European Countries Where Masters Tuition is Free

European Countries Where Masters Tuition is Free

Master’s can be very expensive, as many universities abroad have high tuition fee, which not everyone can afford, this is why we at impact life tech have decided to compile a list of European countries where master’s tuition fee is free.

  1. Norway

This country despite having world class university and a quality of life that is enviable, is among the European countries where master’s tuition is free, it doesn’t charge tuition fee to students irrespective of any nation for her master’s degree students.  It is an excellent location for postgraduate education.

Scholarships available for those interested in studying in Norway


  • American Scandinavian Foundation

  • Exchange Iceland-Norway

  • Fulbright- Grants for US students and Scholars

  • Government of Canada International Scholarship Programs

  • Lakselaget Foundation Scholarship

  • Mobility grants for Norwegian Language and Literature

  • Nordic Research Opportunity Norway-America Association

  • Nordplus student exchange

  • Norwegian-Chinese Government Scholarship

  • Norwegian-Russian Scholarship

  • Sons of Norway

  • The Anglo-Norse Society – scholarships & grants

  • The Erasmus+ grant

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  1. Denmark

This country is among the European countries where master’s tuition is free, thou this tuition free master’s is limited to  citizens of the European Union,  thou it offers free Danish language courses for all her applicants.  Denmark scholarship are listed below

  • EU Scholarships at PGT International Youth College, Denmark
  • PhD Positions in Social Data Science, Denmark
  • International PhD Positions in 6G and Other Post-5G Communication Systems, Denmark
  • Denmark PhD scholarship in Leadership at Copenhagen Business School
  1. Finland

This country no longer offer free tuition to all international students from any nationality, her tuition fee free policy is limited to students from European Union EU, European Economic Area EEA, Switzerland.  Scholarship in Finland are 

  • FINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme for International Journalists
  • University of Helsinki Scholarships for International Students
  • University of Tampere Scholarships for International Students
  • University of Oulu Masters Scholarships for International Students
  • Protein Science International Masters Scholarship at University of Oulu Finland
  • University of Helsinki International Student Scholarship Grant
  • Aalto University Scholarship
  • UNU-WIDER Visiting PhD Fellowship for International Researchers
  • United Nations University – WIDER PhD Internships for International Students
  • Finland Government Scholarships for International Students
  1. Sweden

This country is among the European countries where master’s tuition is free,  this  scholarship is limited to students from European Union, European Economic Area EEA and Switzerland.   Thou other students from other countries have to pay. Scholarship available in Sweden are 

  • Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) scholarships
  • Dalarna University scholarship
  • Halmstad University scholarship
  • Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals
  • Jönköping University scholarship
  1. Poland

This scholarship is awarded to students who wish to study in Poland, at one of her historic universities. Tuition fee is free here.  It is available to only EU, EEA and Switzerland citizens. 

  1. Czech Republic

This country being among the European countries where master’s tuition is free, offers this package to international students from  any country who wish to be taught his or her major in Czech, but those who wish to be taught in other languages pay an extra fee. 

Erasmus mundus joint scholarship



  1. Austria

This country offers free tuition fee for heasters students but they pay an administrative fee, this tuition free policy is limited to students from EU, EEA and Switzerland.  Thou it also charges her international students from European Union countries extra Incase they couldn’t finish their program in time.

  • Austria government scholarship
  • Social Impact Scholarships for International Students at WU Executive Academy, Austria
  • Young Professional Scholarships for International Students at WU Executive Academy, Austria
  • Modul University Vienna’s Fully-funded International PhD Positionsin Austria
  1. Germany

  • DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme
  • DAAD Scholarship Programs
  • Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships 
  •  Friedrich Naumann Foundation Scholarship for International Students

Study Abroad For Free

Many persons who wish to study abroad for free are always discouraged, because they have not seen any sign of getting one.  This article is meant to be a guide for you  ways you can study abroad for free. 

They’re several ways of studying abroad for free, as we have already seen they’re several ways of studying abroad for free, thou in the course of this work we will be answering questions, underlisted here.

When Should  I Apply? 

Our answer is the early the better, the earlier you apply the  better chance you have in getting the scholarship and getting your documents ready, and this will help you apply for as many scholarship as possible.  Many high ranking schools always have fixed deadline,  of at least one year or 6months before the beginning of the program.

And studying abroad  for free depends on  the country.

How Many Schools should I Apply ? 

As we earlier stated that early application gives you an edge, it will also help you to apply to as many universities and college as possible. Thou before applying check if the schools charge application   which is why you must  look for low level universities and language school’s.

Where Do I Apply?

Before you apply  to study in any country, you must have known the cost of living in that country, the cost of accommodation  and your ability to secure jobs as a graduate, if possible how welcome international students.  Their policies as regards  students job. 

 The type of lifestyle you wish to leave, wether it is in big city or small university city.

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What are the Requirements to Get Accepted to a University Abroad?

Admission requirements varies for each country,  it’s right you contact the admission office of your  university of choice, but the most   common thing among this universities is they require an English proficiency certificate, documents required are 

  • Passport 
  • Statement of purpose
  • CV/ Resumé
  • Academic references/Letter of recommendation
  • Certificate and transcripts of your previous education
  • Language proficiency certificate e.g TOEFL, IELTS,  or other languages
  • Admission requirements e.g GMAT, SAT

Free Scholarships for Undergraduates

They’re several opportunities for undergraduate to study and they’remany free scholarship,. They include

  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees
  • Fulbright Foreign Student Program
  • QS Leadership Scholarship
  • QS Scholarship for Academic Excellence
  • QS Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Great Wall Program
  • Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford

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