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Best High Schools in Scarborough Canada

It’s the dream of every parent in the Scarborough province, to give his ward the best high School Education possible. In order to help you realize this dream we have decided to compile a list of the best High schools in Scarborough Canada.  Studying in the best high schools in Scarborough will give you an upper edge over your peers especially when you enter college, most course’s offered in this Institutions are sometimes related to the course you wish to study in the university. 

What is the most popular high school in Toronto?

Toronto being the home of universities and the best cosmopolitan City in the world,  this city has high schools that is aimed at developing the moral and intellectual capacity of your ward. And their program meets the requirements of attending a high school.  The popular high schools in Toronto are St. Michael’s Choir School and  Father John Redmond Catholic School.

What is the oldest high school in Scarborough?

Many persons who wish to give their children the best Education, in Canada always seek for the oldest high schools, owing to their track records of having produced renowned world leaders, and their age long history of trying to seek ways to incorporate the older methods of teaching to news ways to develop the child. Most of this high schools have partnership with universities, and they meet Requirements for admission. In Scarborough the oldest high school is Agincourt Collegiate Institute, that was established in 1915.

The list of the best high schools in Scarborough Canada is listed below

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  • Drorman Bethune Collegiate Institute


This public high School was established in 1979 and has a student’s capacity of about 1000,  this high school runs from grade 9-12,  the language of instruction in this University is the English language,  this Institution also offers modern language classes, which helps them to send their students to Spanish and french movie, theater production and even restaurant. It has sometimes sent her students to Spain and france to deepen their understanding of the language.  Through her English as a second language program it takes her students on field trips to promote the English culture. 

Through her individual Education plan, it meets the needs of her students especially those with disabilities including attending to their students with disabilities including behavioral, communication, intellectual, physical, and multiple learning disabilities. 

  • Agincourt Collegiate


This high school is one of the best in Canada and was founded in 1917,  it offers advanced placement offers for students’ in physics, chemistry, biology, statistics, calculus and vectors, and French.  Her grade 9-12 students’ are offered French immersion program, and French program.  This program allows her students study and learn subject in French like  français, arts dramatiques, arts visuels, éducation physique, mathématique, géographie, Histoire, and Informatique. 

Successful students’ are awarded a certificate in French immersion or extented french bilingual certificate with possible honor’s. 

  • SATEC at WA Porter Collegiate


This high school was established in Scarborough in 1958,  it runs from grade 9 – 12,  it has attracted students’ from different province and countries owing to her strong commitment to Technology, and her Education policies.  Students’  at this high school are offered an innovative Program that combines rigorous Academic technology.  Being a Cisco regional Academy,  it awards certification in CISCO Networking and A+ Computer Service Technician Certification for the senior program.  It is awards certificate in two specialist programs ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and the Environment. 

  • RH King Academy


This high school is one of the best in Canada and was established in 1922,  this University runs from grade 9 to 12.   Students’ in this high school have the option of taking part in any of her skilled programs like visual arts, dance, photography, arts management, communications, technology, drama, fashion, media, improv, music e.g voice, band, strings, guitar etc., musical theatre, presentation skills, technical theatre production, technological design, and video production.  This high School offers leadership certification for her graduates.

  • Sir John A Macdonald Collegiate


This high school is one of the top high School in Canada,  it offers program for her students from grade 9 to 12,  it has several clubs,  for science, Art’s and Computer which helps her students participate in competitions like the University of Waterloo’s mathematics (Pascal, Cayley, Fermat, and Euclid), chemistry (Avogadro and Chem 13), and physics (Sir Isaac Newton) exams, and  the da Vinci engineering exams organized by the university of Toronto and American exams. 

It has a fantastic music club.

  • Delphi Secondary Alternative School


This high school is a public high school in Scarborough Canada,  this University offers rigorous Academic programs for her students.  Academic courses are offered for students’ in grade 9-10 while university and mixed courses are offered for students’ in grade 11 and 12.  Her students’ are always involved in leadership and extracurricular activities.

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  • West Hill Collegiate Institute


This public high school was established in 1955,  it prepares and trains her students for advanced placement Exams in Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics for entrance into the university.  Through her physics club it participate in McMasters Olympic exams annually, her drama club performs in Ontario seers drama festival.  It promotes minority Education by inculcating cultural clubs to promote the culture of the minorities like Desi Club, Afro-Canadian Association, Muslim Student Association, Bengali Student Association, and West Indian Club. 

  • Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute


This public high School was established in 1964 and offers courses that trains her students for a career in apprenticeship, workplace, and prepares them for college, or university education.  In order to achieve this state of Art’s facilities and equipment’s are used. Students’ have access to WiFi in this high school. 

  • Neil McNeil High School


This is an all boys Catholic high school and the best Catholic school in Scarborough, it was established in 1958.  This high school impacts in the lives of young men, through her religious education program, chaplaincy, school liturgical activities and program. Where students’ moral and Christian values are taught through her schools Academic program and extracurricular activities.

This high school through her partnership with the university of Toronto 

 Prepares her students for employment and mentor’s them.

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