Canadian Financial Aid for Students In USA

Canadian Financial Aid for Students In USA

Canada is a country that is Student-friendly ,where you can find accredited Courses that you can pay for.  But there are some international students who can’t pay for their preferred course, tuition fees and  other school payments, that’s why there is Canadian financial aid to help you in reducing your financial  burden as a student , while studying in Canada.  

First of all, let’s answer these frequently asked questions to get you on track before our main topic;

Can Canadian Students get Financial Aid in the US?

Yes, as a Canadian Student, you can get financial aid from private organizations inform of  Students loans, which could be of help to you in your education goals.

Can you get Financial Aid as an international student in Canada?

Canadian government offers a few Financial Aid to International Students, inform of  international student loans, grants, Scholarships , but Canada gives more of these financial aid to it’s citizens.

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Can you get Canadian Student loans to study abroad?

You can only get Canadian Student loans to study abroad from private institutions not from  Canadian government , because they don’t render such services. But these student loans can be  repaired with an agreed interest from both parties. Read further to Know about student loans.

Can Canadians get Scholarship in the US?

Yes, Canadian Students can get Scholarship in the US ,the scholarships Could be sponsored by  private organizations. If you also apply for one, and provide all they necessary documents you’ll certainly get a scholarship in the US. 

What is Financial Aid?

Financial aid is a monetary award, given to students to help pay for their education at the University. It  could be inform of Scholarships, Grants, Bursaries , International Student loans. 

These financial aids ,helps in reducing financial constraints for Students. If you find it hard in paying for  your tuition fees ,and other school payments, you can simply request a for a student loan . 

We have two types of Student loans ;

  • Federal loan 
  • Private loan 

Federal Loan

Federal loan is the loan provided and funded by the government through the Canada Student loan  program. 

Private Loan

A private student loan is one provided by a private organization. 

Student loans generally ,can be a primary or subsidiary option for you , that’s if you’re incapable of  funding your education. 

Canadian Financial Aid For Students in the US 

  • Grants 
  • Bursaries 
  • Scholarships 
  • International Student loans 


These are monetary awards, given by Canadian governments to Students in the US ,to help them further  their education in Canada. Grants are usually free for Students 


They are also monetary awards given to students to enable them study the course of their choice at any  University. Bursaries are given to Students in the US more ,to enable them show their expertise in the  field of academics in Canada. 


Scholarships are opportunities awarded to individuals to help in supporting their academic life and other  achievement . Scholarships can be fully funded by a private organization or by Canadian governments.  But Canadian government tends to give more Scholarships to it’s citizens but it doesn’t mean Canada as  a country dose not offer Scholarships to US Students, they do.

International Student loan 

Is the loan offered to students in order to help them in paying up their tuition fees and other school  expenses. Like I said earlier, Only private institution in Canada can offer international students loans to  US Students , Canadian government dose not provide such services to students. The loans can be repaid  with interest . So, when borrowing a loan from the government or any private organization ,borrow the  one you can pay . 

Universities That Offers Financial Aid In Canada 

Here is a short-list of some universities in Canada that offers financial aid to US Students, you can visit  the school’s website and make your choice; 

  • Carleton University Entrance 
  • University of Manitoba Graduate fellowships 
  • York University international Entrance Scholarship 
  • York University Global leader of Tomorrow Scholarship 
  • University of Toronto Pearson International Scholarship 
  • University of British Columbia Wehrung International Student Award 

Carleton University Entrance 

The scholarship is only awarded to International students who made the pass mark ,which is 80% above  of the school’s examination to study at Carleton University, Canada.

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  • University of Manitoba:

Graduate fellowships 

The scholarship is awarded to Postgraduates students, who are seeking for Financial aid to further their  education at the University of Manitoba. 

  • York University:

International Entrance Scholarship 

This Scholarship is awarded to students with good academic excellence and good leadership roles .They  are free to study any course of their choice at York University. The scholarship amount is $140,000 and  you must also have a study permit ,apply while still in high school. 

  • York University :

Global leader of Tomorrow Scholarship 

This scholarship is offered to students with good academic abilities and you must apply for this  scholarship while still in high school ,if not you won’t be awarded the scholarship .

  • University of Toronto:

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship 

Is for all nationalities, you must also possess great academic abilities and leadership roles. The  scholarship also funds successful applicants. 

Wehrung International Student Award 

The award is for international students from undeveloped countries ,but still have great academic  excellence and creativity. 

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