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Canadian Government Scholarship

Its been the dream of every international student to study in Canada,  thou some students go to Canada with aim of working they, while some come for studies, but the easiest way of getting a Canadian visa is through scholarship, which is one of the reasons for writing the article on Canadian government scholarship.  This scholarship is fully funded and some are partially funded. 

Thou Canadian government scholarship  are sometimes sponsored by some non governmental bodies who wish to contribute to the development of the society. While some are funded by some of the universities. Students cities in Canada are listed as follows Queens, British Columbia, Alberta and some applicants are often seen to ask the following questions.

How Can I Get Scholarship to Study in Canada?

To be eligible for any of the Canadian scholarship, you  must have submitted a well written essay or statement of purpose, you must have applied for the scholarship the you’re eligible to apply for,   you must have a good results from your previous program and must maintain a GPA of 3 0. 

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Which University in Canada are Cheap?

Canada has many cheap and affordable institutions, thou some are cheaper than others, the are listed below.

  1. University of the people
  2. Brandon university
  3. Universté de Saint Boniface
  4. University of Guelph
  5. Canadian Mennonite university
  6. Memorial university of Newfoundland
  • Canadian visa Hub $500 scholarship contest

This scholarship is available for international students and postgraduate workers, who are members of the Canadian study Visa hub. This is done based on selection.  This scholarship is done online.

Eligibility and selection criteria for the Canadian study Visa hub

  1. Must be a member of the Canadian study Visa hub
  2. Have a valid study permit or postgraduate work permit
  3. Provide proof of enrollment in a Canadian institution

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  • Canadian Graduate scholarship (Master’s Program)

This program is for international students  who are on residency permit, and doing a research work in the area of health sciences, engineering, natural sciences,  social sciences and humanities.  This program helps about 2000 international students enrolled in a Canadian institution. Application is through the scholarship portal.

Eligibility and selection criteria

  1. Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  2. Must be enrolled in masters degree program
  3. Must not have been a past recipient of the scholarship
  4. Must have graduated with a first class

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  • Ontario Graduate scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to international students enrolled in a postgraduate degree program,  it is valued around $10000 to $15000,  it is funded by the government of Ontario province.  Its deadline varies depending on program. 

Eligibility and selection criteria

The applicants must be

  1. Enrolled in a graduate program at either master’s or PhD
  2. Must be registered in a full time studies
  3. Have a valid study permit
  4. Attend a participating Ontario school

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  • Karen McKllein international leader award at university of British Columbia

This Canadian government scholarship is awarded based on merit, and it is available to undergraduate student, who wish to study in the university of British Columbia. 

Eligibility and selection criteria

  1.  Must be applying for his or her first degree
  2. Be an international student
  3. Must have studied in a recognized secondary School
  4. Must demonstrate a financial need
  5. Must meet the English requirements by January

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  • University of Manitoba graduate scholarships

This Canadian government scholarship has an annual funding of $2.1  million, it is open to students from all nationalities, and  it is open to all faculties except MBA, and  it is open to all students irrespective of nationality. 

Eligibility and selection criteria

  1. Must have a GPA of 3.0
  2. Must be a full time students
  3. Must be an international student

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  • University of Calgary scholarship

This Canadian government scholarship, is funded by a private sector, and it is available to students who wish to study a program, in engineering, medicine,  business,  veterinary and development studies. It values around $27, 799. 

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What GPA is Required to Study in Canada?

Thou most persons especially students who travel To Canada either go they to improve their English speaking skills or to further their studies, due to her international students welcome policy, and to be eligible to study in Canada as an international student, you must have meet the criteria for graduate studies in your home country,  many schools in Canada  requires her graduate applicants to have scored high in their GMAT or GRE exams of above 85%, with a TOEFL score of around, which will show how ready you are for study. You must have graduated from an undergraduate degree with at least a B status or 3.0. 

How Can I Study in Canada For Free?

Thou Canada is one of the most Applied nation for university education, due to her flexible rules on international students,  it has a good education system,  lots of jobs for international students, but this can be,  frustrating owing to the students economic and financial background, despite Canada Being among the most affordable English speaking countries. 

Thou as an international student it will be wise you cut down your expenses,  get a part time job.   If you can do this I believe you will have cut down your expenses. Because they’re no tuition free university in Canada.  You will need to apply for a scholarship if you want to study in Canada for free but must have meet the criteria listed for the scholarship. 

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