Best 10 Business Schools In Canada With Scholarships

Best 10 Business Schools In Canada With Scholarships

Canada, a country with diverse culture, is considered one of the world’s study abroad destinations. In Canada, you will find some of the world’s renowned universities. Every year, there is an influx of international students. There are over 600,000 international students currently enrolled in Canadian universities or educational institutions.

If you are looking to earn a Bachelor’s degree, Masters or Doctoral degree in business administration or management, I encourage you to read this article to the end. In this article, we have disclosed to you some of the best business schools in Canada. We have written this article to ensure you have vital information at your finger tip while making a decision on which business school to attend.

What Do You Mean By Business School?

A business school simply refers to an educational institution where you can earn (or be awarded) a degree in business administration or management. Observe how Kaplan defines business schools: “They are educational institutions specialized in courses and programs related to business and/or administration”. Business schools are designed to train students to be smart (and professional) decision makers, as well as be able to handle any form of change, risk or uncertainty in the world of business.

What Do I Need to Get Into a Business School?

The most important and interesting course offered in business schools is the MBA — Master of Business Administration. When you enroll in an MBA degree program, you will have a clearer understanding of the different areas of management and how to apply that knowledge in the real world.

You will need to meet the following requirements if you ever wish to get admission into an MBA program in Canada:

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  • Have a Bachelor degree from an accredited university or educational institution
  • You must have a GMAT score of 550
  • Have previous work experience
  • English Language proficiency test, (IELTS or TOEFL)
  • 2 recommendation letters

Moving forward, find below the list of Best Business Schools in Canada:

  • John Molson School of Business

JMSB, as it is commonly known, is a creation of Concordia university which was founded in 1974. John Molson School of Business is ranked 77th according to QS World University Rankings 2019. This institution offers both undergraduate and graduate diploma programs. In addition, JMSB offers graduate certificate programs and postgraduate programs like Master of Science in Management (Msc), MBA, Master of Science in Marketing (Msc), PhD in Business Administration, etc.

  • Sauder School of Business

Sauder Business School is a creation of University of British Columbia (UBC), and is located in Vancouver. This institution offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs to almost 4000 students. In addition, a good number of amazing opportunities such as development workshops in places like China and Kenya are available for international studies.

  • McGill University — Desautels Faculty of Management

This faculty offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate business programs: Bachelor of Commerce, a Master of Business Administration and PhD in Philosophy. According to the 2019 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking, Desautels MBA program is ranked 2nd and 87th in Canada and the world respectively.

  • University of Alberta — Alberta School of Business

Alberta Business School commenced in 1916, and is attributed to be the first and oldest accredited business school in Canada. As a matter of fact, you cannot speak about the world’s leading business education and research institutions without mentioning Alberta School of Business. According to 2019 Maclean’s Best Business Universities in Canada, Alberta School of Business is ranked 4th. Programs offered in this business school include undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs. In addition, there are specializations offered via Alberta MBA program.

  • Queen’s University — Smith School of Business

Smith School of Business, which was previously referred to as Queen’s Business School, is located in Ontario, Canada. This business school offers one of the best MBAs in Canada. In 2006, this MBA program was ranked No. 1 in Canada. In the 2012 QS Global Business School Rankings, it was ranked 3rd in Canada. Fast forward to 2018, the Economist ranks the Queen’s MBA program 88th in the world.

  • Goodman School of Business

This is the business school of Brock University located in Ontario, Canada. This business school offers both graduate and undergraduate programs. Undergraduate programs offered include Business Administration, Accounting, Dual Degree Program. On the other hand, graduate programs include Master of Business Administration, Master of Accountancy, Master of Science in Management.

  • British Columbia Institute of Technology — School of Business

This is one of the best MBA schools in Canada, and here is why. It offers over 20 diploma programs that can be completed within two years on full-time basis. Also, BCIT offers Bachelor’s degree programs in business administration and accounting. In addition, two graduate certificate programs are offered in business administration on a one-year full-time basis.

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  • Sobey School of Business

This business school is a creation of Saint Mary’s University. Sobey Business School offers a variety of undergraduate business degree. From Bachelor of commerce to other major specializations like accounting, economics, finance, etc. In addition, this business school offers graduate level programs such as Ph.D. in Business Administration, Master in Finance, etc. According to QS Rankings, the MBA program offered by Sobey Business School is ranked among the top 10 in Canada.

  • DeGroote School of Business – McMaster University

DeGroote Business School, which is a creation of McMaster University offers a wide range of undergraduate programs in commerce, integrated business and humanities. In addition, it offers MBA and Executive MBA programs. Furthermore, DeGroote Business School offers PhD program in Business Administration.

  • Ivey Business School – Western University

In 2017, this business school was awarded the best business school in Canada. As a matter of fact, Ivey Business School is among the best business schools in Canada, and the world at large. There are several undergraduate and graduate programs available for you. From Honors in Business Administration, to Master of Business Administration, even Master of Science in Management and PhD.

Moving forward, and having observed the list of the Top 10 Business Schools in Canada with scholarship, it is necessary you enroll in one of these business schools and start learning.

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