Belize International Development Full Scholarship

Belize International Development Full Scholarship

This country is one of the Caribbean nation’s, and  thou not popular, which is is why we compiled on the Belize international development scholarship, thou most of her scholarships are available for her citizens.  This country is headed by the queen of England, who is represented by the governor general.  Thou this country tertiary education is handled by the following  university of the west Indies, Galen university.  and the university of Belize.

Some applicants are often seen asking the following 

What is the cost of living in Belize?

Cost of living in Belize depends on which location you’re staying, and it is between $1500-$2000 a month depending on how you spend. Thou some of this expenses can be reduced. Depending the individual.

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What is Education like in Belize?

In Belize education is compulsory for children aged,  6 to 14 years.  And this country has education friendly policies,  thou her education system is based on British system which is primary, secondary and tertiary education.  Thou. Her education system is aimed at helping train students to gain skills that will help them transform their nation’s, most of her tertiary and secondary schools have a strong internet presence but this country is still battling in trying to make her primary schools have access to Internet. 

Thou they’re several drop outs owing to their parents inability to afford their secondary education, and not all secondary School can cater for the academic needs and population of her primary school students. 

Government of Belize – Associate Degree Scholarships

This scholarship is among the Belize international development scholarship, it awards  several citizens who are outstanding in their CXC exam, having grades 1,2,3 , in 6 subjects including English and mathematics. This scholarship provides them with tuition fee in the university of Belize for an associate degree. And scholarships recipients are to do 120 Hours of community service before they complete their studies. 

Value Description of the Government of Belize scholarship

This scholarship will cover the following areas

  • Tuition fee
  • Textbook allowance
  • Fees or miscellaneous expenses 
  • Health insurance

Eligibility and Selection Criteria for the Government of Belize Associate Degree Scholarship

  1. Must be a citizen of Belize
  2. Must have an outstanding results in your CXC
  3. Must have applied for admission in university of Belize for an associate degree
  4. Must maintain a CPA of 2.5 and above
  5. Must be ready to complete 120 hours of community service

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Government of Belize – Bachelor Degree Scholarships

This scholarships are funded by the government through the  Belize national teacher’s union,  and the ministry of health. 

The national teacher’s union sponsors  their members who had an outstanding results and wish to continue in a university.  And are willing to maintain a CPA of  2.5,  this courses must be studied full time and they must be an approved study leave.   Candidate’s must render a community service of about 120 hours before they complete their studies.

The ministry of health sponsors and funds a scholarship for students in nursing program,  it covers the four years of the programs, and the applicants must sign a bond of surety with the ministry of health, and must maintain a CPA of 2.5.   

Thou several scholarship opportunities exists for bachelor’s degree program, in the university of Belize, some requires you to demonstrate a need,  have an outstanding academic record and must have a national interest. 

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How to Get Work and Study Visa in Belize

In order to study and work in any of the Belizean universities, you must have a study Visa.  The following documents are needed for eligible candidate’s. 

  1. Completed visa application form signed by the students
  2. Letter of financial support

They’re two types of visa issued in Belize

  1. Single entry visa which lasts for 6 months
  2. Multiple entry visa  valid for 12 months and more 

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Documents required are

  • Letter of admission from institution of study
  • Letter of financial support from parents
  • Two photograph
  • Birth certificate of applicants
  • Letter of authority
  • Photocopy of applicants passports bio-data
  • Recent bank statement
  • Security clearance

Supporting. Documents

  • A passport size photo.
  • Copy of Biodata page of passport of the applicant & sponsor
  • A sponsor is required for those applying for visa to extend their stay
  • Document showing relation between sponsor and applicant.
  • Letter of financial support
  • BZ$1.50 postage stamp
  • Bank statement from sponsor if self employed
  • Letter from Employer
  • Proof of status of sponsor, either
  • Nationality Certificate along with Valid Photo ID
  • Belize Permanent Residence
  • Belize Passport
  • Temporary Employment Permit

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