9 Best Community Colleges in San Diego

9 Best Community Colleges in San Diego

 Community college has continued offer affordable degree and certificate which is aimed at making her students gain skills that will help them, they provide a low cost, this is why we have decided to compile a list of the best community colleges in san Diego. 

  1. San Diego Community College

Location: San Diego, CA

Website: https://www.sdccd.edu/ 

 This institution is a public research, this institution despite being a community college and apart from the associate degree, certificate it awards a bachelor’s degree in health information and management.  Admission requirement in this institution is through a GED.

  1. Grossmont College

Location: El Cajon CA

Website: https://www.grossmont.edu/ 

 This is a public research community college, it offers about 150 degree and certificate programs in Arts and Science, this institution despite provides her students with numerous sporting activities, it is ranked 25th in community college ranking.

  1. Cuyamaca College

Location: Rancho San Diego, CA

Website: https://www.cuyamaca.edu/ 

 This institution is a public community college, it awards associate’s degree programs and 66 training certificates programs in several department including History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social work and Anthropology.

  1. Palomar College

Location: San Diego, CA

Website: https://www2.palomar.edu/ 

This institution has its main campus in San Marcos, and 3 centered and educational site’s located in north San Diego.  It offers about 250 associate’s degrees and certificate in the following fields Mathematics, Natural and Health Sciences, Arts, Media, Business Administration, Literature, Social and Behavioral Sciences. 

  1. San Diego Miramar College

Location: San Diego, CA

Website: http://sdmiramar.edu/ 

This institution was founded in 1969, it has a student’s population of about 14000, where it awards and offers about over 150 associate degree and certificate programs.  It places a strong emphasis on career and technical education, which has made it the most sought for those interested in pursuing a technical education.  It also has some accelerated courses and online program.

  1. San Diego Mesa College

Location: San Diego, CA

Website: http://www.sdmesa.edu/ 

This institution apart from offering an associate degree and certificate programs also offers one bachelor’s degree, its program also encompasses online and hybrid options with her aim of making education accessible to all irrespective of age and career. This institution provides several scholarships to her students.

  1. Mira Costa College

Location: North San Diego, CA

Website: http://www.miracosta.edu/ 

 This institution was founded in 1934, and it is a public research college. It awards career and associate degree, and it is also unique for offering a bachelor’s degree program. It also allows her students participate and experience a cultural events and performing arts featuring guest artists, to help educate and build her students career.

  1. ATA College


Website: https://www.ata.edu/ 

This institution is committed to helping her students develop their skills in the fields of allied health care profession, it awards associate degree, certificate and diploma. It also Build’s her students to gain skills in basic resume writing, interviewing tips, computer training, time management etc.

  1. Pacific College of Health and Science – San Diego

Location: San Diego

Website: https://www.pacificcollege.edu/ 

This institution was chartered on 10, July 1851, it offers about 80 different undergraduate programs, 12 accelerated courses.

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