Best 15 Aerospace Engineering Colleges in India

Which Indian colleges offer aerospace engineering?

There are several Indian colleges offering programs in aerospace engineering, as a result of the in demand of graduate in the field.  This field  is a fast-paced, dynamic discipline that focuses on the design, maintenance, and improvement of all types of aircraft, from aircraft to missiles to spacecraft.  They’re close to 46 institutions in India offering aerospace engineering programs. 

This institutions include

  1. Indian institute of Bombay
  2. Hindustan institute of technology and science
  3. Indian institute of technology Kanpur
  4. Indian institute of science, Bangalore
  5. Indian institute of technology, Madras
  6. Indian institute of technology, kharagpur
  7. Satybama University
  8. Manipal Institute of Technology
  9. IIST,  Thiruvanthapuram
  10. PEC, Chandigarh
  11. LPU, Punjab
  12. School of Aeronautics
  13. Indian institute of space science and technology, Trivandrum
  14. MIT Chennai
  15. IIAE, Dehadrum
  16. PCET, coimbatore

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Can we join aerospace engineering after 12th?

Studying aerospace requires one to have finished his or her 12th grade.  The minimum eligibility criteria for pursuing Aerospace Engineering is passing through higher secondary or Class 12 with a minimum of 60 per cent marks (55 per cent marks for SC/ST) in Science stream (Physics, Chemistry and Maths).  This profession requires  excellent academic performance, good eye hand coordination, creative and innovativeness, physical stamina and team work. This skills will help you when you’re looking for a career in this field.

What is aerospace engineering fees in India?

This field is the most lucrative and in demand, engineering branches. With the introduction of computer-aided design, advanced instrumentation and control engineering as well as exploration in space and beyond, Aeronautical Engineering offers something for every engineering enthusiast. The program lasts four years for undergraduate and two years for master’s.  This program follows semester exams and to be eligible to study the program you must have atleast 60% pass in your chemistry, Physics and maths. The cost of studying this program is around INR 80,000 to 14 Lakhs.  Thou this program is moderately expensive in India as compared to  their counterparts in other  parts of the world. 

The aerospace engineering college are listed below; 

  •  Manipal Institute of Technology, MIT 


This University was established in 1957, it was established as one of the first self financing institution in India.  It has the best placement centres and offers them employment in the best companies. 

  • Indian institute of technology, Bombay


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This public Institute was established in 1958,  it’s program in aerospace is unique, and it has external financing,  it has accreditation from NAAC, NBA-AICT.

  • Indian institute of technology, Mandras


This college was established in 1959,  it has a research park on aerospace, and has hosted many foreign R&D,  her research also gets funded by  the public. This institution was once awarded an institution of Eminence. 

  • RV college of engineering (RVCE) Thiruvanthapuram


This college was established in 1963, and it is a self financing institution. With a faculty strength of about 50. Some of the top recruiters are Bosch, coignzant,  cranes, int etc. Her entrance Exam are UGET, COMEDK, KCET .

  • Hindustan institute of technology and science


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This institution was established in 1985,  it has many aircraft laying  at different corners of the institution.  They have aeronautical clubs which are physical too.  They have about 600 faculty members.

  • Indian institute of space and technology, Thiruvananthapuram


This institution was established in 1956, it creates an appreciative learning environment that is related with the challenges of the space programme.   They have hosted enough ISOR lectures.  Her program in aerospace engineering is unique in that it prepares her students to face the challenges of a space station. 

  • Indian institute of Engineering, science and technology Shippur


This institution was established in 1856,  it is a public institution and it’s entrance Exams is the JEE,  it’s places strong emphasis on aerospace engineering and research. Where it makes her students to be able to handle the expected maintenance works in the field of aeronautical engineering.

  • Indian institute of technology, Kanpur


 This college was established in 1959, it is a public technical and research institute.  And it has many international students taking course’s in aerospace engineering.  This institution has tested several  government aerospace projects. 

  • Mirla Institute of Technology


This institution was established in 1955, as a private college. It is one of the best in the department of engineering and it gives her students a good knowledge of practical. They offer her students . GATE is the entrance Exams taken to be eligible for admission in this institution.

  • Indian institute of Aeronautical engineering (IIAE) Dehradun


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This University was established in 1992,  this institution is unique in that it makes her students who wish to do study abroad program to continue for two years in a country with memorandum of understanding with the Institute. It also gives them strong practical experience.  They offer International Higher Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (Level 5) by OTHM Qualifications, United Kingdom. Higher National Diploma (Level 5) .

  • SRM University Chennai


This college was established in 2002, and it offers B.Tech in aeronautical engineering, and entrance Exams is through JEE and SRMJEE. It’s NAAC Accreditation is A++,  it has a strong emphasis to learning.

  • Lovely Professional University, LPU.


This private University was established in 2005,    this University is a state  owned and it has  several professional alignment.  It  equips her students to meet the demands of the job. 

  • BMS College of Engineering


 This college was established by a philanthropist,  in 1946.  It offers a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace engineering.  It is a private institution. 

  • School of Engineering, UPES Dehradun, School of Engineering University of Petroleum and Energy Studies


 This aerospace engineering college is the most sought out for in India, several of her Alumuni are employed by many space industries. It prepares her students for a career in this field and what is needed to Excel. 

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