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A lot of you will most certainly be sitting for the University of Iloein Post-Utme, you will therefore be in of a Unilorin Post-Utme App to keep you prepared for the Unilorin Post-Utme screening test.

The University of Ilorin happens to be one of the major hinderance of admission to the aspirants seeking admission into the University of Ilorin, the entrance has placed a lot of roadblock to those seeking to be admitted into the University.


It’s therefore your duty to ensure that you rightly prepare for the University of Ilorin post-utme. Without scoring high in the University of Ilorin post-utme, you will apparently find it hard to be admitted into the University of Ilorin.

Post-Utme score happens to be one of the major determinant of admission in the University of Ilorin, a of candidates who score very high in UTME, usually get denied admission simply because they could not meet the required cut off mark in the University of Ilorin Post-Utme test.

Therefore we decided to introduce you to a very important Unilorin Post-Utme App that can be used to prepare the examination.

The App is by far the best and you can verify this once you download the App right now.

A lot canidates who do not know about the App are missing because this Unilorin Post-Utme App apparently contains all you need as an aspirant of the University of Ilorin.

I am going to list on some of the features you will find in the App, how you how the App works and take you to where you can download the App.


Again, let me assure you that you will not find any App better than this, it’s apparently the best, this is why i want to give you all the details about the App now so you can be fully aware before you install this App on your phone.

There are a lot of Apps online but is hard to find one that is best and contains possibly everything you need for the University of Ilorin Post-Utme post-utme, it’s one of the most newest and unique Apps currently available for the University of Ilorin Post-Utme as the per now.


Before we talk about what is contain on the Unilorin app whose name is apparently UNIPREP, let’s talk about why you need an App to prepare for the University of Ilorin Post-Utme.

Why you need Unilorin Post-Utme App to prepare?

The truth is, these days it’s hard to find reliable past questions to prepare for the University of Ilorin post-utme, may of the PDF past questions that is being sold online are fake, you can not depend on them because many of those materials too have wrong answers.


Instead, you can get Apps on your phone that lets you practice questions in the form of a CBT, you will surely find your preparation more enjoyable if you use a mobile App.

Instead if randomly preparing, you will find some uniqu features in the App that will certainly help you stay ahead in your preparation.

You won’t know how valuable this App is until you see this App for yourself or until you see what people are saying about this App.

Yes, i can guarantee that this Unilorin post-utme App (UniPrep) is all you need to score as high as 70%+ in the Examination, it’s just a perfect tool that you need.


It’s apparently loaded with questions, especially for the aspect of the questions being entirely official and up to date. Therefore, without any much detailing on the reason for having this App, you should already know that it will contribute more to your level of preparation.

Now, let’s us look at few of the things you will find in this Unilorin Post-Utme App once you download it on your smartphone.

Features on the Unilorin Post-Utme App

This should help you know those things that are currently on the Mobile App so you can know what to expect once you download the App. So below are few of those things that are in the Unilorin Preparation App.

  1. 2000+ official Questions with detailed explanation
  2. Offline Lesson note on English (GNS), and General paper
  3. Maths video lessons
  4. Unilorin Course Requirements
  5. Unilorin Cut-off latest mark
  6. Private Unilorin Preparation WhatsApp group.
  7. Up-to date downloadable post-utme past questions in PDF form.
  8. Weekly CBT assessment Test.
  9. Forum
  10. Unilorin Post-Utme Updates
  11. Unilorin Post-Utme Syllabus

and more features.

All the feattures listed above are sitting and waiting for you right on the App, you can see that you stand a lot to gain after you download the App, but if you still wish to know more about thee above features then let me do more explanations below.

2000+ official Questions with detailed explanation

You will find two sections on the app that can allow you to either practice or study questions offline.

The questions are official questions set in the previous screening examinations conducted by the University of Ilorin.

Whereas there are a lot of questions that are outdated or non-official, for the avoidance of doubts, UniPrep App stands out because the questions are real questions that the school has asked in the past from relevant years to date.

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In addition, each and every of the questions on the APP, have detailed explanations, you will certainly find many useful, things that can make you exceptionally prepared and the large bank off questions with explanations is one of the major reasons a lot of candidates find solace in this Unilorin Post-Utme App.


For your phone and at the comfort of your home you can be preparing with real official questions that will get you ready for the University of Ilorin Post-Utme.

Offline Lesson note on English (GNS), and General paper

Also, from the App, you will find sections that contains each and every of the topics that Unilorin treats, you can study these notes under English and general paper without a mobile connection on the App.

The topics are based on the area of concentration of the University of Ilorin, covered by experts.

Studying the lessons on the App will get you very prepared for the test, this is another unique function of App and i must say it’s a good reason to have this Unilorin App on your device, it will keep you prepared for the main exam.

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You will likewise find lesson under the University of Ilorin GNS aspect that will get you effectively prepared, this is one of the important aspect of the exam and this App gives you all the benefits to get all these features especially this.


Maths video lessons

Although the University of Ilorin sets few questions from the maths section, you are still likely to meet a few questions from maths.

As a result you will find some maths video lessons to prepare yourself for the exam.

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Unilorin Course Requirements

There is also a section on the App that will allow you check your course requirements. This is also one of the unique features of the App.

You can check the requirements of your course a UTME applicant or Direct Entry applicant.

From the App, you can get information like, UTME cut off mark for your course, Department cut off mark, UTME and Direct Entry subject combination for your course, O’level subject combination.

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This information will help you to be sure of your requirements and be certain that you have fufilled your course requirements in order to avoid not been admitted.

Unilorin Cut-off latest mark

You will also find, the University of Ilorin cut-off mark on the App, the App in summary will serve as a companion to you, whatever you want, you can get it directly from the App anytime.

It’s good to have this App on your phone so as to avoid getting mislead, as you know now there is a lot to gain from this post-utme App.

Private Unilorin Preparation WhatsApp group.

You will be opportune to join a special WhatsApp group where you will be prepared for the Univesity of Ilorin, you will meet other serious aspirants as you are so do not take this App for granted , grab it now.

Up-to date downloadable post-utme past questions in PDF form.

The good news, you will also get the opportunity to download a PDF past question which is up-to-date in case you are the type who likes to prepare with PDF, then you will get it too from this APP.

Weekly CBT assessment Test.

The App will allow you to also participate on a weekly CBT test, this will keep you active and ensure that you are preparing effectively, where each winners will be awarded weekly.

Forum for Asking Questions

There is a section in the App also where you can ask any questions you have about Unilorin and you will get a good answer from the community.

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Unilorin Post-Utme Updates

You will also get updates about the University of Ilorin on the APP, this is another unique feature that will get you closer to the University of Ilorin.

Unilorin Post-Utme Syllabus

You will also get the University of Ilorin Post-Utme syllabus on the App. This is what you need to know the areas that Unilorin sets questions from.

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