Best 10 Football Scholarships in UK with Application Links

Many at times many sportsmen wish to further their degree, this scholarship is aimed at encouraging the spirit of atheletship and academics in the life’s of students’ within UK and the international community. 

Thou few scholarships exists in the United kingdom, but they still serve the interest of the students and are enough, thou football is highly appreciated in the UK, which accounts for them receiving scholarship to find their education, this scholarship are offered for graduate, undergraduate  who are passionate about football. 

How can I get full scholarship in UK?

It’s everyone’s dream to study in the cradle of Western University education,  thou funding is normally a problem.  Which is why most people search for scholarship especially the fully funded. Your tuition and living costs will be covered  by the scholarship provider’s. 

This process includes

  • Know where to look: most times the problem associated with not getting scholarship is that most of them don’t know where to look for scholarship, they’re several websites were one can get scholarship to study in the United kingdom.  It’s always a point of call to check your institution website. You can also check websites like for your scholarship updates. Fastweb will also be a nice option.
  • Prepare in advance: Getting a scholarship requires you to start preparing in advance, especially if you will get a scholarship interview, many universities give her students opportunity to participate in scholarship weekend, where questions pertaining to their ambition, motivation are asked

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  • Know which scholarship is suitable for you, the problem many persons encounter is applying a scholarship which is not suitable for their course’s.  Many students apply the wrong scholarship, which is why the lose it.

What is the best way to get a full scholarship?

In order to get sports admission, it requires the  candidate to have showed sports skills and 

The top bursary are

  • Chris Porter bursary

This scholarship is made available to students’ who  have distinguished themselves in the area of Sports, as Coach, official, referee/ Umpire, Coach, or volunteer  and has interest in BuCS program.  It’s networth is  £1000.

  • Wining students’  football Scholarship

This scholarship is a renowned scholarship in the United kingdom,  it is given out once in a year worth £6000,  it provides individualized help and  Academic flexibility.  The Scottish national head coach appoints people for the  women’s football.  Criteria for this scholarship is the candidate must have represented  Scotland, or represented Scotland, U17, U19  or have potential  to represent Scotland in future.

Spots are allowed based on number of application received. 

  • Talented  Athletes Scholarship Scheme

This program is a partnership of  talented individuals, Athletes, educational institutions and national governing body.  This scholarship is spread across varieties of sports like parafootball, diving, rowding, rugby, women’s football.  Thou this scholarship is mainly for women categories in football, 

  • High performance football at UEL

This scholarship is available for students’ at the university of East London,   this University is famous for 5 sports volleyball, tennis, football, Athletics, and basketball.  It offers her participant £1500 per annum.  Click here for link 

  • She Can Play scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the university campus of bussiness for women footballer, it provides this women with sports equipment, and travel assistance. This scholarship Worth’s £1500. 

  • Elite Athletes Scholarship 

This scholarship is aimed at helping sports lover’s, All students’ irrespective of disability are encouraged to apply.  They’re provided with a travel kits and sports kits to and fro the training ground.   This program has regional and national  level with different Worth’s. Click here for more information 

  • Sean dsyche family scholarship

This  scholarship is offered to undergraduate, and it offers   the  scholarship for 3 years in   any of her partner institution. Ability through academic  and combine it with sports.  It has a scholarship value of £5000.   It covers your accomodation, Transport to the global sports summit.

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  • BU Sport Scholarship

This sports scholarship is available to those who have decided to distinguish themselves in sports,  this athletes are expected to participate in BUCS programs,  and represent the university in competition, this competition can be regional, national, or international 

  • New Castle University Sports Scholarship and funding

This scholarship offers scholarship worth £10,000  to deserving sportsmen and women.  To be eligible for this scholarship you must be an undergraduate or postgraduate students’ of the Newcastle University.  You must be willing to improve your sports skills and  represent your institution in the British University college sports events. 

  • The university of Stirling international Sports Scholarship

This scholarship since it’s inception in 1981,  has empowered about 700 atheletes.  This scholarship has succeded in sending some of her participant to Commonwealth games, Olympic, world game’s.  This scholarship provides her students with financial assistance, academic flexibility, national quality coaching,  equipment. 

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