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Concordia University Rankings | Programs | Fees | Scholarships And Requirements

One of the biggest decisions you will make as a student is choosing where to spend your university years. One of the top study locations in the world is Canada. As a matter of fact, Canada is home to some of the world’s best educators. In addition, you can find some of the world’s best universities in Canada.

Concordia University is located in Montreal, Canada. It ranks amongst the top universities in Canada, North America, and even the world. It is known for delivering top-notch education to domestic and international students.

You may be wondering why you should study at Concordia University. We have discussed extensively about Concordia university. Keep reading as we explore the requirements, fees, scholarships, programs, and rankings of Concordia University.

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About Concordia University

Over four decades ago (precisely 1974), Concordia University was born. As a matter of fact, this university was formed from the merger between Loyola College and Sir George Williams University. From that point, Concordia University has been ranked amongst the top universities in Canada and even the world.

This public research university located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada has research as a core of its mission. Montreal, which is the largest province in Canada, is an ideal place to live, work or study. There are a variety of study opportunities in diverse fields.

 In Quebec, where French is the major language spoken by locals, there are three universities that use English as the foremost language of instruction. Concordia University is one of them. As a matter of fact, Concordia ranks as the second largest bilingual university in the world.

There were over 50,000 students enrolled in credit courses at Concordia in the 2020/21 academic session. 10,000 were international students. The university has four faculties. In addition, there is a graduate school and a good number of colleges, institutions, and centers.

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The university operates two campuses: Loyola Campus, located in Notre-Dame-de-Grace; Sir George Williams Campus, which is located in Downtown Montreal. The latter is seen as the main campus of Concordia University.

Concordia University Rankings

Universities are ranked based on a variety of factors. While some institutions are rated within a country, others are rated around the world. Most of the time, magazines, websites, government agencies, newspapers, or academics perform this ranking for universities. Furthermore, this ranking can be by university, department, faculty, or a particular program.

Oftentimes, the ranking of universities takes into account the quality of research, measure of wealth, staff – student ratio, amongst other statistics. Also, the number of international students enrolled in a university can be a significant factor in the ranking of universities.

Basically, people seem to focus on three major global rankings for universities:

  • QS World University Ranking
  • Academic Ranking of World Universities
  • Times Higher Education World Universities Rankings

Each of these major global university rankings makes use of at least five performance indicators. According to the QS World University Ranking, Concordia University is ranked 477. For the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), Concordia University has been ranked between 601 and 700. In the Times Higher Education World University Ranking, Concordia University has been ranked between 601 and 800.

Programs at Concordia University

Concordia University is a leading higher education institution that is constantly modifying the future of higher education. Thus, academic programs offered here are geared towards becoming a leading university in the world.

Concordia University offers a variety of programs. From undergraduate studies to graduate studies, Concordia University offers both online courses for those juggling their studies alongside a hectic work schedule and continuing education courses.

Depending on which level you are currently at academically, you can apply to any of these programs, and be rest assured that you will get the best quality of education.

Fees for Concordia University

At Concordia University, you have the freedom to pursue your academic goals and build the future you want for yourself. The rate of tuition at Concordia University is determined by the government of Quebec on the basis of who you are and where you live.

For instance, a Quebec resident who has applied for a degree in Administration/Commerce at Concordia University will pay $4,933 for one year of full-time studies. A U.S citizen or any international student who has applied for the same degree will pay $27,278–$32,120 for one year of full-time studies.

Not only will you be paying for tuition fees. There are also other expenses related to your studies at Concordia University. Hence, it is necessary to know every detail about Concordia University’s tuition and cost.

The breakdown of undergraduate tuition fees and other costs at Concordia University for the 2023 academic year has been made available on the university’s official website. In addition, you can get an estimate of the amount needed to study at Concordia University by using the tuition fee calculator.

Concordia University Scholarships

The rate at which tuition fees are rising is alarming. It has become a major issue for a lot of students to fund their studies. Nowadays, students who cannot afford to pay for their higher education studies apply for financial aid.

Oftentimes, they are eligible to receive financial aid from the state government, federal government, or school. However, there is a drawback to this. Most of these financial aids, in the form of loans, are to be paid back with interest upon graduation.

On the other hand, scholarships can be a flexible way to cover some of the expenses of attending a university. When you receive a scholarship as a student, you do not have to repay it. Just like many other top universities in the world, Concordia University offers undergraduate and graduate scholarships to students, both domestic and international. 

A variety of scholarships are awarded to students at Concordia University, including merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, identity-based scholarships, and government scholarships, just to mention a few.

There are a wide range of scholarships and awards to aid undergraduate students at Concordia University. Furthermore, Concordia offers more than 1,700 awards, worth over $15 million. These awards include generous grants from donors as well as financial support for conferences and travel.

Below are some of the prestigious undergraduate scholarships awarded at Concordia University. Some are strictly for domestic students, while others are for both domestic and international students.

  • Concordia University Undergraduate Entrance Bursary Program
  • Concordia University Undergraduate In-Course Bursary Program
  • Concordia Application-Based Awards
  • Concordia Presidential Scholarship 2022-2023
  • Concordia International Scholars Award 2022-2023

Below are prestigious graduate scholarships awarded at Concordia University. Some are entrance awards, whereas others are awards by the Quebec and Canadian governments.

  • FRQSC Master’s Research Scholarships (B1Z)
  • FRQSC Doctoral Research Scholarships (B2Z)
  • FRQS Master’s Training
  • FRQS Doctoral Training
  • Out of Province Award which is valued at approximately $8,878.
  • Concordia University Doctoral Graduate Fellowships, which are valued at about $14,000 per year for four years.
  • Concordia International Tuition Award of Excellence which is worth approximately $44,893.
  • Concordia Merit Scholarship which is worth $10,000.

Like at every other university in the world, there are certain requirements you must meet to be enrolled at Concordia University or to receive any form of financial aid, be it loans, scholarships, bursaries, or awards.

Requirements for Concordia University

There are certain requirements you must meet before you are enrolled to study at Concordia University. We have explored in detail the requirements for your application to Concordia University.

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The minimum admission requirement depends firstly on your academic background and then on your situation.

Academic Background

Your Situation

Depending on the program (and department) you applied for, you might be required to provide additional documents. Thus, you have a duty to verify whether your program requires additional documents.

Additionally, you must show proof of English language proficiency in your application. Test scores accepted are TOEFL, IELTS, DET, CAEL, CAE, CPE, and PTE. Ensure you check out this guide to see the minimum English language proficiency requirement for admission.

Finally, put together your supporting documents for upload. These documents include: transcripts, curriculum vitae, letters of intent, birth certificates, or any other document to prove your age.

To Wrap Up

Choosing where to spend your university years is a big decision you will have to make as a student. However, Canada would not be a bad choice anyway. Some of the best universities in the world are found in Canada, one of which is Concordia University, located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Take your time to explore the requirements, fees, scholarships, programs, and rankings of Concordia University.

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