Available Scholarships In Bahamas

Available Scholarships In Bahamas

They’re several available scholarships in Bahamas,  thou in Bahamas they is 95% adult literacy. Which is as a result of the countries government effort to make sure her citizens are educated, Bahamas has one university which is the university of Bahamas,  it offers and awards several certificate and degrees.

Many students searching for available scholarships to study in Bahamas are find of asking the questions answered below.

How Can I Get Free Full Scholarship?

Getting a scholarship is not always easy as they’re always several ways of getting scholarships which are included below

  1. Know where to look for scholarship
  2. Prepare for the scholarship in advance
  3. Work hard and keep motivated
  4. Make your application stand out among other applicants
  5. Read application instructions carefully
  6. Submit an exceptional application essay

How do I Find Scholarships in my Area? 

They’re several ways of searching for local scholarships, they include the following

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  1. Ask your guidance counselor for local scholarships
  2. Research on past scholarships and grants
  3. Use existing connections especially the community center leaders
  4. Get involved with the community

All Bahamas Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is a joint effort between Bahamas and lyford  cay foundation, awarded annually to candidate from the common wealth of Bahamas, it is among the available scholarship in Bahamas.  It is awarded to  students go study for four years in Caribbean, United States of America, the United Kingdom or Canada.  This scholarship award includes tuition fee, room, board,  clothing, book and personal allowance,  the award is not to exceed $25,000., To continue being a recipient of this scholarship you must maintain a CPA of 3.25, for the first year and 3.50 for the second year upwards. Click here for details https://bahamaseducation.academicworks.com/users/sign_in 

Commonwealth Awards

This scholarship is awarded through the Bahamas Government,  it is awarded to successful applicants who wish to pursue their master’s and doctorate degree in the respective common wealth countries. This scholarship is awarded to students from Bahamas to study in any of  the common wealth countries like  Canada, Cyprus, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Jamaica, the United Kingdom and Trinidad and Tobago.  Click here for details http://www.csfp-online.org/ 

Gerace Research Centre Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded based on merit and it is among the scholarships available in Bahamas, it is awarded based on merit.  It is awarded by an association of universities and college’s in the United States in collaboration with the ministry of education, youths and sport’s.  This scholarship is open to Bahamas citizens only to study a bachelor’s degree.  This scholarship is open to students studying in  Bellarmine college, College of Charleston South Carolina, Elmira College, emporia State University, Hartwick College, Kent State University Kent Ohio, Gannon University, Lynchburg College, Lemoyne College Syracuse, new York, Molloy College, Mississippi State University, Ohio State University, University of New Haven Connecticut, Youngstown State University and Wittenburg University spring, Ohio.  This scholarship covers your full tuition fee and other expenses. Click here for details https://www.ministryofeducationbahamas.com/copy-of-scholarship-forms 

Bahamas Government National Awards

This scholarship is awarded to students who made excellent results in their secondary School, and  it provides them with funds to complete their degree   which may have seemed impossible.  This scholarship is open to Bahamas citizens only.  Click here for details https://www.ub.edu.bs/admissions/scholarships-awards/government-awards/ 

Overseas Research Students Award Scheme

This scholarship is awarded based  on merit to international students who wish to pursue their  undertake a research degree In the United kingdom.  It awards  international students  who can effectively apply what they learnt to  develop their country.  This will help increase their opportunities. Click here for details http://www.universitiesuk.ac.uk/ors/ 

Students from Bahamas Looking for Study Scholarships

Many students from Bahamas are always looking for study scholarships,   they’re several   ways one can get scholarship.  Some of  the this scholarship is limited to support or tuition fee waiver.  The government of Bahamas offers scholarship yearly to her outstanding students and international students as well.  This scholarship is one of the efforts to help  them to  make science and technology  available to help better the society.

What Benefits are Associated with the Scholarship?

  • Benefits associated with  this scholarship are as follows
  • Health care
  • Accommodations
  • Annual travel tickets
  • Financial stipends
  • Support from staff, and guidance and counseling

What is the General Requirements of Getting  a Scholarship 

  • Candidate’s must have applied to study in Bahamas and will submit the application to be considered
  • Must be 17 years  and above
  • Must have the necessary academic transcript required for studying that program, like for undergraduate program at least  High school certificate
  • Must have language proficiency if you’re an international student
  • Must have outstanding results
  • Must have submitted a good statement of purpose

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Work and Study in Bahamas

Studying abroad can be very stressful especially when you don’t have a good source of income,  Which is why many students look for part-time jobs to earn extra cash to fund their education.  Every international students wants to work while studying, and if you wish to do so in Bahamas,  institutions in Bahamas offer students unlimited opportunities to showcase their skills and apply academic knowledge on the industrial platform.  Most students chose to work during summer breaks. Students job includes the following

  • Digital Marketing
  • Supermarket cashiers
  • Working as a volunteer for NGOs
  • Housekeeping 
  • Data Entry
  • Debt Collection
  • English Teaching
  • Computer jobs
  • Information and Technology assistance 
  • Call Center opportunities
  • Bar attendant
  • Library attendants

You can also do free Lance jobs online, too.

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