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Cost of Masters in Canada for International Students

Canada being among the quality and affordable students’ nation’s in the world, has made it attract thousands of students’ from different countries of the world.  Having one of the best educational system in the world,  and her degree program is highly recommended  for international students and recognized.  Graduates of Canadian University are given a fair career part and they have high employability rate. 

How much it will cost to study masters in Canada

There are many benefits of studying outside your home country and this can not be overemphasized, it will make you to explore the beauty of education. For an average international students the cost of studying for your master’s degree will vary from province to province, and from institution to institution, and program of study also affects it. So for an average students’ it will take between $2000- $35000 Canadian dollars to complete. 

Is masters free in Canada for international students?

there are no tuition-free universities in Canada for international students and even Canadian students. However, you can study without paying the tuition fee by getting a full-tuition scholarship or even fully-funded scholarships. All universities in Canada are for profit. 

About Master’s degree in Canada for international students

Millions of students’ yearly apply for scholarship to study in Canada, either as undergraduate or postgraduate degree students’.  Thou bachelor’s degree may not be as expensive as applying for and studying a master’s degree.  Canadian students are more favored than international students when considering admissions.

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They’re many schools to consider especially when choosing a school for your master’s degree in Canada,  Canada has more than 125 public schools, available to both domestic and international students both public and private. Getting a university to study can be difficult especially as they’re many options available to you. 

In order to get a school of choice for your master’s the choice of institution is important,  and the course of study plays another role.  After you have made up your mind on which institution you wish to study in Canada,  you must sit down and consider the cost.

This includes factors like

  • Housing
  • Public transportation
  • Food
  • Books and all study-related supplies

Thou tuition fee in Canada varies for each institution, and also region to region, sometimes it stretches from $5000,  thou Scholarship is available to international and domestic students’.  They come in handy when deserved, and won.  Thou tuition fee in Canada is lower than that of  USA, UK and Australia. 

Thou the cost of living in Canada is high but it is worth it,  thou each of the states have estimate of their cost of living,  so but the major thing is to get your students Visa. 

For students’ permit you may need the following documents

  • An acceptance letter from your university of choice.
  • Valid passport or travel document
  • Documents that show you can financially support yourself in Canada

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Cost of master’s in  Canada

This article was written to help you know and have an estimate of how much you’re likely going to spend in Canada as a student. 

Average Expenses for Master’s  degree in Canada

According to a statistical estimate, it will cost you an average of $20,000 – $50,000 CAD annually to finish your master’s degree, this includes your  full school fees, housing fees, transportation, feeding and other personal expenses. If you wish to study in Canada it will be nice you compile all likely Expenses, cost of living in Canada is 2% lower than that of the US. 

  • Average Tuition Fees for Masters in Canada

For tuition fee alone you should be expecting to spend an average range of $2000- $35000 , as an international student and this depends on your institution of choice and program.  Thou the cost of master’s in law, bussiness and health science is costly in Canada compared to other countries. Cheapest master’s program is in the field of Art’s. 

Average Cost of Transport for International Students in Canada

Transportation within your province will cost you $100 CAD monthly estimated,  it’s also nice you over estimate to avoid trekking long distance. 

Average Cost for Feeding in Canada for International Students

The average cost of feeding in Canada for an international student will cost around $350 to $1000 CAD for feeding monthly,  reason being that to prepare a decent meal in Canada due to as an international student you don’t have a garden. Thou cost of feeding varies depending on your feeding habit. Choice and style of meals.

Average Accommodation Cost for Masters in Canada

They’re several housing options available to you as an international student, but it always advisable to go for cheaper tuition fee, To save cost. university hostels have different price ranges based on the locations, furnishings and number of persons living in a room.  But it is the university hostel that is the cheapest accomodation.  

Students’ pay as low as $250 – $625 CAD per month in some areas while some pay up to $400 – $800 CAD per month. A studio/one-room apartment can cost over 1000 CAD/month this option is not good for an international student. 

For total cost of accommodation the following cities have the cheapest cost of living, Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa, monthly cost of living is between $1000 – $1,500 thou in Calgary province it is around $2000. 

Average Cost for Other Necessary Expenses

This fees depends on the location you’re living and it varies per individual, Other basic expenses that come up with accommodation include electricity, water, garbage disposal, heating  and they cost an average of $150- $200.  Lifestyle will determine how much  clothing, accessories Will cost.

Then if you’re a party type, It will incur more Expenses.

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