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Best Scholarship Websites For College Students Globally

This article will explore different Scholarship websites, across the world and how you can access them to apply for College admission and Scholarship. For years now our blog has continued to provide vital information on Scholarship options available to international students, and currently is one of the best blogs in the world in about 100 to 120 countries. 

In our bids to satisfy our reader’s a meet their Academic needs and to provide answers to their questions, we have decided to write on the available  best Scholarship websites for College Students Globally.

Passing through the university takes a lot of expenses on the students. And many students can’t be able to afford it, which is why people look for scholarship both domestic and international. 

Which country gives Scholarship to international students easily?

 Almost all countries award Scholarship to international students, but they’re countries whose Scholarship policies are flexible and offers the most number of Scholarship to international students. Some countries award close to 1000 Scholarship to international students, the countries include United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Australia. This countries also support for her international students.

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Which School gives the most Scholarship to international students?

Majority of the universities in the United States of America provide Scholarship opportunities to her international students, most of this students’ full partial and financial aids to support their Studies, this scholarship is available to undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degrees students’.  The Institution include

This website are listed below


This platform is one of the best Scholarship websites for international students,  and secure Scholarship are provided for international students over the years.  Thou currently many countries have been blocked from accessing this website. 


This sites have helped international students gain access to thousands of different Scholarship options available to them, and also schools.  This page created a scholarship sourcing page. It is currently ranked among the best website for students’ both domestic and international. Worthy Scholarship can be sourced from 

  • World Scholarship Forum

This website provides access to thousands of Scholarship options available to you both  national and international, it also has information on Scholarship available to students according to their program of study. And also has social skill based Scholarship.

  • Scholarship position

This platform provides Scholarship options to students and it is available to all.  It provides both local and international Scholarship.

  • My school

This scholarship platform is a Nigerian based websites, that provides information of the Nigerian universities and international Universities. It provides information on the  available Scholarship. It has a chat platform and email possible Scholarship to her registered participant. 


This website provides basic information on the various Scholarship available,. It is one of the oldest Scholarship websites existing. And it has access to thousands of Scholarship and helps match her participant to Universities.


This scholarship is an international financial aid Scholarship options, it provides information on various financial aid. FINAID helps students source for and find beffiting scholarship opportunities, education grants, academic loans and work-study opportunities to aid their education in schools of their choice from this website. This website also help them apply and secure a scholarship. 

  • The College Board

This scholarship provides a network for about 6000, Institution where they help provide Financial aids to help them complete their education.  It is a not for profit website. To use the website you must be registered in the website and have a personal account. 

  • Scholarship Monkey

This Scholarship portal is one of the  best websites, it is difficult to access, Scholarship are searched by keywords. Or creating a profile to indicate which type of Scholarship you wish to apply. 

  • Sallie Mae

This scholarship platform publishes a vast number of Scholarship options to her students,  it provides her students with numerous information that can help them.  Students’ loan options exists. 

This scholarship website provides a free database on Scholarship for international students, it gives them options to easily search for scholarship like using quick search arrangements like Program name, Sponsoring organization, Area of study and Region/Country of origin.


This free website gives students’ comprehensive lists of Scholarship, and categories it in the form they students’ can easily acess it, it gives students’  options of registering for it.. 

 This scholarship platform provides students’ with detailed information on Scholarship, like

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Scholarship application deadlines
• Scholarship amounts
• The number of available scholarships
• Other information regarding awards for international students

It’s also classify this scholarship country by country, program of study and special needs

Other Scholarship websites are

IEFA The International Education Financial Aid

International Student Scholarships

CollegeWeekLive International Student Scholarship


AAUW International Fellowships The American Association of University Women

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