Artificial Intelligence Internship at Facebook In USA 2021

Artificial Intelligence Internship at Facebook

You can now apply for the Artificial Intelligence Internship offered by Facebook. The duration of this internship program is a minimum of 12 weeks. The internship is offered at Menlo Park, New York, Seattle and Pittsburgh offices. Interns will have an opportunity to make core algorithmic advances and work on their ideas.

The internship is offered on a rolling basis, so candidates are encouraged to apply a bit earlier. Applicants must be PhD students, but outstanding master’s and bachelor students can also be considered.

Eligibility Criteria :

  • The candidate must be a PhD student or has obtained a PhD degree. Outstanding master and bachelor students with relevant research experience can be considered.
  • Candidates must obtain work authorization at the time of hiring (in the country of employment).
  • Candidates are preferred to have experience or publications in machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, computer science, applied mathematics, optimization, data science or statistics.
  • They must have knowledge in C, C++, python or other programming languages.
  • Candidates must be intent to return to a complete degree program after completion of the internship program.

Job/Internship Description :

  • Interns will perform research for the advancement of intelligent machines.
  • Perform research that enables to learn the semantics of data.
  • Devise data-driven models of human behaviour and contribute to research that can be applied for product development.

Benefits :

Artificial Intelligence internship will be an excellent addition to your CV, and interns will get amazing experience during the internship period.

Deadline: June 30, 2021

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