Cost of Living in Leicester: Student Guide 2022

Cost of Living in Leicester: Student Guide 2022

The United Kingdom UK is one of the best countries as regards first class Education, it attracts thousands of students every year, it offers her students many job’s,  a more diverse neighborhood. 

Moving over to a new country in search of education is one of the hardest and best decisions to make.  It comes with many challenges.

In order to help you in your education journey and to make this journey easier, I have decided to compile a  list of all you need to know about Leicester city.  Leicester is   one of the cheapest city in the United Kingdom.  It has one of the lowest cost of living for students in the United Kingdom.  It is a great home to universities like University Leicester, De Monfort University, Loughborough University etc.  

Where do Most Students Live in Leicester?

Living in Leicester will be  Fun especially in students cities, where you will get to love your course and interact with students, the following cities are for students, and sometimes finding a place to live as an international student, is the hardest decision you will make. Leicester being a university city has many places for students they include

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  • Ayelstone

This place was once an independent village,  this city provides you with opportunities to fish and enjoy picnic. It has a mixture of Victorian and contemporary building. It has great scenes for walking. 

  • Clarendon Park 

This city is located in the south of Leicester,   the most vibrant and distinctive part of the city is the Clarendon Park.. it welcomes a wide variety of people including students, it has lots of facilities.

  • Bede Park

This city is convenient for those studying in de Monfort University,  it is also perfect for those who will take up on students experience in a luxurious form.  It is close to River soar and has plenty of bars, pub, cafes and restaurants.

Is Leicester Cheaper than London?

Leicester is cheaper than London, statistics says  that it is 42% cheaper than London,  the cost of living in Leicester is very affordable compared to London.  Cost of living without rent is around £603 compared to London.  This city is ranked among the top 10 most affordable cities in the United Kingdom, especially for international students. And has many cities with affordable rents for students.  It also came second in University cities. 

Is Leicester a Good Place to Live?

This part of the United Kingdom has seen lots of improvement sine 2013, and being located in the East Midlands  it has a poor employment rate with 54% of her residents working, which is lower than average, income were on higher end in the city with a gross, income were on higher ends,  the gross weekly income per person is extremely low. House prices are low compared to other parts of the Uk.

This city  will offer you the opportunity to learn in a world class University,  this  city has many things to offer you a range of quality accommodation, food, a diverse range of accommodation, entertainment, mode of transportation, sport’s and vacation.  This city is for everyone.

This city has many great foods and the following are cost of living.

  • £650 for accommodation
  • £100 for food shopping
  • £58 for local transportation
  • £50 for books and printing
  • £40 for internet and mobile phone
  • £150 for social activities


This city is a student City, this city has a very low compared to cities like London, Manchester, Oxford etc,  this city is set so students  can afford them.  This is the average cost of accommodation in Leicester, thou they’re several luxurious locations

  Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Center – £541.08

Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Center- £448.37

Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Center- £787.81

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This city  offers student many convenient transport,   most of this students prefer buses. Thou it’s normally good you have an accommodation close to your school to save money on transport.

  • One-way Ticket (Local Transport)- £2.40
  • Monthly Pass (Regular Price)-£56.00
  • Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)-£3.20
  • Taxi 1 km (Normal Tariff)-£1.09
  • Gasoline (1 liter)-£1.25

Monthly Utilities

This city has high bills,  but  here the service you receive makes the  bill high, basic service like water, mobile, Internet.


This is the best part of this article,  and most of the groceries are affordable.  You can get £15, you can get to test your cooking.  Items like eggs, lettuce,  milk. 

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