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Alberta University of the Arts | Scholarships | Tuition fees | Admission | Application

The Alberta university of Art’s was initially established as Alberta college of Arts and design, in 1926, it is a public research University,  it is the only arts and design college in the whole of Alberta.

This public Art’s and design college is highly ranked, it is among the top 15 arts and design university in the world. It is ranked as the top 1 Art’s university in Canada.

Alberta University of Art’s Acceptance Rate 

This great Art’s University has a great Acceptance Rate of 53%,  being a top leading arts university and school in Canada and Alberta province, it has top standards and diversity. the deep wealth of knowledge it offers to the privileged students who get lucky to be admitted into the school yearly. 

Admission Requirements for Admission

This University offers admission to  various categories which includes full admission, conditional admission, waitlist, or decline. Prospective applicants to this universities are required to possess a document, and qualifications for admission to be considered valid. Categories of applicants for admission into this program and how to apply them will be discussed.

Alberta University of Art’s, Domestic Students’ Admission Requirements

Canadian applicants are expected to have the following  qualifications

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  • A high school diploma obtained from an eligible Canadian University
  • 3 Course’s minimum of 9 credits in Fine Art’s, Humanities, Math, Science or career and technology studies(CTS),  with a minimum of 60% 
  • Minimum 60% in English 30-1 or Minimum 65% in English or provincial equivalent
  • Portfolio of Art’s work in 12 piece’s
  • Statement of intent up to 500 word’s

Alberta University of Art’s, international students admission requirements

  • Transcripts in English forwarded by the candidate previous institution
  • Prove of English language proficiency
  • Portfolio of Art’s work about 12 piece’s 
  • Statement of intent up to 500 word’s

For more details click 

Alberta University Admission Requirements for Master’s degree

  • Candidates must have a previous degree in Fine Art’s or it’s equivalent or related field
  • Must have a minimum CGPA of 3.00 from a recognized institution or it’s equivalent
  • Academic transcript
  • 20 copies of Art’s works in video’s, images and music
  • Statement of intent up to 1250 word’s
  • Curriculum vitae
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • English language proficiency proof

Click here for details,admission%20on%20FGSR’s%20website%20here.

First Year studies |Deadline | February 1

Application is through website and it available to international students, domestic students’ etc

Art Stream Certificate Program | Deadline | July 1

 This program is  offered to support outstanding students’ with an artistic achievements, and have not met the English language proficiency requirements or other certificate Requirement.

Transfer Students’

Application is through the universities admission platform especially for her partner institution. 

Non-degree Applicants| Deadline | August 1

This degree is for non degree seeker’s and those who wish to get admitted into the university with no interest of getting degree but knowledge.

For other categories, click [email protected]

Alberta University of Art’s Scholarship

Tuition Fee for this institution is determined by the board of governor’s and it is likely going to change, tuition fee is affordable, the fee is $149.33, for Canadian students’ and international students pay $497.83 per credit.

Notable Alumni of this University 

This University has trained great minds and reputable  artists in the  world with Grammy awards and recognized

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  • Joni Mitchell
  • John Byrne
  • Alex Janvier
  • Brittney Bear Hat
  • Elaine Cameron-Weir
  • Faye HeavyShield
  • Katie Ohe
  • Richelle Bear Hat
  • Fiona Hat
  • Bee Kingdom
  • Leah Kudel
  • Carissa Baktay
  • Larissa Blokhuis

Application details for the Alberta University of Art’s

Completed admission forms are submitted with a sum of $ 110, through the Alberta post secondary School pay system.  And must submit application documents, official transcript. Click here for 

Alberta University of Art’s Scholarship

Entrance funding for international students values $7,000

Categories of the scholarship include

  • Automatic Scholarships and Awards
  • Competitive Scholarships and Awards
  • Bursary Awards

This award is given to students with a proven Financial instability and can’t take care of their studies. 

Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship this scholarship values around  $11,000 – $15,000 USD

Details on Scholarship can be gotten from the link

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