a public University,  this University prides itself of ehnic diversity, having many people from different ethnic groups. 


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